Uh, Sometime After What Happened Last Time





"Would you just answer me already?" Lisa turned and looked at me as she shook her head.

"I did the past few times you said my name." I scratched the top of my head and smiled as I shrugged. "So what'd you want?" She asked as she slid the bottle of vodka across the table. I caught the bottle and poured myself a shot. "Jess?"


"You said my name how many times? Either you wanted to annoy me or you wanted to ask me something." She told me as she poured herself a shot. I shrugged and grabbed the paper before reading it. "Sometimes I don't understand you." Lisa mumbled as she shook her head and sat back in her chair.

"Yeah well. Most people don't, but looka." I told her as I slid the paper over to her the same time she slid the bottle over to me. "Dude. This is empty." I told her as I held up the bottle.

"I was thirsty, but there's some Mike's Hard Berry in your fridge."

"Oh! Tasty!" I said with a grin as I continued to smile at her. Lisa glanced at me over the paper and raised her brow. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Uh, hello."



"Now I'm confused." I shook my head and pointed to the fridge, causing her to turn and look at it. "Oh no way girl. You want more to drink, get your lazy ass up and get it yourself."

"Let me guess." I said as I pushed my chair back and got up. "Condom broke?" I asked as I grabbed a Mikes Hard Berry and took a drink. Lisa looked back at me and shook her head without saying a damn word. "But?" I asked as I pointed to the paper. It just happened to be that one of my favorite movies was playing so naturally I wanted to go. Problem was, Lisa was a horrible movie goer. Can we say miss talky? I can, but that's not the point. The point is that I wanted to see my movie and had to think of some way to get her to go. "We going?"

"Sure." I cocked my head to the side and drank the rest of my bevarage as I looked at her. "Let me guess. You were thinking about how bad my taste in movies is and you didn't think I was going to go see this with you?" She asked with a grin as she held up the paper.

"Let's run though the check list, shall we?" I asked as I sat down next to her. "The movies you chose. A) I Am Legend."

"Oh come on. That was good."

"If by good you mean I had a good nap, then yeah, it was fantastic. B) Cloverfield."

"Jess, are you kidding me? That movie was rated one of the best of the summer and you hated it?" I shrugged and sat back in the chair. "Only you."

"I already saw it. It's called Godzilla, but that's not the point. C) The Happening." Lisa opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it and closed her trap before nodding.

"Yeah. That was a pile of garbage, wasn't it?"

"Duh, but at least the deaths were cool even if there weren't a whole lot of them."

"But now let's check out the movies you wanted to go see." I nodded and she grinned. "1) Live Free or Die Hard."

"Bruce Willis. Need I say more and that movies kicked so many monkey turds that I could of sworn I died and was brought back by that weird creepy one legged dude from down the street."

"What the blue hell is going through your head?"

"Sex toys and dreams, but that movie was good. Next."

"Fine. Rambo." I did that ever popular face palm thing. You know what I'm talking about and I do it alot when I talk to her. It's also very popular on Totse. Don't know what that is? It's a really cool site that has a...oops. I'm rambling again. It happens when you're sick and tired, but anyway. Back to the kinda boring movie talk.

"How in the hell did you hate Rambo?"

"Not my type of thing, but let's keep going." I shrugged and went to take another drink before realizing it was empty. After groaning and hitting my head against the table and hearing Lisa laugh, I looked back up at her. "And the last one you wanted me to see was that stupid martial arts movie that I could of sworn was made by Disney."

"That movie was cool, but with this one.." I started as I pointed to the paper. "This one has everything people see movies for. Love, action, explosions, romance." I mumbled as I counted off on my finger.

"One, you said four things and counted on six fingers." I raised my brow and looked at my hand. Sure enough, six fingers. "And two, there is no romance or love in this movie."

"Uh, I happen to love Jason and that happens to be romance." She shook her head and moaned before smiling. "Come on Lisa. It's fricken Friday the 13th and you know how I just loveded Friday the 13th so please can we go?"

"But I..."

"Please. Please. Please. Please."

"FINE!" She snapped as she looked at me, causing me to put my hands up and shake my head.

"Don't hit me lover. I's sorry, but let's go. Picture show starts soon." Lisa mumbled some very naughty and trashy choice words as I pulled her from her chair and out the door.



"The movies doesn't start for another hour." I stopped pulling her and turned to look at her. "Yeah. Another hour so what the hell are we supposed to do for the next hour?" She asked as she pulled her arm free and I smirked. "And if something involving three men, a bathtub, and some chickens comes out of your mouth, I sware to god.."

"Dude, I would never harm a duck, but I was just gonna say we hang out at Wal-Mart and play tag."

"Oh! I'm game. Let's go, but I'm driving."

