Two Words

Anime: Fruits Basket

Genre: Angst

Chapters: 1

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: Ayame apologizes to Yuki.

Hey, I've noticed there aren't many AyameYuki brotherly relationship fics so I'll give this a shot. Go easy on me, though, it's my first fic!

Ayame grinned as Yuki came through the doorway. Yuki instantly froze in his tracks, as if someone had paralyzed him for good.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, rather impertinently.

"Oh," Ayame laughed, waving his hands. "It's nice to see you too! Kyo is upstairs throwing a tantrum, by the way."

"Don't change the subject," warned Yuki, his scowl deepening on his pale face. "Did Shigure ask you to come over?"

Ayame carefully sipped his tea from the cup Tohru had laid out for him. "Actually, I came to see you," he said, registering a serious expression.

"I'm flattered," Yuki answered, icily.

"I just wanted to say"—Ayame paused, seemingly being dramatic as usual—"I'm sorry."

Yuki nearly ceased to breathe. "What?" he managed to choke out, looking so confused and puzzled that if Ayame weren't in his serious mood, he would've laughed.

"I'm sorry," Ayame repeated, getting up. "I was hoping we could start over."

Yuki stared at his brother, before giving Ayame a cheerful smile. "I'd like that, niisan," the rat agreed.

Ayame was already bent over the phone, in his usual dramatic flair, saying, "Hatori! You wouldn't believe what Yuki just said to me!"

Yuki instinctively reached for the phone, and nearly snatched it out of his brother's hand, before reconsidering, and just watched Ayame with a gentle smile.

A change occurred in the two brothers, just because of two words.

Oh, do I write like crap. Anyways, what's done is done. Thanks and please review! Flames and constructive criticism are welcome.