Chapter 1

Since Last Seen

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Pan awoke one morning and looked at her calendar. "It has been two years today since I last saw him." she thought as she walked into the bathroom and got ready to shower. She wanted to see him again it bothered her that she couldn't, he told her that she would know how to but everything she tried didn't work. She had this feeling that today was the day, so she got dressed and headed to the gate.


Brian got done with his early morning workout, he looked at his calendar. "It's already been two year, but today's the day I can feel it" He went t for a walk around the neighborhood things started to change. People and places started changing. Some towns were less dirty and poor, some people became less hostile, but others didn't. Where Brian lived things didn't change for the better it changed for the worse. Crime happened like it was nothing less than normal, shootings weren't rare and if you didn't own a gun then you were already dead. The one thing you never heard was the laughter of children. All you heard was there cried from being abused by there parents or raped by other people in the town. Brian thought about moving but he couldn't do it, if his life could change for the better then so would theirs, he would see to it personally. He couldn't and wouldn't turn his back on them. Brian stopped at his job to see if he could get a few hours today. He did nothing special he worked as a clerk in the town deli, it was just enough to left him have an income.


Pan landed and went to the gates guards. "Hi, I want to visit someone can you le me in?"

"Who are you? Who do you want to see?"

"My name ism Pan, I want to see Brian Rock"

The two guards started talking, then on picked up a phone. Pan stood there totally confused, she tried that before but they had always told her she couldn't enter. The guard put down the phone. "You may enter, here is your pass, we are not responsible for you so be on the lookout."

She took the pass and had a look of horror on her face. "What am I gonna do, die as soon as I enter?" The guards opened the gate and she walked in, it closed behind her and she was left to fend for herself until she met up with Brian. "Lets see the guards told me when I walked in to go to city hall, and enter the room that says guest then I just have to wait for Brian." When she walked in to the room she had to sign in. "okay you can go have a seat and wait for whomever it is that is coming to get you."

She nodded her head as a thank you and sat down.


Brian was there for about five minutes when his boss came out and told him he had a call. "Hello?"

"A girl named Pan is here she wants to see you, do you accept?"

"Yeah bring her in" He hung up the phone and told his boss then quickly ran to city hall, things have been known to get ugly there, if someone found out where she came from trouble was bound to start. When he got there he tried to hide the fact that he was out of breath, so before he walked in he fixed himself up. He walked in and saw her sitting there, she was the only one there so it wasn't hard to find her. She looked up when she felt his presence, she stood up and hugged him. It was too long since she was close to him. After saying hello they walked out, Brian told her to stay close but stand tall and not scared. They walked to his apartment, he locked the door tightly behind him.

"So Pan, what brings you here?"

"I'm going to set you free"

"Pan can you believe it's been two years exactly since I last saw you, and you the same only maybe a little taller"

"Yeah I did grow I am now 5 "7" I doubt I'll get any taller"

"You can sit, it won't attack I promise, be right back I'm going to get us something to drink" Pan sat and looked around, the place wasn't half bad, the walls were green as was the carpet, but both blended nicely. She looked over at the end table and saw the picture of Brian, David and herself when she was little. Brian came back in and saw her looking at it. "How is David, did he do what I asked?"

"David's fine he is actually backpacking across Europe, he plans on traveling around the world, and yes he did, he made sure I was safe, we talked and hung out a lot before he left as well."

Before they realized it was four O clock and Pan would have to go soon. They grabbed their stuff and ran out the door. The two arrived back at city hall, after going around the town trying to figure out where they had to go. Pan started filling out papers for his release, after they stood there and waited for it to go thru.

"Why is your town such a mess, no offense but it is, how did it get this bad?"

"We are one of the forgotten towns so it only gets worse" The receptionist came back. "All done, you are now free sir." Pan was going to leave but Brian stopped her and told her that even though he's free, he couldn't pass through the gate. "Take my hands Pan and close your eyes, focus on your world" She did and slowly a hole in the floor started to open. Both pan and Brian started glowing whit sparks came shocking out. They had gone through the hole because everything started to diminish and go back to normal. Pan opened her eyes again and relaxed when she felt the sun on her skin and not the lights that came from inside the gate. Brian shielded his eyes from the sun's light for his eyes burned. When he could finally see he jumped for joy and screamed at the top of his lungs. "I am finally free!"


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