Title: Fright Night
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Rating: M 15+ (T rated here on FFnet) The rating is for suspense and elusions of horror, but no real gore.
'One Hour Challenges' #27, 71, 169, 238, 244, 250, 319, 333, 425 and 532 Combined: Response Fanfic. Mamoru and Usagi are tricked into babysitting Motoki's cousin on Halloween night, which impresses the two enemies little! To pass the time, they watch a horror movie, but then the lights go out and Usagi and Mamoru start to freak out. To make things worse, someone keeps calling, but says nothing and someone keeps ringing the bell and asking to use the phone, sounding eerily like the Movies they'd just watched!
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Comments: Hi everyone! You know the drill by now guys-old Fanfic of mine. Written back in 2003. A One Hour Challenge response. Halloween is coming up soon, so I thought that this would be the perfect time to send out this Fanfic and also complete it in the process. Six of Eight Chapters were originally written, then I got distracted and created more Fanfics... I get too many ideas in my head and not enough time to write them. But this one will have it's final Two Chapters written and completed by Halloween. Beware that this was thought very creepy by the people on my mailing list. It's a mixture of horror, adventure and romance, based on one of the only movies to ever really creep me out (Jeepers Creepers being another).

Original Notes: Yeah, the name is hardly original, but I loved Fright Night (That vampire movie), so there. :P I know I missed Halloween, but I've been sick a lot, so this is to make up for it :) I have to say, 'When A Stranger Calls' freaked me out when I saw it the first time, so I've ripped off some of the beginning of that Movie-but you'll see why soon. Bwahahaha! For those of you who haven't seen the Movie, it's about a babysitter minding two children and a psycho who keeps coming to the door. Her phone is dead and the power is out. To make a long story short, the killer was getting into the house and wasn't actually at the door. He could throw his voice from the living room and she barely makes it out before he tries to murder her. I can't quite remember which scene is from which Movie-there were two-but with the other babysitter, the kids had been dead for hours and the killer was actually upstairs calling. So, I'm combining the two. And no, this isn't the remake that came out recently by the same name, the original was way creepier!

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By Princess Destiny




Chapter One

"You what!" Mamoru and Usagi yelled at the same time. They glared at each other, then at Motoki.

"Baby-sit my cousins." Motoki repeated, grinning at them.

"Absolutely not!" Mamoru said firmly, reaching for his coffee. He was astonished when Motoki beat him there and pulled the coffee towards himself and away from his best friend. He swiftly did the same for Usagi's shake.

"Hey!" The two said indignantly.

Makoto, Rei and Ami giggled, watching from behind Usagi.

"You two have had a tab here for almost a year now and I haven't asked for any money, but if you don't do this, you don't get another thing." The man said firmly, crossing his arms.

The upper-classman sighed and reached for his wallet. "I forgot, okay?"

"And it's not like you aren't rolling in money," Motoki retorted, accepting the money. He looked at Usagi, whose face was chagrined. "And you spend all your allowance on Manga."

"But, but-" Usagi said, pouting. "You never said a thing!" she almost wailed.

"And don't think this cuts it, buddy," Motoki went on, pocketing the money. "You two do this for me, or I'll ban you."

"Ban me!" Mamoru and Usagi chorused, a little shocked.

"But it's Halloween!" The blonde girl did wail this time, hands going to her cheeks. "The girls and I were going to go trick or treating! I made a costume!"

"Aren't you a little old for that, Odango Atama?" Mamoru drawled, rolling his eyes.

"We'll have to go without you." Rei said firmly, nodding. Makoto and Ami nodded also.

"Guyyyyyyys!" Usagi leapt to her feet. "You can't get all that candy without me."

"Sure we can!" Rei retorted, tossing her hair back over her shoulder.

Mamoru chuckled. "Ah, the sweet smell of an upset Odango." he said piously.

"Creep! Mind your own business." she shouted, whacking his shoulder.

The dark-haired man winced. "Wow, that was quite a punch." he admitted, staring at her.

"I work out." The blonde said loftily.

"Usagi!" The other girls hissed.

"-On my dash to School." Usagi added hastily.

"Well?" Motoki broke in, staring pointedly from Usagi to Mamoru.

