Title: Fright Night
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Summary: 'One Hour Challenge' #
27, 71, 169, 238, 244, 250, 319, 333, 425 and 532 Combined: Response Fanfic. Mamoru and Usagi are tricked into babysitting Motoki's cousin on Halloween night, which impresses the two enemies little! To pass the time, they watch a horror Movie, but then the lights go out and Usagi and Mamoru start to freak out. To make things worse, someone keeps calling, but says nothing and someone keeps ringing the bell and asking to use the phone, sounding eerily like the Movies they'd just watched!
Usagi And Mamoru
Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Kamen
Year Completed: 2012
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Comments: Hello everyone! In addition to work, I had a permanent medical condition which causes me a lot of chronic pain, so I don't get to write as often as I like. Thank you to those who have been so understanding. It's very difficult for me to manage everything in my life right now, but I hope to get out at least a Chapter or two every week. It's the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen to the rescue in this Chapter! Please enjoy the Fanfic. :)

Be aware that this Fanfic is scary and creepy and has descriptions of blood and light violence, so don't read if you're too young!

I was very tempted to add a sex scene later on between Usagi and Mamoru, but that would mean putting the rating up. Oh well! O_o

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By Princess Destiny




Chapter Eleven

Luna was hiding in the dark of the small dining room, under the table where she could keep an eye on her charge. When the Ripper had come into the pantry, the two of them had frozen in horror, then Sailor Moon had swiftly shoved her behind her body as the man leant down and grabbed her.

"Run Luna!" The Senshi had shouted, slugging the insane clown in the face. The Ripper had looked around quickly for who she had been talking to, then noticed the small black cat dashing past his legs. Although he had grabbed at her, he had missed and Sailor Moon had done the best to draw his attention.

The cat had bolted out of the kitchen, slipping on the floor and almost crying as she knew that she had abandoned the girl that she had always sworn to protect and guide. But when she thought of stopping, it was the man's words that utterly chilled her and kept her running for her life.

"I just love cats. They scream so prettily when I slowly gut then with a knife!"

Sailor Moon struggled and screamed as she was dragged out, then the Ripper's face became annoyed as she pummelled at his face and his hand rose. He slammed it across her face and everything went dark.

Luna had stopped in the small dining room adjacent to the kitchen and watched in shock and concern as she saw the Ripper stride past her with the Senshi unconscious. He had her by one arm, the rest of her form dragging across the floor in a flail of limbs. "Oh god, Usagi." The feline choked out, closing her eyes for a moment. She saw red booted feet scrapping past on the carpet and curled into a small ball.

The Ripper took the Senshi into the lounge and dumped her uncaringly on the carpet between the two couches. Then he went to the window and quickly pulled back the curtain to stare hard out into the street, then back out into the main foyer, his dark searching eyes going up the stairs to see if there was any movement. The cat had surprised him, as he had not spotted her before. There were also far more people in the house than he had realized. He heard Sailor Moon stir and moan in pain and grinned maliciously. "Wake up little girl. Time to play." He gloated.

It was a very painful awakening for Sailor Moon, all her injuries making themselves known at once. Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks as she slowly came around, then stiffened as she recalled what had happened in the pantry. The blonde froze in horror and disbelief, not opening her blue eyes and listening hard. She also had absolutely no idea where the Ripper had taken her, though there was soft carpet under her cheek and it obviously wasn't the smooth cold kitchen floor.

Had Luna gotten away? Tears seeped under her lashes and she held her breath for a moment, trying desperately to figure out where the clown was. He was close, because she could hear uneven harsh breaths behind her somewhere. Sailor Moon swiftly opened her eyes a little and looked around, then closed them again. It was the lounge room! Steps came closer and she stiffened, trying to make her breathing more even as if she were still unconscious. Then there were hands at her hair and she cringed, but the man only ripped her earpiece from her head and then started to talk into it.

When she heard what he had in stall for her and the threat to her friends, she seriously wanted to throw up. He would really gut her and leave her body pieces about the room? Sailor Moon's heart was thundering in her chest and she hoped that he couldn't hear it. Her leg was also killing her, still seeping blood and burning and agonising all at the same time. She also felt as if her shoulder had been dislocated, which it hadn't been as she fought him in the pantry. Had he dragged her by that arm into this room?

