This place was so peaceful, so beautiful. Amaya stood and looked around in wonder, wide eyed like a little child. The forest was HUGE. There were pines, maples, anything you could possibly think of. There was a pool inside the recreation center, a stable was near the south end, and to the north were the cabins that looked more like motel rooms. She followed the others toward the cabins, and the guys went to the left, the girls to the right, and everything was first come, first serve. Typically, it was chaos of giggling girls, while the boys wrestled each other. Amaya, Mina, and Victoria just stood there laughing at everyone. They finally found a room that could fit the three of them, and a porch with a little swing. The room was a light blue with an elegant fan in the middle, and the three queen size beds were covered in pure white sheets, and fluffy pillows. (ME LOVE FLUFFY!!!! lol) It was perfect.

Everything here you could do without asking. There was no schedule. They could go horseback riding, swimming, do football, fench, sing, dance, anything you could think of, it was there. But every head turned when they saw a slick black car come in through the dirt road; spotless and shinning as the sun was setting with it's colors. Once the driver stepped out, all the girls were smiling, giggling, and curling their hair around their fingers. Well, Amaya just liked the car, who wouldn't? But she had to admit, he was a handsome guy, but she didn't really want to think about it. She just wanted to get through camp alive, which she knew she would, hopefully.

Victoria: "So watcha guys wanna do?"

Mina: "I have no idea where to start."

Amaya: "Well you guys can chit-chat, but I'm going horseback riding."

Mina: "I'm coming with you!!!!"

Victoria: "Wait up..."

All three raced to the stables, laughing, while everyone else, well the girls, surrounded the new guy.




When Dracula arrived, he had no idea that the would be this interested. He couldn't help but smile, and flirt around with all the girls. Yes, this was the place to be; isolated, beautiful, peaceful, and full of young blood. All the girls wanted to show him around, and grabbed his arms, and dragged him along. Ok...this should be interesting. He went everywhere, typically. He found the forest very beautiful, and a nice little place to get away for some hours at night with a friend.

As he admired the grassy land that stretched on for miles, three horses ran at full gallop, with three girls laughing. He studied them for a few moments, a small smile creeping upon his lips.

The blonde was on a palimino, as golden as copper or pure gold itself with a pure whire main and tail; the black haired one was on a mighty bay with black points on it's legs and a small star on it's head; and the brunette was on a black horse, strong and powerful with a blaze on it's face which resembled fire.

The girls looked so beautiful and elegant as he watched them race, the black in front at full speed leaving the others in the grassy dust. The sun started to fall behind the clouds, and the stars were twinkling in the darker part of the sky. The night was always beautiful, even if the fog got in the way...




Amaya felt like she could fly when she was riding Black Knight. She had never felt so free in all her life, and know this was one of the many ways she now knew to get away from the camp, a few times. Victoria was right beside her on Risky Business, and Mina to her left on Cascade Light. Soon they all went back to the stables and put the horses away. As they were walking up the hill back to the cabins, this red head came toward them. She had green eyes, and was really thin, perfect in every way.

Charlotte: "Hi, my names Charlotte. So are you guys the one with the porch swing?"

Victoria: "Yeah and...?"

Charlotte: "Are you willing to switch rooms? Please, I would really appreciate it."

Mina: "And what reason is for this change?"

Charlotte: "It's closer to Vlad of course..."

Victoria: "Whose Vlad?"

Charlotte: "Don't tell me you haven't met? He's the hottest guy ever, and is the new dean of the place."

Amaya: "Well to answer your question, hell no. We're keeping it, now scram."

Charlotte: "Well, there are other ways..."

Amaya: "Just go... Prima Donna."

Mina: "Bye-bye."

She left in a hurry, angrily stomping up the steps to her room with her two friends. As the three friends laughed and went to their room, the fog started to appear. Slowly engulfing the scenery, and making it much harder to see.




Marissa couldn't go to sleep. It was so cold, and it was summer. She looked out her glass door slide window and saw the fog starting to grow thicker by the second. She put her dirty blonde highlighted hair in a ponytail, and hesitated. She looked at her friends, Charlotte and Anna, sleeping soundly. Maybe I shouldn't just go for a walk. But I don't want to wake them. Hell, if I do, Charlotte I going to kill me. Might as well... She opened the door, and slowly walked down the stoney steps to the field. The hair on her neck stood on edge, and she couldn't help but feel a strange presence behind her...but it was too late.

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