What could they say? "Yes, Motoki." They muttered sulkily. Well, that just ruined the whole evening! Two enemies stuck together for the night. Yay.

"Give me my coffee back." Mamoru growled, snatching his coffee cup back across the counter. "I need fortifying."

"Ditto!" Usagi said, grabbing her shake and gulping it down. "Another please." she ordered.

A few hours later, the two enemies were walking up the drive of a two story house. Mamoru picked her up from the Arcade at five o'clock, just as the sun was setting.

"Wow, that's a big house." Usagi said admiringly.

"Hmm," Mamoru said absently.

They rang the bell and waited. Soon, a man looking faintly like Motoki answered the door, his lovely wife beside him.

"Hello, you must be Mamoru and Usagi." The woman said. "I'm Hikaru and this is Shingi."

"Hi," Usagi waved shyly and peered around them into the house. "Are the kids still up?" she said brightly.

"No," Hikaru smiled. "Early to bed. They're far too young to be watching the sorts of things that come onto TV on Halloween."

Mamoru nodded. "I agree." he said, nodding.

"Well, it's all yours. All the emergency numbers are on the fridge." Shingi said, walking past the two with his wife.

"Bye," Hikaru said, waving over her shoulder. The two got into a car and were gone in seconds.

Mamoru and Usagi stood there, staring blankly at the empty street.

"That was sort of weird." The blonde said, blinking.

"Yeah, it was." Mamoru agreed. He sighed. "Okay Odango, let's get inside and find something to pass the time."

"Yep, the sooner we get this over with, the better," she said, walking in ahead of him. She admitted the stairs and looked into the dinning room, then the lounge. "This is a really nice place." she commented.

"Homey." Mamoru said, tone faintly melancholy. So this is what a home felt like. A home with children and a wife.

The small blonde glanced at him, frowning in concern. Why was Mamoru looking so gloomy? Was it because he was there with her? Her look turned to anger and she flounced into the room.

Mamoru finished his perusal of the stairs and large dinning room, then walked into the lounge, where Usagi was already heading for the TV. Typical Odango! "Can't you keep away from entertainment for one minute?" he asked her mildly; knowing it would rile her. She bent over to look into the VCR and he couldn't help but give her a once-over.

The flowery dress she wore was quite flattering on her and he couldn't believe himself when his eyes zeroed in on her backside.

He swiftly jerked his eyes away, cursing. What was wrong with him? This was just Odango Atama!

"What's this?" Usagi said, bending over and pushing up the flap of the VCR to peer in at the label. "It says 'When A Stranger Calls'." she informed Mamoru, straightening and looking at him over her shoulder.

Mamoru frowned. "You know, that sounds awfully familiar." he mused for a while, then cast his eyes about the room. He spotted two video cases and walked over to the coffee table in front of the blonde. "Here we go," he said, picking them up. "R rated huh? Must be horrors. And one is the sequel." The handsome upper-classman said, looking at Usagi sideways. To his surprise, she didn't get scared, she looked delighted!

"No kidding!" The blonde squealed, leaning over the coffee table to snatch the covers from his hands. They looked old. Her nose wrinkled as she scanned the backs. "It's about a babysitter and a killer in the house," she said hesitantly, nibbling on her lower lip. "Both of them."

"Scared?" Mamoru grinned at her and crossed his arms. Oh yeah, she was scared, but he'd bet his entire fortune that she was going to watch it.

"Of course not," Usagi retorted, nose in the air. She sniffed haughtily. "I've seen scarier things than this!"

"I doubt that." The dark-haired man said dryly, moving about the room curiously. Motoki's uncle must be pretty well off. Their TV was large and they had a VCR and DVD player. The furniture was good-quality and some were antiques. "I like the place." he commented, noting that the phone was located on a desk in one corner near the window. Just in case of emergencies.

"I have too!" The teenager retorted, glaring balefully at his back. She tossed the video cases onto the table. At least he wasn't wearing that hideous green jacket for once! He actually looked good in black. Black slacks and a black shirt. She blinked and then resumed glaring. Mamoru did not look good! Not in anything!

"Have too, what?" Mamoru said, bewildered. He turned to look at her mulish expression and remembered their conversation. Oh, she'd seen scarier things. Riiiiiight. "Like what?" he said mildly, heading out of the room.

