I felt suffocated, as if was being pushed down in a pool.

I felt empty, as if a dementor had taken away from me every bit of the hapiness.

She felt... her body on lying on the floor.

She was breathing, but was unconscious. I took her in my arms and quickly ran,cursing that Death Eater... praying to anyone who could save her.

Shes my joy, my motivation to achieve success. My reason to live.

Why wasn´t I cursed?

We arrived to St. Mungus and the Healer didn´t let me enter go in to the room with her.

I waited, tears droping in my face noiselessly, wetting my robes.

I have visited her everyday during one week. I keep talking to her about what we'll do when wake up and about what we have done.

Many things are waiting for us, but all I feel now is a nagging doubt that we'll ever get to experience them. So frustrating.

I have given her the best I could: the sound of my voice, my kisses. And I kept talking to her, my heart filled of hope.

Light from the sun enter her room through the window of St. Mungus. But that wasn´t what woke me up.

It was her voice calling me, weak but certain.

She was sat in bed, giving me one weak smile. It was the most beautiful she´s even given me.

Our eyes become teary, and we held each other softly but intensly.

"I want tell you something."

I kissed her hands "Tell me,love."

Hermione caressed my cheek. "You´ve told you love me. I …I have always loved you too."

Who ever said she couldn´t hear me was obviously wrong. Love is the most powerful magic on Earth.