Sailor Moon heard the device thrown down onto the table and a loud, vicious curse. Plan beta must have kicked in, which meant that Tuxedo Kamen had ordered that her earpiece be cut off from the others. She was very aware that she was all alone with an insane man who had no qualms in wiping out entire families and she had even seen the police report pictures of what he had done to them before they died. She wanted to cry, to scream, to run far away. Oh god, they had been so stupid to try and take the Ripper on without the cops being there. So utterly naive...or had it been arrogance, because of the countless times the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen had beaten back the Dark Kingdom?

This serial killer was in another league!

The blonde heard him walking past her, feet almost brushing her face and deliberately stepping on her ponytail. She bit her lip and tried to stay limp, knowing that he had to be waiting for her to come around. But Sailor Moon had to figure out a way to get out of this situation alive, before he knew that she had woken up. Her mind raced, but nothing came immediately to mind, baring taking him by surprise and then running somewhere to safety. The back bathroom? If she ran upstairs, one of the others might let her in, but if the clown was right behind her, he could get in also.

If only she could talk to Luna, who the girl knew had to be somewhere close by. Her guardian cat would never leave her with the killer.

Sailor Moon tried not to frown as she heard his harsh breaths and she cracked open her eyes. He was crouched at the wall directly in front of her, barely a metre away, his booted feet near one of her long blonde ponytails. He was using his hand and she almost threw up as she saw the Ripper was writing something on the white paint in his own blood, from where one of Tuxedo Kamen's roses had gone right through his hand. She absently took in his clown outfit and shuddered at how he had made something that used to make her give a squeal of delight when she saw them at a Fairground, look utterly sinister.

The killer turned his head slowly and she quickly shut her eyes, breathing still even and deep. There was a small silence and then she froze as she felt him coming close and there was hot breath on her face. The Ripper stayed close for a moment, his lips almost touching her cheek and she bit back her gag reflex at the rancid smell. Did he ever brush those frightening razor sharp teeth of his? Sailor Moon was in utter horror right then, wondering if he had figured out that she wasn't really unconscious.

Finally the man moved away and she heard him sitting down on a chair right behind her. Even if Sailor Moon suddenly bolted up to escape, she would have to turn towards him. The Ripper was at her back and had the advantage. Frankly, he could use his new knife to stab her in the back before she could even turn! Her lashes rose and she stared at the wall in confusion. As the room was so utterly dark, with very little light coming in the windows from the street, and the blood was also dark, she couldn't make out what he had written.

Even though the Senshi of the Moon's eyes were adjusted to the dark, with the lights having been turned off ages ago, she could only make out a letter of the crazy writing there. It appeared to be a sentence. She struggled, opening and closing her eyes for a long minutes, desperate to see what was there. A threat to warn those who were coming to rescue her? Some mad ramblings?

As a car swept down the street, she couldn't help but hear his breathing become louder and more excited, as if he were waiting for something. The light from the headlights came into the room and Sailor Moon took one desperate look at the wall. Her heart utterly froze in her chest as she read the bloody writing, the trails sliding down the wall in a sickening way. Then she was in utter horror, a scream threatening to break from her lips. On the wall in front of her, were the chilling words.

i KnOw ThAt YoU'rE aWaKe.

Tuxedo Kamen and the other two snuck around the side of the house and around the garage, trying to find a way in, but every window or door they came across was sealed. "Damn him. He really thought ahead to seal us in!" The hero exclaimed in fury. He had to get into Sailor Moon! God knew what that freak was doing to her now, all alone. He was terrified for Usagi and his heart wouldn't stop thundering in his chest. The dark-haired man knew that the others were looking to him for some sort of leadership, now that the blonde had been captured, but his mind was frustratingly blank.

"She's in here." Sailor Mars whispered, peering cautiously through a window past a crack in the curtains. She could see the Ripper there, sitting right behind the Senshi, who appeared to be unconscious on the floor. "She's unconscious." She relayed to the other two.

"He's a dead man if he hurts her." Jupiter threatened, cracking her knuckles. Her green eyes narrowed. "Does she look okay?"

