Kathryn Janeway stood in the holodeck wearing a blue dress that flapped in wind. "Sometimes I wish" she said aloud to nobody in particular. "That I had wings, to fly, be free." she said. "I want to have a free soul, with no refraints in my life. It would be wonderful just to have one kiss or have a dance" she said. "If only I could take my wings and fly away just for a little while" she said. Turning, she was about to exit the program, "For a little while, you will be free Kathryn. Take you wings and fly with me" said a voice. Chakotay came through the doors and took her in his arms and they embraced in a passionate kiss. They broke, the birds chattered and sung, the breezed whirled around them lifting several leaves and rustling through the grass. "Let's fly" said Kathryn and they kissed again.