The Challenge: Write yourself into the lives of the Winchesters, with all your vital stats true. "I'm taking the challenge!"

How I'm going about doing it: The boys come to my town to investigate a haunted graveyard and me and a friend happen to bump into them. Story told in my point of view!

Disturbing the Dead isn't very nice you know!

Hello! Let my just start off by telling you a little about myself! My names Jessica, Jessie for short. I'm a twenty three year old female with light brown hair that comes to my shoulders. I dress pretty girly, but not too much. I'm not stick thin and almost never work out. I do walk everywhere I go so that should count as working out, right? I live in a crap little town called Carbondale, nestled in the heart of the Poconos! Yeah right! This is the most boring little town you would ever imagine. I have a few close friends and a boyfriend that I love to death. The thing is, Lisa, one of my closest friends, and me like to walk around and explore different cemetaries through out our little piece of heaven. We were doing what we normally did on Friday night, cough drink cough, and headed for one of the graveyards that we liked the most.

"You know that if you wanted to stay in tonight we could have. I mean this is a hell of a hike." I said as we made our way up the HUGE hill that takes you straight to heaven that's how big it is. I looked over and laughed when I saw Lisa almost falling over from lack of oxygen, but did that stop her from puffing on her Newport? Nope. "Those things'll kill you." She glared at me.

"I remember a time when you used to sware by these things too." She shot at me as she flicked the butt behind her. "Why the hell did we have to pick this one tonight?"

"Because is the farthest away from town." She looked at me and raised her brow. "Well, that and it's the oldest. I bet we could find some really old graves here."

"But we've been here so many times already."

"So then why did you come?" I looked over at her and gave her my 'Ha I got you there' look. She just threw her 'If I had the energy I would kick your ass' look. Both of us laughed and continued onward. We were just about at the top of the mountain, hill, when a black car came flying past us and nearly hit us. We jumped out of the way and both of us fell into the woods.

"ASS HOLE!" Lisa screamed as she picked the leaves out of her hair. I smiled at how angry she was. It was funny. Lisa has the shortes fuse of anyone that I know. "What the hell! Who drives that fast and doesn't even use headlights?"

"Well, for a second there I thought that it might be you." I laughed, but shut my mouth when I saw the not so pleasent look she was giving me.

"Let's just go." We made our way to the top just as the sun was setting and what do you know. There parked off to the side, was that car that almost made us dead. Yes, I said made us dead. I looked over at Lisa and shook my head. I knew what she was thinking and I was REALLY feeling sorry for this car. "You have a marker or something on you?"

"Are you kidding me? You're going to draw on this car?" I said as I handed her my tube of white out. She looked at me funny and took it. "Don't look at me like that. It's the only thing that I have that you would be able to see." She grinned and began scribbling different things all over the car. Nothing that you would be able to make out though. We were both pretty toasted at this point. She laughed and we made our way through the gates. We wondered around, taking shot as we went, and somehow managed to walk right into a tree.

"OW! OH OWWIE!" Lisa said as she held her nose. I fell back right on my butt, also holding my nose I might add. What? It was a big tree and I walked into Lisa, not the tree.

"You alright?" She huffed and sat down next to my drunkin ass. She looked at me and smiled as she took the bottle of Rum and downed another shot.

"Feels fine now. All better." We smiled and we heard voices comming from behing the big tree that attacked us. We helped each other off the ground and held each other stay upright as we went to see who it was. We peeked out from behind the tree and saw two men digging up a grave. We also heard them saying stuff about salting and burning the bones.

"Did he just say that he has to salt his boner?" I said through a laugh. Lisa laughed too and we were suprised that the two didn't hear us. "Who do you think they are?"

"No idea, but they're hit!" I looked at her. "What?"

"You just said that they're 'hit.' I think you ment hot."

"That's what I said. Hot." I rolled my eyes and we went back to watching the men dig, only they were gone.

"Can we help you two?" We jumped at the sound of the male voice and both of us fell back.

"What the hell are you doing? You don't just go sneaking up on two drunk girls, in a cenamatary at night. Dick." Lisa said as she stood up. I just stayed on the ground and laughed. The two men looked at each other and smiled. "Don't smile like that either! You know that disturbing the dead isn't very nice, wheather or not you're salting a boner!" I was dying at this point. The boys just looked lost and Lisa was about to...nevermind. She threw up all over the shorter one shoes. I laughed even harder.