Mars shook her head, trying to see in the darkened room. "I can't tell." She advised them anxiously. The girl turned back and crouched down below the window with the other two. "Should we break in the window, or try and get in somewhere else?" The two Senshi looked at Tuxedo Kamen. He had sort of taken over leadership since Sailor Moon was captured. The raven-haired girl didn't mind, as long as he didn't jeopardize her best friend's safety. Seeing how much the two really liked each other, gave her the confidence, that he would never do anything stupid to hurt her.

The Ripper let a malicious smile cross his mouth as he saw the wall clearly illuminated behind the girl and knew that she had seen it. Her whole body froze up and he gloated a the terror that he could feel emanating from the Senshi. "Like my note, Sailor Moon?" He asked her softly, lifting his new knife to his mouth and scraping it along his teeth. It had taken months to try and get them that way, then he had eventually paid someone to do it for him professionally. The former dentist had been fired for consorting with his patients when they were under the influence of the anaesthetic and gone underground. He had even made a mould of the new razor sharp teeth and created a false set of teeth that went right over the real ones, so that he could wear them to work and look normal.

He hadn't unfortunately, been able to hide the madness in his dark eyes at times and that had resulted in scary co-workers and clients. The killer had been fired many, many times and eventually learned to adapt and hide his true nature. Now it was so fucking easy to fool them all! "I wasn't quite sure that you were the Sailor Senshi, you know." He went on conversationally as he rose to his feet. The clown reached down for the blonde and dragged her to her feet using her dislocated arm.

Sailor Moon shrieked in agony and writhed as she was held up above the ground. The Ripper was scarily strong and as she was turned about to face him, still dangling, she recoiled from the insanity in his eyes. Thank god it was so dark and she couldn't quite see the whole frightening effect of his costume. But somehow, that made it even scarier. It was dark and she was trapped, all alone, with a madman who liked to kill people and animals. Luna was hidden somewhere close by and the girl prayed that he wouldn't find her. "W-what do you mean?" She gasped out, trying to keep the pain from her face and voice. The killer hadn't been sure that they were the Senshi? Oh no! Then that meant-

"And then I saw you lit up light a Christmas tree in the window with that tiara weapon of yours." The man grabbed for her tiara and howled out as it seared his hand. He dropped it and watched as it reappeared on her forehead. It was really magic, not effects like he had always thought that the Senshi used to scare the citizens of Juuban. Monsters attacking the world? Come on. "Are we really being attacked by creatures from another world?" The Ripper demanded, grabbing her throat and squeezing hard.

She kept silent for a long moment, till everything started to go dark and Sailor Moon knew that not revealing their secrets could kill her. She was sure that the other Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen would forgive her for breaking, under the circumstances. "Yes, we a-are." She croaked out. The clown laughed maniacally and his fingers let her go. Oh god, it was her fault that he had found out they were the real Sailor Senshi. Because the blonde had tried to save Motoki.

"Well, damn. I wonder if they'd like to team up?" The serial killer gloated, thinking about all the possibilities. He hadn't heard about this 'dark kingdom' lot ever killing people, but that could change. Maybe they were just too weak or something, but he could help them out. As long as they let him murder his victims, they would work out just fine. And maybe he could be their King! "I would make a great King, don't you think?" The Ripper shook her when she didn't respond and the blonde nodded frantically.

Mars watched in horror as her best friend was dangled like a ragdoll as the man spoke to her and then his hand went to her throat and the Ripper started to strangle the Senshi. "He's strangling her!" She growled out furiously.

"What?" Tuxedo Kamen snarled out, looking into the window over her shoulder. As he tried to shove past, Mars turned and grabbed his arm.

"No, do you want him to kill her?" Mars hissed at him. The Ripper had his hand about Sailor Moon's throat and could kill her. They had to stay silent till the clown let her go. The raven-haired girl wanted to throw up, or scream, or something. Anything other than watching the girl who was like her Sister, being strangled. The man was betraying a ruthlessness that betrayed that he was on the edge. So close to killing their Leader. One little thing could make him go over the edge. From what they'd heard he had done to the others when the killer got into the control room, she knew that he was seriously trying to murder them all.

Would they even make it out of this house alive?

Usagi...his Usagi. He was going to kill that man. Seriously, for the first time ever, Tuxedo Kamen wanted to kill another human being. Not even when he was being taunted and beat up at the orphanage, had the dark-haired man felt a real, burning need to end a life. Not even when he had seen the Dark Kingdom knock an entire crowd unconscious, women and children laying lifeless on the ground. "I don't care about taking this guy to the police anymore." The hero said in a cold tone to the two Senshi.

