Epilogue: Not a Dilemma after all

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Her body wasn't frozen from fear at the incoming vehicle. In fact, her mind was never so clear. Instead of jumping out of the way, she faced her blinding death fully. The blaring horn and the bright lights were zooming past her when she realized someone had pulled her just in the nick of time.

Her dull emerald eyes reflected the girl about her age panting beside her from panic. "Are… are you alright?" the girl said in between her breath as she tried to compose herself. When she was answered by silence, she took a moment to look at the person she just risked her life to save.

One moment, they were on the streets and then they were sitting on the park bench the next. "What's your name?" her rescuer asked as she handed her a can of hot coffee. It took an entire minute for her to accept the can. "I'm Kaori," not hearing a reply, she decided to be the first to introduce herself. Her dark brown eyes glanced sideways to catch a reaction but there was none then she looked up at the night sky. "You have to forgive me. I actually thought you needed saving but it looks like you were bent on dying," Kaori brushed her short flared hair.

"I was betrayed…" her words came in broken syllables as her tears sprung from her green eyes. She was crying in front of a stranger and telling everything that has happened and she didn't care. All is lost now. Shattered heart, ruined dreams and broken self. Her tears didn't stop until she told Kaori every single detail, excluding their intimate moments, like she was her private diary. It surprised her that in that period of time, the stranger that saved her life listened so intently and didn't make any notion for her to stop talking.

Her chest felt lighter, talking to a complete stranger about her private life. The silence that came after wasn't awkward at all, it felt… necessary. In that time, she managed to reign in her emotions and look at the same night sky she was staring at.

"Once, I was in the predicament you're in," Kaori finally broke the silence. "Not exactly the same situation but let's just say I know the feeling," she smiled as her eyes reflected the countless stars above. "Just like you, I reacted the same way but… not really suicidal," she chuckled darkly together with Sakura. "It took me years to have the courage to ask for the entire truth that he was offering. It was only then did I realize how foolish I was to jump to conclusions so easily. I wasn't betrayed after all," Kaori tore her gaze away from the stars and to the girl beside her. "But… it was I who betrayed him… by not giving him the benefit of the doubt… by not believing in him,"

Sakura's eyes widened upon hearing her last statement. Every hurt in her heart vanished instantly replaced by an unspeakable guilt. How can I doubt him so easily? He who has sacrificed so much to be with me, I have to go find him…

"I see you've understood your fault," Kaori stood up and held out her hand. When Sakura took it, she pulled her to her feet. "Now, go and listen to everything he has to say,"

With a smile, she nodded her head. "Sakura… my name is Sakura. Thanks for everything," her new friend returned her smile. "Oh by the way between the two of us, can I know the name of your guy?" she asked a few feet away from her.

"Deidara, he's a foreigner so I have the guts to tell you his name because I know there's no way you'll know him,"

"Deidara? Long blond hair, one sided bangs, dark eyes, conceited bastard?" Sakura's thin eyebrow rose in inquiry and as she looked at Kaori's face she knew she hit the bull's eye. "Kaori, he's here in Japan and I think you two deserve another chance at trusting each other," she gave her Deidara's number then sprinted back home.

How can I be so deluded? How can I say I love him and not trust him? She was only running for a few seconds when she caught sight of his familiar unruly flaming red hair in the middle of the crowd crossing the streets. Her heart skipped a beat entirely when her eyes locked on his penetrating gaze.

His heart remembered how to beat when his jade eyes saw her in front of him, safe. The first thing he did was run up to her and pull her into a tight embrace. "Gomenasai (I'm sorry)," Gaara heard her whisper against his chest. Drawing back only to look into her eyes, he finally had the chance to explain everything that has happened.

A blush covered her face not just because of guilt but also because of what she just discovered. "After…after three years, you want us… to… get married?" she swallowed with difficulty as she avoided his eyes to prevent herself from melting.

"No," Sakura's eyes immediately searched his for an explanation. "After today, I realized I can't let you go anymore. I don't have a ring yet. All I have is a question…" Gaara tipped her chin to look sincerely into her eyes. "Haruno Sakura can you be mine…forever?"

Sakura wanted to look away but she can't not because he was holding her chin but because his gaze was so deep, she was drowning in love. "Do you really have to ask? Is my answer not that obvious?" she chuckled lightly as she chocked back her tears before his lips devoured hers in public. "I'm not really a fan of gowns or churches but I would like a ring NOW," she grinned as she looked at the shop they were standing right in front of.


His onyx eyes widened in shock as he saw her standing in front of him so casually like nothing has happened. "Sakura, why are you…" without another word, she walked right up to him, pulled his collar and kissed him.

He blinked repeatedly as she broke their kiss. Not a word escaped his open mouth even if he wanted to. "How did that feel, Sasuke?" she asked as her emerald eyes looked at his as if the kiss didn't even matter.

Blank. The answer should be automatic but he came up with nothing. "That's because, you don't love me… you only think you love me," Sakura said with no mark of sarcasm or victory in her voice, just pure honesty.

"No, I love you Sakura. I do," Sasuke finally regained his speech.

"When was it that you realized that you love me? Wasn't it when you saw me again with Gaara?"

He can't form a decent reply because she already knew the obvious. Lying wouldn't do him any good.

"You don't love me, Sasuke. You just don't like the idea of me belonging to someone else because if I do, he'll take your place in my heart," a sincere smile made its way to her lips and after a while to his as well.

"Is that your ring?" he cocked his head at the tattooed ring around her ring finger. Its diamond is the same symbol found at Gaara's forehead. Seeing her nod enthusiastically, he smirked. "It suits you,"


"He's lucky to have you," Sasuke said when there was a fair distance in between them.

Shaking her head "Wrong, I'm lucky to have him," with that they took separate ways.


A smile lit up her pretty face as she touched the golden band covering the tattoo on her ring finger. He didn't take three years as he said he would. It took him only a year and a half. Her emerald eyes travelled to the framed wedding picture on top of the fireplace.

A first glance, a stranger would think it was not a wedding photo at all. The bride and groom wearing the casual jeans and shirt and the basketball court was the background. If not for the bouquet at her hand and the rings around their finger, no one would even suspect it to be something so sacred.

With her peripheral vision, she caught sight of her husband leaning against the door frame, watching her with love-filled eyes. "I still can't believe we got married on a basketball court," his light laugh filled her ears as his arms wound around her waist possessively.

"You were the one who told me you're not a fan of churches," Gaara kissed her hair and placed his chin on her head as they looked at the picture while sharing a laugh.

Turning around, Sakura placed her arms around his head as his were still around her. "Well, I sure hope you don't take all of my jokes seriously because I did mention I don't like the nearby hospitals," Gaara's eyes widened as he waited for her next statement. "I don't want to give birth while you're still driving to the hospital I do like," Without warning he picked her up and twirled her around in bliss.

Sakura was not a Dilemma after all... and obviously, so wasn't Gaara…

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