The blonde scampered after him, annoyed that he not only didn't believe her, but he wasn't even bothering to stay in the room to hear her protest! "I've seen monsters!" she yelled at his back as he entered the large kitchen and began to unload a plastic bag there. "Hey, are you supposed to be going through their stuff like that?" she said, her good manners kicking in.

Mamoru grinned at her. "Motoki said he'd leave us a goody bag."

"Oh yeah?" Usagi said in excitement, rushing over to his side. She watched in glee as he removed cans of soft drink, popcorn, lollies and chips. "Nice." she said, grinning back at him.

Then, they both realized that they were getting along and looked away at the same time.

"I'm going to make the popcorn." Mamoru said loftily.

"I'm going to get some ice for the drinks." Usagi said in the same tone, tossing her head haughtily.

The two set about with their different tasks, ignoring each other until they were sitting on the couch, the food in bowls on the coffee table before them.

Mamoru grabbed the remote and switched the TV on. They watched the Simpsons for a while, then got bored. "Tell me again how we ended up babysitting on Halloween?" Mamoru complained, lazily flipping the channels.

"We owed him too much." Usagi said morosely. Maybe she should pay more attention to what she owed friends in the future...owing things obviously equalled blackmail.

"Oh yeah," The dark-haired man sighed. "Remind me never to make a tab with Motoki again."

"Only if you remind me." Usagi said, depressed. She glanced up towards the ceiling to where the children were sleeping. "At least they turned out to be angels." she nodded.

"It was sort of strange for me. I don't get along with many people, kids or otherwise." He murmured, settling on the news channel.

"That's because you're mean." she told him pointedly, poking at his leg with one finger.

Mamoru smacked her hand away lightly. "Only to you, Odango Atama" he said with satisfaction. "You're just so easy to rile."

"Jerk." Usagi muttered, taking a swig of her coke. She almost swallowed an ice-cube and choked.

Mamoru grinned and hit her on the back unhelpfully, until she glared. "Brat." he said as an afterthought.

"-and the Sailor Senshi once again save the day!" an announcer said brightly, smiling into the camera.

"Why do they never mention Tuxedo Kamen?" Mamoru complained, slumping further down in his chair and grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl he was holding.

Usagi gave him a sideways look, surprised. "You know, I wonder that too? It's not like he isn't a big help." she said.

"He sure is, but he's not a Senshi." he nodded, looking glum. How mortifying that he was as much a help as the Senshi at each battle-saving Sailor Moon's butt constantly, no less-but he was never mentioned in the news. If it wasn't for that rumor that had gone around about he and Sailor Moon having a 'thing', he doubted anyone would know he existed.

"Sailor Earth, maybe?" she giggled, reaching for a handful of popcorn. She popped the lot into her mouth and munched away.

"Sailor Earth?" The dark-haired man's deep blue eyes went wide. Sailor Earth...maybe he...no, he wasn't a Senshi, but who was anyone to say that the Guardian of Earth was a girl?

The handsome upperclassman blinked and gave Usagi a sideways look. The Odango Atama of all people had come up with that interesting point. He had powers, there didn't seem to be a Senshi of Earth and he dreamed of the Moon Princess. Perhaps he was Guardian of Earth.

Mamoru was so lost in thought that he never resisted as the blonde took the remote from him and pressed play. It was the spooky music that clued him in. He focused long enough to see the beginning credits. "Hey, what are you doing?" he said suspiciously, trying to get the remote back.

"I'm watching the horror movie." she said stubbornly, putting the remote behind her back. To her shock, Mamoru half-turned and leant over her, chest brushing hers and face very close. He paused and glanced into her astonished eyes, before reaching behind her back for the remote. Usagi's heart began to thump and she felt strange by his closeness.

Mamoru couldn't believe it when he actually felt something from being that close to the blonde and from the way she was looking at him, her face only centimeters away, she felt it also. Uncomfortable, he grabbed the remote from her limp hand and sat back.

They both stared blankly at the screen for a long moment, then began to watch the movie.

15 minutes Later

"Oh my god!" Usagi screamed in terror, heart thundering in her chest. "The killer was in the house the whole time!"

