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Prologue: New Blood

Settling all his bags in his new room, the red head decided to go down stairs to meet the other boarders. As soon as he descended from the stairs, "You must me the new recruit," a whiskered blond grinned widely as he placed his arms behind his head. "Yeah," the guy in question replied as he approached the group. "I'm Naruto," he offered his hand to the new boarder. "Shikamaru," the boy with a ponytail did he same. "Chouji," a rather large boy took his hand out of the potato chips and offered it to him too. "Lee," this guy with a bowl cut hair, stuck out his thumb and flashed a shining smile that made the others groan in embarrassment.

After shaking each of their hand, "Gaara," he muttered. "Sooo Gaara, what brings you to our humble boarding house?" Naruto immediately began the interrogation. "I don't want to live with my annoying siblings so I decided to move out. Besides, this place is near the university." He sat on the couch beside Chouji who seems not interested in the conversation at all. "University? The Shinobi Institute?" Shikamaru looked at him lazily so he only nodded.

"Well it seems that aside from being board mates, we're also going to be schoolmates," Lee said politely. As the conversation was progressing, the door opened to reveal a man wearing a loose jacket and jogging pants.

Gaara immediately took notice of how his body was so petite. His emerald eyes took notice of how his face was too good looking much like a girl's. The man turned his attention to the group especially to the new face he was seeing. "Who's the new blood?" the feminine voice came from the man surprised Gaara.

"Sakura-chan! This is Gaara the new boarder," Naruto patted his shoulders as introduced him. "So you're the one brother was talking about," she removed her cap to her long pink hair tumble down to till her waist.

It was like that… he was already in a trance. This person who was looking back at him has this effect that no other person has. "Sakura," she approached him without breaking their eye contact. Gaara on the other hand wasn't too aware that she was already in front of him. He got lost in the pair of forest green eyes and forgot all about reality.

"Oi, oi Gaara easy there she might melt," Lee smacked his back heavily. He coughed a bit from the impact then regained his composure. "Gaara," he offered his hand and she gladly accepted it.

"Why don't you guys order dinner? I'm hungry," she released his hand then went to her room. "Why does a girl stay in a boy's dormitory?" he asked as he stared after her. "Because my friend, Sakura is the land lord's only daughter and as far as I know her whole family is abroad. So now she's like our land lady," Naruto opened the television then settled on the couch as Chouji was already ordering fast food for dinner.

Gaara finally recovered from her spell so he sat beside Naruto. "Don't worry about Sakura. She's unlike the girls who powders every now and then. Sakura's like… one of the boys," the whiskered boy reassured him. "So she's lesbian?" he asked tactlessly. All of the boys burst out laughing except the red head. "No, she will kill you if she heard you say that," Shikamaru said in between his laughs.

"Say what?" Sakura emerged from her room wearing a different pair of jogging pants and a loose shirt. "Nothing," they answered simultaneously. She raised her thin eyebrow in reaction. While she was about to ask further, the door bell rang. "Must be our dinner," the large boy quickly opened the door and paid for the food.

"Let's eat," Naruto followed after Chouji to the dinning area. The others sat around the table while Naruto and Chouji arranged the food. "Ready… Get set…" the fat boy was announcing and Gaara was totally clueless. "GO!!!" the boys except for Gaara and Sakura started grabbing what they can from the selection in front of them.

He stared incredulously at the sight before him. "Here," the girl beside him handed him a plate filled with all the dishes. "Thanks," he took the plate without second thought. "Traumatized?" she taunted him. "Hn," he replied then Sakura giggled then she suggested that they start eating so they did.

After dinner, everyone was in front of the television watching a horror movie. "I'm beat. You guys enjoy your porn I'm going to bed. Good night," she said as she climbed the stairs. "Night Sakura," everyone except for the red head shouted. "Sakura by the way, we're going to shoot some hoops tomorrow wanna join?" Lee asked just before Sakura entered her room. "Alright," she replied with a yawn then she shut her door.

"What about you Gaara? Wanna come with?" Shikamaru asked the red head. "Are you sure about asking her to join?" he asked disbelievingly. "Sakura? Of course, she's actually better that some of us," he looked directly at Naruto. "Hey, hey no personal attacks behind my back," the blond retorted.

As what Shikamaru said, Sakura's pretty good in basketball. She shot several three points and a lot of lay ups. When Sakura was guarding Gaara, there was a time when they both simultaneously jumped to prevent the other from shooting. In the end, he landed on top of her. "Nice block," he said inches away from her face. "Thanks," she replied with a smile.

Sakura's team won seventy-three to seventy against Gaara's team. "Are you sure she's a girl?" he asked Naruto in between his breaths. "You haven't seen half of it," the blond said as if there was so much more to her.

The next day, it was the start of a new semester. The others were having their breakfast when Sakura descended from the stairs. Gaara's eyes widened in surprise at what he saw but the others seem not surprised at all. She sat beside him like the usual. "It feels comfortable plus I have consent from my professor." She grinned at him as she grabbed herself a toast. "I wasn't asking," he said snobbishly. "Yes but you had to admit you were looking at me like I'm sort of a lesbian wearing a boy's uniform," Sakura hit the target so the red head couldn't retaliate anymore.

In class, she sat beside him at the back row. In the first few minutes everything was normal- she was listening to the lecture and so was he but then a few moments. Sakura opened her book in front of her so that it would hide her face then started dozing off. He stared at her incredulously. How can this girl act so different? He thought he had the girl's behavior figured out from observing his older sister but then he stand correct. The solid proof of this was the pink haired woman beside him.

The professor was approaching their row and Sakura was too deep in sleep to hear Naruto and Lee's voices telling her to wake up. Gaara looked away thinking I have been acting weird lately since I saw her. Why should I care? The teacher was a few steps away and Sakura's slumber still continues.

Without second thought, he threw her a pencil. The pencil landed right on top of her head waking her up. As if on timing, she raised her head in time when the professor was right in front of her. She would've gotten away with it except for the fact that the print on her textbook somehow stuck on her right cheek.

"Ms. Haruno, how does blood circulate?" the professor asked with an agitated expression. Sakura got up then recited the each step as if she was wide awake when it was taught. Satisfied, the teacher proceeded to teaching.

Gaara arrived late in the afternoon at the dorm. Upon seeing the gang, an uneasy silence greeted him. He was still new so he did not dare to ask 'what the hell was going on?' so instead of hanging out with the people who obviously wasn't in the mood for any socialization, he went to his room and slept.

Minutes after his arrival, the door was unlocked then Sakura went in. upon realizing the tension, "Alright, what's up Shikamaru? Chouji?" they had been friends long enough to know who and who's hasn't got a problem.

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