"But I'm driving." I mumbled as I tossed her my keys and got into the passenger seat. As you loving people might have noticed, ever since my last hit in run in which I was hit and then ran, I'm still not allowed to drive. I even studied like a good girl and got my licence, but can I drive? No. Instead, Lisa thought she'd be funny and get me a micro machine of my car. I have to admit, the damn thing was cute, but still. While I was on that little rant that probably bored you poor people that I love so much to tears, we arrived at the local theater and next to that, Wal-Mart. We got out and got our tickets before heading over to the mall that had it all and I'm not talking about Ames, but that place was awesome in it's own right. I don't know how many times Lisa stole panties from there, but I don't think you want to hear about that. "So tag?"

"Yup and guess what." Lisa turned and looked at me before I slapped her arm a little too hard. "You be it bug motel!" I laughed as I ran away. Lisa shook her head and chased after me as I bolted down the aisle with the toys. We both made sure to keep out of sight from the workers, but something caught my eye and I stopped. "Oh. Shimmer Barbie." I said to myself as I picked it up and looked at it. "It so shimmers."

"You it!" I jumped and dropped my Barbie as Lisa bolted past me, laughing like a fricken hyena.

"Bitch." I hissed as I grabbed my Barbie, tucking it saftly under my arm, and ran after her. She was a tricky one though and even I had to give her that. Damn her being so short. After ten minutes of looking, I spotted her in the baby clothes aisle and smiled. I did my best stealthy ninja impression and face it, I'm a ninja so it was damn good. Just as I was about to tag her, I saw something that made me smile more than a sparkly Barbie. Lisa turned around and was about to run again, but I grabbed her arm and shook my head. "Check it out." I told her as I pointed.

"Oh. If my eyes don't decieve me, I see two more players." I nodded in agreement. "But since you're still kinda it, you must tag one."

"Girl, that would be my pleasure, but since we're in public and Jason starts soon, I don't want to get arrested." Lisa slapped me upside the head and I groaned. "That hurt you big meany."

"Give me the stupid Barbie and go tag one of them in a none sex way."

"But it's my Barbie." I whined as I held it close to my body.

"Fine. Keep the stupid Barbie, but go tag them." I bit my lip and nodded as I played ninja a bit more. Lisa just giggled as I crept up on them and grinned as I tapped Sam on the...uh, well, not shoulder cause face it, the boys tall and I'm not. I settled for the side and he turned around before smiling at me. Dean glanced at him before noticing me.

"If it isn't the bad driver that hit me."

"Dean. If I would you, I'd run cause we're playing tag and Sam's it." Dean took another look at his little brother as he smiled.

"You're it than man." I laughed and pushed Lisa as the three of us ran away from Sam, who was just looking at us with a confused look on his face.

"When did I even agree to play?" He asked himself before he started to track us down. I pulled out my phone and texted Lisa a message. I saw her hiding behind some soda as she pulled her phone out and looked at it.

'Check out my ninja skillz. He'll never find me.' I watched as Lisa shook her head before my phone started to vibrate. I flipped it open and glanced back at her as she ran away.

'He's right behind you.' I smiled as I turned slowly and saw Sam standing behind me. He had this really goofy, but at the same time cute, grin on his face.

"Uh, hi?" I asked with a wave, causing him to shake his head and reached for me. "Wait a second! I got a better idea."

"I'm listening so make it quick before I tag you."

"Okay. We all know Lisa's a whore and your brother's short so I say we team up and go after them together."

"What does her being a..."

"Whore man. You can say it since you're a big boy, but that's not the point. I have water guns." I added with a grin as I held them up. Truth be told, I have no idea where I even got them. "So you going to be the awesomest person that ever looked hot in those pants or are you going to be Dean?" Sam snorted as he shook his head and took the little green gun off me. "But looka. I got Barbie already."

"Can I ask why you're holding a Barbie?"

"It has glitter, but that's not the point. Chances are good Lisa's in the condom aisle."

"And Dean's probably looking at the weapons." I nodded and the two of us made a great team of ninja's. After exchanging numbers so we could text back and forth, we split up. I saw Dean hanging out by the guns and grinned as I pulled out my phone.

'Dean dead ahead.'

'I see him. Try to get him to look at you and make him believe you're it.'

'And what? You sneak up behind him and grab his ass while I'm not looking?' I lifted my head and saw him just staring at me with a disgusted and at the same time cute look on his face before I texted back. 'I'm kidding. I'll go be the distraction.' He nodded and I walked out from behind the rack I was hiding behind and smiled at Dean. "Hi Dean." He jumped and turned to look at me before taking a step back.

"Are you it?"

