It Started With A Letter

By Mikagami Tokiya and Angelics-d

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- Samui: cold

- Mattaku: my goodness

/blahblah/ -- thoughts

blahblah -- the letter

Wolfram POV

I slammed the door shut and threw myself into the bed. I hate him! I really hate him! He was the one who proposed to me, and yet he acted like he never did it in the first place. It was always me who got jealous. That wimp! I shouldn't have fall in love with him, but…it was just… I couldn't help it. He had the mysterious charm…the one that made him loved by everyone.

It has been a hard day for me. I could barely concentrate to everything I did today. It was because he wasn't there with me. He had returned to his world yesterday, without saying goodbye. The only person who got it was Conrad. That the main reason why I was in the bad mood today. For all people in the Shin Makoku, why it must be him?

I groaned in frustration. I got a feeling that he loves Conrad more than he loves me. I took a pillow and threw it across the room. Yuuri, you moron! Why couldn't you take this matter seriously like I do? Did you ever think of me as your fiancé? I guess not. You always treat me like you treat everyone else. I could never be your special person in your heart. Just thought about it made my chest hurt.

I was about going to get up from the bed when I found a letter on the bed. It got no name on it so I unfolded it and started to read it. Judged from the mess handwriting, it must be his.


To my beloved,

Since the first time I met you, you had made a special impression which I could never forget. And as time passed by, suddenly you got a special place in my heart. Not a single minute I spent without thinking of you.

When I went back to my world, you're the first person I am thinking everyday. The feeling is always torturing. Sometimes I wonder if you're feeling the same.

Even though the others are always nice, your smile is the one which make me the happiest everyday. I have never said this before because I was too embarrassed to admit it... But it always lit up my day.

Do you know that I usually caress your hair when you're asleep? Your soft brown hair feels so good as it tangle in my hand, but you never woke up so I just serve myself every night.

Ng... You might find it weird when you read this, but I can't find another way to tell you how I feel. Well, I can't tell you directly because I'm sure you won't think about it seriously. However, I really want you to know about it! Really! And I'm telling you that's this is also my first time writing a love letter. And this is especially for you, my beloved

I love you

Shibuya Yuuri Harajuku Furi


Yuuri…how could you do this to me? I guess I was right after all…you were in love with Conrad, and I couldn't do anything to stop it. I sighed heavily…my mind was in a mess. I didn't know what to do now. Should I angry at Conrad? Or should I mad at Yuuri for cheating on me... I don't know how to react…the letter itself had showed me everything. Never once he called me his beloved… I guess this is the end. I'll break this foolish engagement as soon as he returned. I folded the letter back and left my room to search for Conrad.


Yuuri's POV

"Shibuya!" The loud yell made me fell from my chair. I cursed under my breath and found my math teacher in front of the class, glared at me as though he could eat me alive.

"Have you woken up yet? It's almost 12 o'clock, slowpoke. Now do these exercises." the teacher pointed the blackboard. I just sighed, stood up and went doing them in the end. I could feel the weird gaze from my classmates because it's so unusual for me to get a yell on each lesson in a day.

But it was just... oh gosh, I was so curious. I wanted to go back to Shin Makoku as soon as possible. I wanted to know whether he had found that thing and what reaction he would have on his face. These feelings were unbearably torturing!

"Shibuya! Just what the hell are you writing!" I gasped at the yell. After a few seconds I let out another curse as I realized that I just wrote the answers in Shin Makoku language.


I was silently looking at the blue surface of the school pool. This thing had captured my attention since the morning as it could be clearly seen from my class' window. There were some yellow momiji leaves on it.

/Okay… make up your mind Shibuya Yuuri.../ I told my own self. /Here goes./

And I jumped into it, only caused myself to shiver badly. "Samuuuiiiiii…!"

"Of course it is! Because it's autumn!" A voice came, made me to turn my head around to find a person with glasses who I knew well. "Mattaku, Shibuya, what on earth are you planning, jumping into the pool in this kind of season..."

"Murata! What are you doing here?" I blurted out, but didn't trying to went out of the pool even though he offer his hand to help me getting out of the pool.

"I just happen to saw you looking serious and decided to follow you." He answered casually. There was a moment of silence before he asked "Are you planning to catch a cold, Shibuya?" which made me shake my head in answer.

"N-no, it's just... Ach-ooo!"

Murata sighed as he stared at me. "Do you really want to go back that badly?"

I quickly nodded enthusiastically despite the shivers I'm suffering right now, making Murata sighed before he was thinking hard and said,

"Okay, we'll go to Shin Makoku tomorrow. How's that sound?"

"Can't we just go back today?" I complained at him, who smiled awkwardly.

"Well, Ulrike was not ready and you suddenly jumped into the pool like that."

When he still saw me pout, he sighed once more.

"Okay, okay. We can go there this afternoon actually." My eyes glittered in happiness as I thanked him over and over.

I quickly ran into the school again, dried myself and borrowed a uniform from the teacher since mine was totally soaked. The lessons after that seemed to take ages for me after Murata said we could go to Shin Makoku today, after school. I'd like to see that person as soon as possible.

When the last lesson's bell rang, I felt like I was in heaven. I quickly packed my things and went to the pool again. Just as I thought, Murata was already waiting for me there. But he quirked an eyebrow when he saw me.

"Shibuya, why are you flushing?" He asked in excitement, eyes watched my face intently, made me felt uneasy.

"Huh? Wha? Maybe because I was running all the way" Honestly, I was a bit confused. Why did my eye sight seem...blurring? There was no way I got a minus in a day, right?

Murata finally moved away, made his way to the pool. "Come on."

We readied ourselves right an inch beside the water. Murata kept his glasses into his pocket before telling me. "In the count of three." I became a little nervous as he said that and start counting

"One… two…"

"THREE!" I exclaimed before he finished his words and quickly jumped into the pool. The icy water felt just like before, but the difference was we were swirling all around as the process of the warp. Shin Makoku, here I come!


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