Drabble number one! Wowies, this is the forty-third overall.

xD You want Roy-uke, Ryopon? We shall have to give you some. x3

Pairing: HyuRoi (Hughesmunculus and Roy Kitty)

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There was a trilling sound. The homunculus ignored it, of course. He was bent on making fish and chips for his Kitten and he didn't quite plan on being interrupted by something so stupid as the phone. Maes paused, dropping the triangles of fish onto the pan. There was a whining coming from the living room. He left the fish and chips where it was, meandering into the living room.

Roy was sitting on the floor, making that small whimpering noise he'd heard. The phone was still ringing, and Maes sighed, picking it up and dropping it again. The ringing stopped, and Roy's whines did as well. Maes returned to the kitchen, but the phone began to ring again. Roy's whimpers also began, and Maes groaned before returning with a pair of scissors. Roy watched in confusion as the homunculus stepped neatly over to the phone cord and simply cut it off. "There," said Maes gruffly, turning to go back to the kitchen again.

Roy, of course, ruined it by latching onto Maes' leg. "That was scary," he commented shakily. "But you killed it."

Maes grinned to himself, then looked back down at Roy. "The phone people are just going to come revive it," he replied. "Let's have some quiet till then, what do you think, Kitten?"

Roy nodded. "I like that idea," he replied. "Are you done with the fish 'n chips?"