"I might be, but I have a Barbie and Lisa has crabs." Dean raised his brow as Sam snuck up behind him. "But you wanna hear the bestest part of all this?"

"If it comes out of your mouth, I don't want to know." He told me as he shook his head.

"Sam has a water gun pointed at your head." Dean lifted his head before he turned around, causing Sam to shoot him right in the face. I laughed a bit before turning around and running away.

"Sammy. You have ten seconds to run." Sam laughed and nodded before spinning around and bolting away and this is how it went for the next 45 minutes. Stange thing was, Dean never ended up being it. We still weren't sure how the hell that happened, but oh well. At that point the only thing I could think of was Jason killing people. "So do you two do that often?" Dean asked as he and Sam walked to the theater with us.

"Only when we're out of beer." Lisa answered with a shrug as I did the only thing a girl could do. Kept a good eye on Sam's ass as I held my Barbie that Lisa was so kind enough to buy me and don't look at me like that either. You all know that if you had the chance, you're stare at their butts too because we all know how hot they are. Not sure if you'd do it with a Barbie, but to each his own. "As of right now, we have a movie to get to."

"Which one?" Sam asked as he looked down at me to see me just grinning like a crazy zebra on crack. "Uh, you okay?"

"I'm looking at your ass. I'm great." I told him as I gave him a thumbs up, causing him to laugh. "But we're going to see Jason just pretty much tear apart a few dozen teenagers before someone ends up killing him and I cry."

"Wait a second." Dean snapped as he turned to look at us. "Why are you looking at his ass when mine's so much better?" He asked as he wiggled his ass. Lisa bit her lip and laughed while I shook my head and snuck a tiny peek. Okay. Okay. So I was staring at his ass too, but who can blame me? "And two, when the hell did that movie come out? I didn't think it came out till Feb. 2009?"

"Advanced screening and Sam's butts cuter than yours to me. Lisa on the other hand, she'll stare at yours till the cows come home." Lisa growled at me as she shook her head and I just shrugged. "But they have some extra tickets if you wanna see it? Lisa might even get naked."

"I will not do that. I clearly remember you running down the aisle topless during a movie before." Dean smirked as he looked back at his little brother and right there, Sam knew they were going.

"Sadly enough, my boobies bouncing up and down was the most exciting thing during that piece of garbage."

"True, but that's a sight that I don't wanna see again."

"Hell, I wouldn't mind." Sam, Lisa, and I all turned and looked at Dean as we shook our heads. "What? I'm always up for a free show."

"I'm not flashing you man, but Jason's not going to wait to start killing people so if you're coming, let's go." I told them as I grabbed Lisa's arm and pulled her into the theater with the two following behind us. A hour and forty five minutes and no boobies later, I was grinning again like a mad woman as we left the theater. "That was the greatest thing I've seen since I learned what hentai was."

"You get way to into these movies." I shrugged as we made our way back to MY car while the two boys made their way to theirs. "You enjoy the movie?" She asked as she looked at the two boys.

"Wasn't too bad, but it would of been better if..."

"I was not missing Jason to flash you Dean!" I snapped as I pointed to him. "Sam, that's a maybe." Sam smiled and just put his head down while Dean turned and glared at him. "Don't look at him like that. The boys hot."

"What ever, but we have to go and thanks for not damaging my car this time." Lisa and I both shrugged. "But can I have my tapes back now? The road trips just aren't the same anymore." I rolled my eyes and popped the trunk before giving him his tapes back. "Thank you."

"Not a problem and they suck anyways."

"They do not."

"My favorite band is from Finnland man." Dean was going to say something, but just started laughing. "Hey! Sonata Artica is a great band and I did go see Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dio, and Testament a few weeks ago."

"Really?" I nodded. "You saw them live?" I nodded again. "I kinda like you now."

"That's nice, but I would rather do Sam." I told him with a grin as I pointed to where his brother was doing his best to hide. "You're hot man. No shame in that." I yelled with that same grin.

"Uh, thanks I think." I waved and nodded before turning back to Dean, who was just shaking his head.

"Oh stop. Lisa would jump you in a instant if you gave her the chance." He stopped shaking his head and turned to Lisa, who was now hiding in the car. "She's shy till you get her drunk, but we must be going. Beer doesn't drink itself."

"Can I come?"

"Not in public, you pervert." He laughed and nodded before we parted ways yet again.

A/N This is the result of getting some bad news and needing to cheer myself up. It's not the greatest thing in the world, but it gave me a good laugh as I wrote it. On the bright side, everything that's here, we've done. Well, except for the whole Dean and Sam deal. I wish, but sadly, it hasn't happened and never will. Damn it. Anyway, feel free to drop a review if you would be so kind. Spanks!