Last chapter: "Promise and I'll even get you something clean to wear." Danny smiled, then thought.

"You have guy clothes?" Sam hid a blush as she nodded. She sent Danny on into the bathroom.


Sam wondered what was taking Danny so long in the shower. She knocked on the bathroom door. "You can come in." He replied. Sam walked in to find Danny closing her makeup bag.

"What did you need that for?"

He turned to face her. "What do you think?" He asked. She gasped at the sight. He'd used her makeup to cover the scar on his face.

"It looks great Danny."

"Thanks. I hope you don't mind that I used your stuff. I can get you more."

"Its fine Danny and don't worry about replacing it." Danny coughed again. Sam added, "There is some cough medicine by your 'room' for you."

"Thanks." Danny said as he left the bathroom.

Around a week later, Danny felt like his old self again. To his surprise, he didn't feel as much like leaving as he thought he would. He pushed himself up to a sitting position on the floor in the closet. By now most of the clothes in here were his. His thoughts drifted to Sam. She'd really been good to him when he'd just been a bit of a jerk to her. "Maybe it's love?" He thought.

He crept to the crack in the door and looked out on Sam's sleeping form on her bed. A crimson color rose on his cheeks. A small smile appeared on his face. Yes, things for him were looking up now. He quietly pulled the door closed and lay back down on his mass of blankets. His eyes drifted closed as he began to sleep.

The next thing Danny knew, he heard the shower running, telling him Sam was awake. He sat up and yawned. Running a hand through his hair releasing the strawberry scent from the shampoo he used last night. He pulled the box at his left over closer and lifted the small mirror out. After looking in it for a long while, he set it back in the box with a sigh. Though it had become his 'mark' he still wished that it would go away.

"Danny, are you awake?" He heard Sam's voice outside the door.

"Yes." He replied as he lazily slouched back on the mass of blankets. He heard the door open and footsteps pad across the floor until it stopped at his side. He rolled his head to his side to see Sam sit down next to him. He let a small pout cross his face. Sam laughed some.

"You're too cute when you do that."

"I am not cute!" Danny interjected. "I prefer handsome."

Sam laughed more. "Okay okay, handsome." A long silence quickly followed. Eyes locked together. Danny didn't know who moved first, just that he was kissing Sam, and she was kissing him back. Yes, this really was going to be a good life.