Jupiter nodded slowly. She was feeling exactly the same way. But first, they had to get Sailor Moon out of there. "Me neither."

"Guys, no." Mars replied, her purple eyes wide. "I hate this man too and I'm going to make him pay for hurting my dear friend if it's the last thing I do, but you're talking about murder." She whispered, pale and hands clenched. Once they crossed that line from hero and villain, there was no going back. "We'll be the same as him." Didn't they understand? But looking at Tuxedo Kamen's icy blue eyes in the light from the street lamps and the hard look on Jupiter's face, she knew that she hadn't gotten through to them.

Damn the Ripper! Her furious gaze went through the window to the clown, still dangling and taunting her Leader. She couldn't let him turn her friends into his kind. A killer like him. She wouldn't let it happen!

Sailor Moon fought throwing up as her captor raved on about becoming King of the whole world, with the Dark Kingdom as his soldiers. Yet more proof that this man was utterly insane. But still, it was a terrifying thought. With the Ripper leading the hordes of invading aliens, they could wipe out Juuban in a week. Maybe less. She thought rapidly about how to escape the Ripper, but suddenly focused back on his words as he began to speak of something else.

"-and when they come to rescue you, my little bait, I'll go up and get Naru and her Mommy." The clown laughed chillingly and tossed Sailor Moon down on the couch. He heard something at the window and looked up to see another Senshi looking in the window. Ah, the pretty raven-haired girl. The Ripper could also see the tall man in a tuxedo behind her and the brunette Senshi in green. His rats had escaped the room upstairs without a ladder. Took them long enough! He swiftly yanked some rope from his belt and bound the girl on the couch so tight he knew that she would be in pain. She groaned at him and he chuckled. "It's all going just as planned." He gloated.

"Run." Sailor Moon whispered under her breath, tears leaking from her eyes again. It was a trap. Tuxedo Kamen shouted that he would be there in a moment, but the girl was filled with horror. She shouted back that it was a trap, trying to warn them.

The window shattered then and he saw the homicidal look in the other man's blue eyes as he tried to get in. It fairly gave the Ripper the chills to feel fear. This Tuxedo Kamen was a worthy adversary and he loved it! "Come on, come on, pretty boy." He muttered under his breath, hiding his knife at his side.

After a few more minutes of dangling the blonde and talking to her, he suddenly threw her onto the couch. "Now." She Mars grimly, hands going to the window. To her horror it made a loud creaking noise as she tried to push it up. The clown spun towards them and grinned at her, then bent over their Leader on the couch. He shoved her down flat, then took some rope from the floor and quickly bound her hand and foot.

Tuxedo Kamen went rushing to the window and drew his arm back, the elbow slamming into the pane. It shattered loudly and he reached in, keeping an eye on the other man. For some reason, the killer just stood there and laughed, as if he were waiting for something. "Sailor Moon, hang on! We'll be inside in a second."

"Tuxedo Kamen, don't come in, it's a trap." She called back in concern, knowing that the Ripper was up to something. Sailor Moon knew that the killer wouldn't have just left her there, tied up, unless he had something bad planned.

Mars grabbed his arm as he was about to go through the window. "Tuxedo Kamen, damn it. I love her too, but will you just think for a second? Please!" She told him in a hard tone. She was frightened for Usagi, but knew that it was a trap too. Sailor Moon had tried to warn them, even knowing that the Ripper would retaliate. The Senshi dragged him away as he stopped and stared at her, torn over what to do. "Come on."

Jupiter hesitated, looking back at their Leader, who locked eyes with her for a long moment, then nodded. With a curse, she followed the other two.

To his fury, Sailor Mars dragged the taller man away from the window and the three of them vanished. "Come back!" He roared at them, slashing his knife around in the air, as if trying to cut their bodies. The Ripper saw that his quarry was gone and he kicked the blonde hard, hearing her scream in pain. "You bitch!" That raven-haired girl was a problem...and he got rid of problems. She was obviously the voice or reason, when the other two had been all set to come rushing in.

