{Chapter 1.} -Feelin' Small-

One day at the Rocket room, David and the gang we're seeing how they grew, Annie was first at 2 feet 4 inches, then Quincy was next at 2 feet 11 inches, then June was next at 3 feet 2 inches, then Leo at 3 feet 5 inches and David was last at 3 feet 9 inches as Annie notices that she's 1 foot smaller than David and thinks that she'll never grow up as she starts whimpering and crying. When she tried to reach for a high shelf, Leo comes by to grab a box of colored pencils for her, Annie starts to sniffling a little knowing that she's too little to reach high areas as Annie sees David reaching a high basketball net easily to do a slam dunk and Leo barely reachs it, Quincy sees Annie sniffing and crying as he says to her "What's wrong Annie?" she replies "I'm too little." Quincy pats Annie's shoulder to help with her problem as a desperate to be big, Annie grabs David's backpack and accidentally grabs the height enhancer instead of the adultimizer and activates it at Leo's backyard but when she activates it she becomes a 30ft Giant as the gang was shocked at what she did when all the sudden Purple Pest pops up from the sky. Purple Pest grabs David's height enhancer away with his beetle pincers from Annie's hands as he flies away as Annie felt guilty about borrowing David's gadget without his permission until she grabs David and begs him to help her get small again before Purple Pest causes problems throughtout the world as she whimpers like a baby. How will Annie travel with the gang?