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This is a bit information about this story first.

Harry has returned to the Dursleys for the last time and after that he managed to find all the Horcruxes. Now all he has to do is defeat Voldemort, even though I do not want to write about that---I'm not very good at making up action parts…

Anyway, that being said, on with the story.

'Harry , wake up!' Ron's voice shouted from painfully near his ear.

'Nng.' Harry groaned. He felt hand shaking his body and Ron informed him:' We are leaving in thirty minutes! Now get out and get dressed!'

'Thirsty minutes? Wha..' Still not fully awake, Harry wasn't that intelligent.

'Thirty minutes, yes.Geez, Harry get out of that bloody bed already!' Hermoine said from the dooropening. Harry swung himself out of bed and started to remove his PJ's.

'I'll go downstairs!' Hermoine squeaked as he removed his pants.

'What's wrong with her?' Harry asked a astonished Ron. 'What's wrong with- Harry, you are stripping in front of her. Hermoine is a girl, and most of the time, boys do not undress themselves in front of girls. Get it? OH MERLIN ARE THOSE WHITE AND TIGHT BOXER BRIEFS!' He added in shock.

'Er..yes.. What's wrong with those?' Harry asked innocently.

'Nothing…nothing…cough-shirtlifter-cough.' Ron muttered as he went downstairs too.

'Hey! I heard that!' Harry called after him. After finishing, Harry went for breakfast, that dream about Malfoy had made him hungry…


'Let's find an empty compartment!' Ginny said while hoisting her heavy trunk through the corridors. ' Hmm.. Looks like they're all full.' Hermoine commented.

'Maybe not the ones in the back.' Ron said, trotting forward.

They found one that was empty and talked about ways to destroy Voldemort( A/N Cause that is all they do…Na, just kidding)

' Maybe...nah...We could ask Dumbledore's portrait about it.' Hermoine said after an hour. And a second later ' OH MY GOD PREFECTS MEETING!'

Of course Hermoine made Headgirl.

'You know, this was usually the time Malfoy and his cronies would come in to bug us.' Harry remarked. He was actually looking forward to it, but..

'Yeah..Well, I guess there won't be anything of that this year!' Ron said with a happy sigh.


' I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!' Hermoine stormed in twenty minutes later. ' Can't believe what?' Harry and Ron said together.

'MALFOY! He's headboy!'

'WHAT! He fucking helped all those Death-Eaters into the Castle and now McGonny does a Dumbledore on him and gives him a second chance!' Ron roared.

'YES.' Hermoine raged. 'He said he joined the Order, together with Zabini and Parkinson. His mother joined too!Just Snape was enough but this is getting too much.'

Harry sighed deeply. 'Harry? You don't seem so suprised and enraged by this..' Hermoine noted sharply.

'I know..I sort of.. knew..' Ginny raised an eyebrow and the rest just sat still. ' I had a dream, well more like vision, since it really came out and all.'

'Go on!' Ron encouraged him. ' I was at the Malfoy Mansion, which is huge by the way, and some Death-Eaters were there. I don't know who, but...They were Crucio-ing the Malfoys. Including Lucius. Said something about betrayel by joining us and then Lucius killed on of the Death-Eaters, the one who was er.. herassing Narcissa. They all grabbed a statue of a snake and it was a Portkey. To Grimmauld Place.'

Everyone stared at him.' You know, Harry, I think you indeed had a Vision, or something...Maybe you Saw it while it was happening.' Hermoine mused in a distant voice.

' Well. There's only one way to find ou-' At that moment, the door of their compartment slit open...and revealed Draco Malfoy.

'Ah, I was wondering when you were coming.' Harry said smiling despite himself. He was actually happy to Malfoy, everything was as it used to be, as it should be.

'What are you smiling for , Potter? Happy to see me?' Malfoy said, but his tone wasn't mean or evil, no it was teasing.

'Why are you here?' Asked Ron. Parkinson came into view and said:'Oh, I see, everyone is here. Good. Now Drakkie, say what we come for.'

'Right, we joined. You guys-I mean..The Order.' Malfoy stuttered. Harry fixed him with a stare and laughed.' Really? Why?'

'Because..We--me and my parents, we needed help. And we finally realised that...he was wrong. '

'Who?' Ginny said with a smirk, knowing fully well who. ' You-know-who.' ' I know who?' ' He -who-must-not-be-named.' Parkinson said with a sigh.

'Well, if you're not going to name him , how must we know who you're talking about?' Said Ron, clearly enjoying this.

'Voldemort, okay!' Malfoy near-shouted.

'Ah...Why didn't you just say so..' Ron said lightly. Malfoy scowled and turned around. Parkinson, however stayed for a moment.

'You know, it's difficult for him.He's raised to serve The Dark Lord. He's raised to be evil and annoying. Don't forget that.' She said with a true smile. Then, she also left with a swoosh of her robes.

'You think Snape teached her how to do that swoosh-thingy?'


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