And after all this to live with Mother again

wake for the reaping and

Lie docile for the ink-stroke of night

To run its hand over my sleep

I never thought it would be so easy –


The return, I thought:

The re-deployment, battle lines redrawn.

As children skipping home

By the growing blue shadows

Pick at the invisible seams of their clothes

Wondering if they had grown too big for them.


To return: to correct misinformation,

Deal medallion-bright justice –

The un-righted wrongs of yesteryear

Fixed now, here in the past, fixed

By woman-future-extraordinaire.


I thought to fight –

I thought, the lingering votary of magic,

The bombastic red poppy stays

For no distant, father, husband, sun.

It calls to fire;

burns only in shadow.


But maybe this:


Magic needs not announce itself

When it had and has been

The Nothing

Burning everything.