His dark eyes dropped to the trap right below the window and he gaze a snarl. Tuxedo Kamen had almost lost a leg to a cleaver, set up on a trip wire. Sailor Moon most certainly hadn't seen him set it up, because she had been pretending to be unconscious, but she had known that it was a trap for her friends. "I'm starting to wonder if you're worth the trouble." The Ripper growled out, bending down to snap his razor sharp teeth right near her terrified eyes. He pressed the point of the knife under her chin and then gave a smirk and drew back.

The Ripper left her and strode back to the hearing device, holding it to his ear for a moment. It was dead. The little piggies were entirely too smart for his liking and had done something to it. But they had to have a way to still talk to each other... "Move and I'll come back and gut you." He promised the blonde, pointing the knife at her in a threatening manner before striding from the room and heading up the stairs carefully, his boots making little noise on the carpet.

The man pressed his ear to the upstairs study first, where he was sure one of the Senshi had locked herself in. When he heard the sound of a low voice, his eyes narrowed. She was talking to someone, but he couldn't make anything out. With a curse, the Ripper went to the door directly across and listened in. A satisfied grin spread across his face when he heard Naru and her Mother. "Just who I was looking for."

Naru gave a shout of frustration and hurled her earpiece across the room. "It's dead." She said in anger and then growing despair. She crawled back to her Mom from the window, where she had been using the moonlight to poke at the wires inside of the device. Her Mother's was in the other room, also destroyed. Unfortunately, this meant that neither of them could not contact the others. They were trapped in the room, with no way to coordinate and a killer on the loose.

"It will be alright, darling." Mizuho murmured calmly, putting her arm about her Daughter's shoulders. It was also worrying her that they had no idea what was going on. They couldn't leave the room safely and would have to wait for one of the Senshi or Tuxedo Kamen to come to the door and let them know that the Ripper had been defeated...or killed. Seeing the fury on some of their faces when the killer had gotten into the room, she knew that maybe now, they were considering that option. Sailor Moon and Mercury were gentle girls, but Jupiter was pretty fierce as was Mars and Tuxedo Kamen, he could be cold and hard as ice.

"I hear something." The red-head whispered, moving away from her Mom towards the door. She put her ear against the cold wood and was stunned to hear heavy breathing. Oh god, the Ripper was out there listening in! Had he heard her say that her listening device had been destroyed? Damn, she should have been more careful! If the clown knew that the two of them were cut off from the others, he might try to make a move... Naru turned her head and gestured at the door. Mizuho nodded, her expression grim.

"Come back here, Naru." Her Mother hissed at her, not wanting her Daughter anywhere near the door. The Ripper could get in, or try and hack through the wood as he had done to their control room. It scared the hell out of her that they were trapped without any defensive weapons and a madman outside. Her blue eyes went to the window desperately and she briefly considered making a ladder out of her bed sheets. She could lower Naru down. No, that would be foolish. What if the serial killer heard them and came outside? If she went down first and the man overpowered her, her little girl would be all alone in her room.

As if in response to her fears, there was suddenly a metallic clanging sound at the window.

"Mom!" Naru cried out in fear, rushing into the older woman's arms.

Mizuho got to her feet, ignoring the dreadful pain across her lower back from the knife wound and dragged her Daughter behind the safety of the bed. They crouched down, eyes huge as they saw a dark shape at the window. But then something unexpected happened. The person knocked! The woman blinked and stared at the glass beyond the curtains uncertainly. Could it be a trap, or one of the others?

"Mizuho? Naru?" Tuxedo Kamen's muffled voice called through the window.

Naru gave a glad cry and rushed to her feet and across the room in seconds flat. Her Mom stayed there, too weak from blood loss to move again. She made certain that it was really her friend, peering at the face under the top hat over the tuxedo. It was really Mamoru! "Thank god." She sobbed, scrabbling at the lock and then shoving the window up.

Tuxedo Kamen looked at her in concern and then gently moved her back as he swung his leg over the sill and climbed in. Mars and Jupiter came in after and they cautiously closed the window again. "Are you both okay?" He asked. He spotted Mizuho kneeling on the other side of the large bed and went to her swiftly, kneeling on the carpet. "How bad is it?" The dark-haired man asked under his breath. He was aware that the woman would have wanted to keep the worst of it from her Daughter.

"Bad." She whispered back with a grimace. Tuxedo Kamen asked to see and she turned, feeling the back of her shirt being yanked up. Gentle hands pulled down the makeshift bandages made from her other shirt and then there was a silence as he probed the wound.