"Yeah," Mamoru said, heart also pounding. "That one sure surprised me." he admitted. Throwing a voice hadn't been done before, he was sure. Of course, he wasn't a big horror movie fan.

"I don't know if I want to watch more." The blonde said in small voice, grabbing a pillow and clutching it to her chest.

"There's still the sequel to watch after this," The upper-classman said dryly. He threw Usagi a taunting look. "Chicken?"

"Grrr!" Usagi growled at him, throwing the pillow at his face. It bounced off to reveal his grinning countenance. "Bring it on." she ordered, facing the TV again with a determined expression.

"It'll be scaaaaaary." Mamoru sing-songed.

"If my fist meets your face intimately and there's no one around to see it, do you still have a concussion?" Usagi yelled at him.

His grin widened. "You've got quite a tempter, Odango." he mocked. Usagi was going to be scared silly by the rest of the film and it's sequel. He'd heard about them, now he remembered. And he just couldn't wait to hear Usagi scream.

If she'd turned her head just then and seen his evil expression, she might have had something to worry about...

An Hour And A Half Later

"Why haven't you checked on the children?"

They were now into the sequel, which the blonde had screamed a lot through, as Mamoru predicted. What he hadn't counted on, was his own surprised-fear some of the scenes. He wasn't a horror buff and hasn't seen many and this was just damned chilling! Especially since they were baby-sitting right then!

Usagi's eyes were huge in her face as she suddenly got a clue. "Mamoru," she whispered hoarsely. "The kids are dead, aren't they?"

"Duh, Odango!" Mamoru said superiorly, rolling his eyes. He popped some popcorn into his mouth and munched away, trying to hide how disturbed he was by the Movie. That first scene had been a real freaky one. He hadn't expected a murderer who could throw his voice. Brilliant. He nodded, not noticing when Usagi gave him a weird look.

"How could he kill little kids!" The blonde girl almost wailed, outraged and revolted at the same time. As Sailor Moon, she had rescued countless people and a great deal of those had been children. Thank god Queen Beryl's Generals had never killed anyone. She shuddered.

"Are you okay, Odango Atama?" Mamoru asked in concern as he saw her tremble from the corner of his eye. He turned to look at her and saw her thoughtful expression. She also didn't seem to be watching the movie any more-until the heroine screamed.

"Oh my god!" Usagi screamed too, covering her eyes.

"I knew you were too young for this sort of movie." Mamoru told her smugly, tossing back some more popcorn and reaching for his coke.

"Is it over yet?" The blonde asked in a small voice.

Thge upperclassman stared at her, considering whether to say 'yes' and have her see some more scary stuff. His nose wrinkled and he finally rolled his eyes. If she got scared anymore, she would rupture his eardrums. Usagi had already screamed so many times, it was getting really annoying! "Not yet." he told her.

Usagi nibbled on her bottom lip, unknowingly drawing Mamoru's attention to her again. She completely missed his lightning-fast look of surprised desire and the way his hand clenched around the popcorn bowl. "Now?" she asked, her hand beginning to get tired. The spooky music was still playing!

"I guess." The upper-classman said absently, eyes still on her lips. Then, he realized what he was doing and hurriedly looked away, poleaxed that he had actually considered kissing her!

"Cool." Usagi let her hand drop in relief, then her eyes went wider as she saw the heroine talking into the phone.

"-the call is coming from inside the house!"

"Arrggggh!" Usagi screeched, hastily scooting along the couch till she was pressed against Mamoru's side.

He glanced at her in astonishment, then decided that it wasn't entirely unpleasant having her come to him for protection-even if it was only from a movie. "Idiot." he said affectionately.

"Oh my god!" The pretty blonde gasped, pointing at the TV. "The upstairs door is opening." she burrowed into his side, her arms wrapping around one of his lightly-muscled ones convulsively and she peeked over his shoulder as the dark house was flooded with light from the children's room upstairs and the killer started to come down.

Mamoru chuckled at Usagi's antics, surprised that he wasn't minding her clinging to him like a security blanket. She really was funny and cure when she was scared!

It was then at the TV went dead, followed seconds later by every light in the house.

Usagi screamed bloody murder, almost deafening Mamoru.




To Be Continued...

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