Here is an all new story. Dirty Little Secrets.

Summary: When a new boy moves into Sam's history class, she can't help but have her eye on the cute goth boy. Only problem...he's always running off and doesn't talk much. She tries to get him to be her friend, and when he finally does, what dirty little secrets will he reveal?

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Sam never had a problem with having just one best friend, Tucker. She was happy with it. Sure she wasn't popular, but it didn't matter to her. Sometimes she wished she could have more friends than she did, but mostly she didn't compain. She'd never been one to fall head over heals in love with anyone, but the day the new student arrived, she found herself doing things she never thought she'd do for a boy.


"Class, we have a new student here today. Please welcome him here." Mr. Lancer announced to the class. Sam groaned. Probably another jock or nerd that she'd have to sit next to. But she looked to see who was coming in. She saw, to her surprise, a goth. She blushed some, a cute goth.

"Class, this is Danny Fenton. He'll be in our class from now on." He wore a straight look on his face. He looked even more goth than Sam. He walked to the empty seat beside Sam. As soon as Mr. Lancer went back to the lesson, Danny placed his head on the desk and let himself drift off to sleep.

End Flashback.

It had been 2 weeks since he joined, and although Sam wanted to talk to him, she never found it in her to talk to him. That was until today. He stood up to Dash earlier. Dash tried to decree that he was surpreme at the school. Danny gave him a sharp punch to the stomach, and a hard warning that he wouldn't listen to anyone but himself. It was the first time she'd heard him talk. He hardly ever said anything, to anybody. Sam guessed he had to be the same age as her, but his overall appearance made him look older.

He was standing at his locker. Sam took this advantage to go up to talk to him. But right before she could talk to him, he walked off. She ran after him, "Danny wait a moment." He stopped, but even though she couldn't see his face yet, she had a feeling he wasn't too happy being asked to stop. He turned to face her. He didn't appear mad, but then when she thought about it, he hardly ever showed emotion. "I was wondering, if you'd like to go see a movie or something."

He looked like he was in thought for a while, then finally answered, "Fine." He walked out with her. Sam was beaming. She actually got him to talk and agree to go with her to the movies. Maybe she could be his friend or more eventually.


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