Back Story

Rei is the newest and youngest member of the S.W.A.T. Kats. She's about 16/17 and is still in high school. She lives with Chance and Jake at the enforcer repair shop and helps work on cars and motorbikes especially.

She ran away from her home in a different town and came to Megakat City on a rainy night where Jake and Chance found her curled up in their salvage yard. She begged them to take her in and told them she would work for them if they did.

They accepted, and soon she found out that Jake and Chance were secretly T-bone and Razor, the two vigilantes that flew the skies in the Turbokat and saved Megakat city much to the Enforcers dislike.

They took Rei onto their team and dubbed her as Switch. She didn't travel in the Turbokat but instead went on her own Cyclotron. Jake and Chance had taught her their Enforcer training and how to, if necessary, pilot the Turbokat and aim a weapon correctly.

She still went to Megakat City High School and skipped the missions that took place during school and would get on her motorbike and head strait to where the other SWAT Kats were doing there jobs.

Rei had already been living with the two kats for about three months and so far everything was going good, the work was easy. School was easy especially since she lived with Jake who was a supper genius and Chance who had enough streets smart to feed a third world country.

And Since the SWAT Kats hadn't gotten any calls for about two weeks they all had a bunch of free time on their hands. So Callie had asked them to talk to high school ROTC programs about crime and enlisting in the enforcers (which razor and chance didn't like to much). They had accepted.

And so it begins…

Our story stars out on a rainy night in the outskirts of Megakat City. The cold wind whipped at the rain causing it to fall at a slant, the thunder doomed and lighting flashed. Causing a figure to be seen running the streets trying to find refuge from the storm.

This figure was a sliver she-cat that wore no shoes, despite the bitter cold, a torn tank top and a pair of torn shorts. Blood could be seen seeping through the gashes in her clothes. Her black hair was soaked and pulled into a messy ponytail.

She ran passed small houses and broken down cars. She had been running for hours it seemed, and she knew she needed to rest. ' I can't let them catch me!' She thought to her self.

The female soon came upon a junkyard, The Enforcer Salvage Yard. Where currently, it appeared to the she cat that on one was home. She ducked inside the yard from the street and decided to find a place out of the rain to rest.

She settled upon a trashcan near the main door to the shop. She crawled inside and curled up into a silver ball of fur and quickly attempted to fall asleep.

She awoke a few hours later to the sound of two male voices. From the sound of it the rain was still falling and the two were in an argument about something.

" Jesus Razor I though you said you're tracking device would work. Man now we have to wait until Dark Crud shows his slimy face again." Said a gruff voice.

" I thought it would T-bone, but I guess my calculations were a little off. Sorry buddy, but there's always next time and I'm sure it won't take to long for him to show up again." Said the voice apparently belonging to Razor.

The silver cat decided to be a little brave and stuck her head out of the trashcan just enough to see the two legendary SWAT Kats standing only a few feet away from where she was hiding.

' I must be in Megakat City then. That's along way from where I started running.' She thought to herself. "AHHCHOO! Oh shit!" She said out loud after she sneezed. She looked back at the SWAT Kats who had now removed their masks to reveal Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong.

" Who's there?" Chance yelled in the direction of the she cat.

" Chance shut up! It sounds like it's only a kid. You can come out it's okay we won't hurt you." Jake called motioning for Chance to put back on his mask.

They duo slowly walked up to the garbage can that the girl was hiding in and peered into it to see an mass of bloody silver and black. A pair of green eyes stared back at them tears obvious in the eyes.

" Sorry. I didn't mean to… I mean um." Said the ball of silver.

" Come inside." T-bone said sympathy dwelling in his yellow eyes.

" So first things first, what's your name?" Razor, now Jake asked tending to one of the many wounds that covered the girls body.

" My name is Rei… I don't have a last name." Rei said looking away from the pair.

They were all in the living room of the house that Chance and Jake stayed in while they had to work off their debt to the Enforcers. Rei sat on sofa with Jake kneeling down in front of her treating her wounds and Chance stood up behind him leaning on a table.

" Um who are you guys… I know you're the SWAT Kats, but what are your names?" She asked causing them to look at one another they decided to blow off the question.

" So where are your parents? And what happened to you? Where are you from?" Came a rain of questions from Chance.

" I don't have parents, and I was um…. Um I was in a car crash. Off the interstate coming from Quero." Rei answered stuttering on middle of the sentence.

" So do you have anywhere to go?" Chance asked?

" No … um could I stay here with you? I swear I'll work and won't get in the way and I won't tell anyone about your secret! Please I can't go back there! Let me join you! I can fight and I'm a pretty good mechanic! Please you have to let me stay here!" Rei pleaded with the two.

" I don't know Jake she's a teenage girl. And Feral will never go for it." Chance said secretly hoping that Jake would disagree with him. He liked Rei, she reminded him of his little sister who died along time ago from cancer.

" Chance I think we should let her. I mean we could use another hand around the house and shop. And I'm not sure about letting her join the SWAT Kats but it could work." Jake argued.

" Yes Please let me stay here? Rei said turning her question towards Chance.

" Fine. She can have the room at the end of the hall upstairs. But you half to go to school okay?"

" Okay I will. Thank you guys so much! You won't regret this I promise!" Rei said through a huge smile.