"I think you drank too much." I said as I climbed to my vertical base. Sure I was a little wobbly, but I was standing. "Who are you anyways?" The two looked at each other again and then back at us.

"My names Sam." The tall one said. "The one with the puke on his shoes is my brother Dean." He pointed to the very mad Dean and I smiled.

"I is Jess. This am Lisa." I pointed to Lisa and she laughed. "We drunkerds." I said with a smile. The smiled at us again. "Can I ask you something?"

"Ok." Dean said as he looked for something to wipe off the puke. "You have a towel or something?"

"I only gots this." I handed him the coat I was carrying. He looked at me a little weird. "Take it. I'll just wash it later." He cleaned off his shoes and I burned the coat. "Byes!" I said as I waved at the burning piece of fabric.

"So what are you two doing up here and drunk none the less?" Sam asked. Lisa looked over at me and we laughed.

"We like to explore this graveyard and we like to drink. Got a problem with that mister?" I said as I placed my hands on my hips. "DAMN IT!" I yelled making the two jump. Lisa was too damn drunk that her reflexes were shot.

"What?" Dean asked. He looked like he was about to kill something.

"I left my toast in the toaster! God damn it! I'm hungry too! Fuck!" I said as we started walking out of the cemetary. The boys were following us and I was whispering to Lisa. "I think that they might own that car."

"You think?" I nodded and we looked back at the two. "Huh oh."

"Yep." We stopped and turned to the two. "So what are you doing here?" The two looked at each other. "And stop looking at each other every time I ask you something. It's getting old."

"We're working." Dean said. I looked at Lisa and we laughed again. "What's so funny?"

"Working on what? Becomming a necrophiliac?" I asked. Sam laughed too and we could see that Dean had no clue what that is.

"What's that?" Lisa asked. I slapped myself in the head.

"Someone who has sex with dead bodies." Sam said . I nodded and pointed at him.

"At least someone else knew. I would have hated for that joke to go to waste."

"I'm not doing that!" Dean yelled to no one.

"Then what are you doing here?" Lisa asked again.

"Don't look at each other." I said as I waved my index finger at them.

"Did you ever hear the stories about a ghost that's in this cematery?" Dean began. We nodded and he continued. "Well so have we. Our job is to get rid of that spirit."

"You didn't!" Lisa and I asked in unison. Both boys looked stunned. "Why the hell would you do that for? It's not like it was hurting anyone!" Lisa screamed.

"Calm down. You knew that ghost?" We nodded. "So then who was it?"

"A friend of ours that died in a car accident a few years ago."

"We're so sorry. We thought that it was evil and that why we did what we did." Sam apologized. Dean was just looking from me to Lisa.

"You better not be stareing at my twins!" Dean shook his head and I smiled. "My ass is better!"

"So is that why you were salting his boner?" Lisa tried asking while holding her laugh back. FAILED!

"Boner?" The boys asked at the same time. "There was no boner! We had to salt and burn the BONES."

"Oh. Ok then. We have to get going. Getting late and the beer that's waiting might run away." Lisa and I waved as we made our way out. "Nice to meet you! Hope to see you around sometime!" Lisa yelled back.

"I think they might get mad when they see that car." I whispered as we passed the car. Lisa nodded.

"I think we might wanna run then." I nodded and we took off down the hill. When we reached the bottom, we were still able to hear the screaming and cursing that we thought was Dean. "I think he saw the car."

"I think he might be mad."

"I think we need more beer."

"I think he's going to try to run us over again." I said as I pointed behind her. We saw the headlight's comming at us, but in our drunkin state, BAD REFLEXES! Lucky for us, which ever on was driving stopped right before hitting us.

"Did you do this to my car?" Dean got out and screamed at us. I looked over at Lisa and then at Dean.


"I think you did."


"Don't lie!" Dean was a little mad. I looked over at Sam and he was just smiling. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't do this!" I looked him in the eye.

"No." Time for Lisa to pipe in.

"There have been reports of tagging in this area." I kept looking at Dean and smiled at him.

"Told you I didn't do it." Dean grinned a little and mumbled as he got back in the car. We waved as the two drove off. Lisa looked over at me and we started laughing as we made our way home. "At least I didn't lie."

A/N That's it! I accepted the challenge and I hope you like it! I know it's not much, but it was fun to write. REVIEW!