Laura Murphy

Script Writing/Video 2 Final Project Script

October 17, 2006

Character Descriptions:

Arnold Benson – small guy who lives in a clothes dryer and is consumed by the desire to gain the fame he feels his family deserves for being related to the inventor of the clothes dryer lint trap; not nearly as smart as he thinks he his.

Captain Krik – tired of dealing with numbskull detectives; is a bit of a slacker himself, but his common sense exists and can overcome his slacker tendencies at times.

Detective O'Reely – smooth talking nincompoop; is partnered with Detective Putz; writes his case notes as "Blues Clues" drawings; tends to take charge of the conversation more forcefully than his partner.

Detective Putz – more nervous than O'Reely; a bit of a klutz; lacks common sense; always sucks on a dum-dum pop, and carries more around in his pocket.

Laughing Mathematician – a professional looking man in an office with many books

Informant/Trivia-Computer Geek/Shadowy Figure – Benson in disguise to guide the investigation.