The hero cursed under his breath, able to feel how deep the wound was. It was still bleeding and had been made with a wild swing, going almost all the way from one side of her back to the other. "Damn it, you need a lot of stitches." Tuxedo Kamen told her. This was his fault. He had guided the Senshi and Mizuho and Naru wrong, not calling in the police. He had to get to Usagi, before the Ripper did something like this to her.

"It is really bad? I couldn't see." Naru asked in a hushed tone, trying not to cry. She was aware that her Mom had been trying to pretend that the wound wasn't anything bad, but that it was.

"Not as bad as I thought it would be." Tuxedo Kamen lied, smiling slightly. Naru searched his face and then nodded, turning away and clenching her hands at her side. She knew that he had lied and he wished that he could have told her the truth. Mizuho was still bleeding and getting weaker. His dark blue eyes turned towards the window and he calculated the risks of having the woman and her Daughter climb back down the ladder that they had used. It didn't look good and the serial killer was somewhere in the house. He might not even still be with Usagi.

"I heard him at the door." The red-haired girl whispered to them all, nodding at the door. "He's been listening."

Which meant that he had most likely heard the three of them coming in the window. "Lock it!" He called out to Mars quickly.

The raven-haired Senshi nodded and rushed to the window, turning the lock and shutting the curtains in case the Ripper should try and come up the ladder and spy on them.

Mizuho let Tuxedo Kamen held her onto the bed and she lay down on her side, wincing at the agony in her back. Naru quickly came and sat beside her, taking her hand and holding it tightly. "What's the plan?" She asked softly. "Naru and I both broke our earpieces."

"Damn!" Jupiter growled out, punching the wall closest to her. She heard shuffling noises out in the hall and glared that way. "Yeah, you better run, asshole!" She shouted at him.

Maniacal chucking was her answer and then they heard the killer going back down the stairs noisily. Maybe too noisily, as if he wanted them to think that he was really gone.

"We are going out that door and you are locking it behind us." Tuxedo Kamen decided, his eyes narrowed. They could get down to Usagi that way, without having to break a window. The Ripper could be taken by surprise, but after Jupiter's war cry, he now knew that others were in the room with Naru and her Mom. He cast a glare her way balefully and she gave him back a rather sheepish look, knowing that she had done something dumb.

Sailor Mars nibbled on her lip uncertainly. "Are you sure? He knows that we're coming." She asked, purple eyes darting about the room for a weapon. Fire was all good at a distance, but in close range, she might not have the chance to even call out her power. But they had to go and rescue Usagi, before the Ripper did something dreadful to her friend.

"Should I stay here with them?" Jupiter questioned, a frown between her brows. She didn't like the thought of leaving Naru and her Mom alone...

Tuxedo Kamen was very tempted, but he knew that the door could be locked and the clown had the strength of one insane. It might take two of them to hold him down and the other to untie Usagi. "No, we need all three of us." His eyes went to the other two. "Keep the door closed until we come back up for you. Don't open the door no matter what you hear." He advised them solemnly. No matter what shouting or screaming they heard, they had to stay safe.

"Right." Mizuho nodded and closed her eyes for a long moment as the two Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen planned in low tones. She squeezed her Daughter's hand and felt Naru's fear acutely. She was feeling it too.

"Okay, open the door slowly, Jupiter and I'll have roses at the ready." Coming from anyone else, that line would have been corny. But Tuxedo Kamen's roses were razor sharp and deadly. He wouldn't hesitate to impale one through the killer's forehead if he tried to kill one of his friends. It was against his very being to take a life, but it had to be done. The hero took out a couple of his weapon's from thin air and held his hand at the ready.

Jupiter nodded and exchanged a look at Mars, who also readied her hands to fire her powers. She unlocked the door carefully and peered out, then pushed it wide, her hard green eyes on the stairs. The other two came close at her heels as she inched into the hall and then the door was closed behind them.

Naru quickly locked the door and listened, hoping that everything would be alright. They had to all get out of this alive, or she would never get over this. If Usagi was hurt or killed, she would just die inside. She was her oldest friend and although the Senshi had broken off a lot of contact with her, she still considered the blonde her best friend. "Please be careful." She whispered, going back to her Mom's side.




To Be Continued...

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