It's Rosie's birthday today, so We thought We'd do something special. It's an omake, you guys! We only have one of these in Taisa's Christmas and or birthday present. o-o Being an omake, We thought it had a right to be longer, cause like... manga omake are always shorter. Naturally, for something short, this would be long.

Pairing: RubensRose, some RoyEd on the side

Disclaimer: Don't own it! Rose is Rosie's and Rubens is Ours.

birthday: a lue omake

He hid his grin behind a stoic look. He couldn't help it. This was, it seemed, the first birthday she'd had since he met her, and he was glad to get her something, but she couldn't know that it was her present just yet. She actually thought they were going off to find Major Elric something for the little garden that he and Colonel Mustang had begun. He had said nothing to her about this.

The man smiled behind his glasses, gray eyes fixed on the younger girl who was trotting ahead of him, looking at the flowers in their vases and containers. They had come to the flower shop for this, obviously, and were there to 'look at seeds'. Rubens leaned against a rack, nearly panicking as it began to lean as well, and he grabbed it hastily so it didn't find a new home shattered on the floor. Rose noticed this and giggled, standing on tiptoe to pat him on the head. "You should be more careful," she told him, trotting away again to examine a pot of orchids. "So what do you think they'd like?"

Rubens had turned away, pretending to be very interested in the raising of violets. Sure, he might have been looking at the tag, but that didn't necessarily mean he was looking at them. The Colonel had given him this idea, and Rubens didn't think he himself could have decided something better.


Rose was suddenly in his face, and he was taken aback for a moment before he smiled. "Rose, I told you you didn't have to call me that..."

She ignored that, and went on. "Are you ready? I picked up some pumpkin seeds for them, I thought they might like to try that."

Alexander nodded, grinning. "Sure. C'mon, then, I reserved something else." He motioned to the cash, taking her free hand and leading you there. "I understand you have something reserved?" he said levelly, regarding the girl across the counter with a calm look. Understanding dawned in the brunette's eyes, and she nodded, crouching for a moment. She handed Rubens a box, which he promptly handed to her. "For you, madam," he announced with a mock bow.

Rose looked quite confused, but she took the box, settling on the floor to open it up. It was very plain, but it had... were those air-holes? She tilted her head, but opened it up anyway, squealing at the contents. There was a creature in there. A puppy, to be precise.

"I knew you were allergic to cats when I asked your uncle, so... I got a dog instead... He won't cause a problem with Edward-kun's kittens, will he...?" Rubens chided himself on being all worries, but he brightened at the smile Rose was giving him.

"I don't care if he does or not," snapped Rose, handing the puppy to the cashier and giving him a hug. "He's great. Thank you so much, Rubens."

"Really, you don't have to call me that..."

xD That was so corny.