Chapter 8

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Last time, the rematch between Pan and Brian began. Brian's dark side emerged and his sweet side was taken away. With Bulla hanging on by a thread and Pan and Trunks out cold will they be able to still see a victory or is death just around the corner?


We only want that which is given naturally to all peoples… to be masters of our own fate. Golda Meir

Pan you've got to get up, your friends need your help. Brian was crushing Trunks head with his foot, laughing at the sight of such pain. "Aww, am I ruining your pretty boy face? Well to bad" He pushed down harder. Trunks screamed agony as he could feel his skull cracking. Brian turned around, he sensed a level stronger then the ones he was fighting earlier. He saw Pan standing, her energy flowing around her. How did she get that power? No words were spoken as Pan rushed past him, he didn't see her movement just her image of where she was and the image of where she went. The man was still on the ground from before when Pan appeared in front of him. Grabbing his shirt she lifted him off the ground. He watched her with one eye, "Please don't kill me I'm sorry, truly sorry Brian was right this wasn't your fault, look take this and I will change him back I promise, I will even make sure that this never happens again. He struggled to get his arm up to her, but he offered it. Snatching it from him she relaxed her grip and threw him aside, but blasted him before he even hit the ground. "I'm not stupid, apologies can't save you and neither can empty promises." she faced Brian "you will pay for the pain you caused" Looking past him she saw Trunks and Bulla, knowing that they both needed help right away she tried to alert anyone close to her location she only hoped someone was near that could help. With that taken care of she gave her full attention to the new task at hand and sped towards Brian, already in her position to attack once she was close enough to him.


Gohan flew above, looking for Pan when he sensed a sudden energy off in the distance. It seemed distressed, instantly he knew it was Pan, racing toward his location he ran into Goku and Goten who were helping him look. "Gohan I know its Pan but where did she get all of that strength, I spared with her and all those times she never showed this kind of power before, or even hinted at it for that matter?"

"I don't know Goten, now we have to hurry before it fades"

As they pressed in Gohan looked over to see not a face of worry but one of deep concentration on Goku's face.

If Pan had all that energy, why would she have to send a distress out, unless there is something else Goten thought to himself trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together before they got there. Goku focused on the fight that was going on. He closed his eyes and focused on Pan and soon the fight opened up to him, he saw Pan fighting and already having advantage over her opponent in both speed and strength. He could see and sense two power levels one was in pain and it was just high enough to keep the person alive, but the second was weak and getting weaker, that person was fading and if they didn't receive help soon they would die.


Pan moved her head to doge a punch. Her new power boost gave her just what she needed to finally gain the upper hand. Gliding behind him she sent him flying, by just hitting him with the palm of her hand. He flipped in the air and landed, knowing he would need more power. But he needed time to harness it which he knew he didn't have. Pan knew she had no time waste her friends' lives hung in the balance and got ready to attack again. Brian just caught his breath before he dodged her attack. He got one hit on her when she sensed three power levels coming. She didn't have time to figure out whose they where because Brian used her sidetrack to his advantage. When they landed Brian turned his head and looked, when he looked back he saw a ki blast coming straight at him, with no time to block it, it sent him back and badly injured the parts of his body that were hit. Pan knowing she had to finish him while she still could quickly told the others to help Bulla and Trunks.

She ran forward, and jumped into the air, she got ready to gather all of her energy for one final attack. Her hands were a part from each other in front of her, and an energy ball formed. She got ready to fire it when she noticed that Brian was holding the person she was trying to save. How did he get that? her memory raced trying to figure out how he could have gotten it, it finally came to her. I put it down before continuing our fight, how could I have been so stupid?

"Pan finish him, hurry don't miss your chance" Her father yelled from below.

"Yes, Pan finish me, come on what are you waiting for?" He stood and looked up at her with an evil grin on his face while he toyed with her feelings.

Her body trembled, trying to come up with a solution. She couldn't miss her only chance but she couldn't make herself fire on the first person she fell in love with, her friend, the one she promised to save from the world she put him in. The gathered energy started to recede, the others were yelling at her to continue with the attack but her heart had made up its mind it wouldn't allow it. Pan do it, don't worry about me, we'll see each other one day, I'll wait for you here then we can be together I promise, and thank you for saving me, I love you, She froze as the words were whispered in her ear. She felt no one by her, was her mind playing tricks on her? Suddenly the energy swelled back up inside her, she gathered it again and got ready to attack. This time the energy was much larger, once released it skyrocketed towards it target, obliterating anything in was come to close contact with. The others moved out of its range, holding on to their injured friends. Its target never had even a moment's time to react, Pan watched as the energy poured out her body, she could feel it though something wasn't right the life-force wasn't fading, her body couldn't keep this up much longer. Let me help you Without moving she could feel what she thought were arms come next to hers, a person chest going against her back, and some ones chin resting gently on her shoulder and whispering in her arm. Lets finish him together A surge of energy rushed through her and the person who was attempting to resist the attack, gave out and was finally caught and sent to suffer for their actions.

The attack died down and the gang was able to uncover their shielded eyes from the bright light. Smoke covered the battlefield and only turned Earth was left in the place of where he once stood. Pan struggled to stay awake; her body exhausted from the quick lose of energy.

"Stay with me okay, Pan Can you hear me?" her eyes fluttered opened, her body didn't want to move even the smallest muscle. Forcing her head to look around she saw that her dad, uncle, and grandfather where there as well as Bulla and Trunks who awake and well. "Here take this it's a senzu bean" Bulla handed her the bean. Feeling better she stood and looked around, she didn't see him, was it really my mind, or were you really there? She jumped in the air and searched with her eyes for a sign to prove her sanity. "Where are you?"

"Where is who Pan, everyone is here, he is dead nothing is left from the blast" Goten spoke softly but loud enough to hear, he knew what she was asking, and hated to be the one to tell her. She closed her eyes as the tears started to flow down her face. "Don't cry, unless they are victory tears." Her eyes jerked open and arms came from behind and wrapped around her chest. She said nothing and moved nothing, scared to lose the moment, the touch, she was feeling. Why does my mind keep playing tricks on me haven't I suffered enough already? Wait, what are my friends shouting at, is it me, is it him? She quickly moved forward and spun around, it was him, he was alive and he was looking at her, smiling at her expression on her face. She rushed into his chest, his arms kept her in a protective, yet serene hold. The area was silent, nothing wanting to break the moment. Finally she pulled away, "you're alive, but how I destroyed your body?"

"It's a long story, and we have all the time in the world, I'm not going anywhere."

The group started to walk towards the city, no one felt like flying they all wanted to take their time and enjoy a happy ending. Brian walked next to Pan with his arm around her waist but stopped and let the group get a head of them. "Pan I want to thank you, you were right I can change my destiny to whatever I like, thank you for showing me that." He leaned in and tenderly kissed her lips. They broke a part when Trunks yelled for them to hurry up; grabbing her hand they ran to catch up with everyone.


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