It Started with a Letter

By Mikagami Tokiya and Angelics-d

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Chapter 4

…..Where am I...? I asked myself as I looked around. Everything is dark. I was not even sure which is the ground and which is the ceiling since they all looked the same. A sparkle of gold caught my attention.

"Wolfram!" I shouted his name as I ran to his way. "Wait, Wolfram! I need to talk to you!"

But no matter how I called him… no matter how fast I tried to run after him, the distance between us only became farther.




Suddenly I felt something cold on my forehead. I groaned in displease and tried hard to open my eyes. A girl in the white healer uniform blinked and looks relieved. "Aah..? Gisela-san…?" My voice was hoarse. I saw Gunter crying in joy at the end of the bed while Conrad offered me a glass of water.

"You fainted because of the fever, Heika." The brunette explained as he recognized my confusion. "For now please just rest."

"…Wolfram… where… is he…?" I asked as soon as the cold water went down through my throat. They became silent before Conrad finally spoke again.

"I'll call him for you later, Heika. Wolfram is resting in his room at the moment. " He said.

I still wanted to ask some things, like whether what he said to me was just my hallucination because of the fever, or was it just a dream. But I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.


I was just sitting on my bed while staring at my letter of application. Should I submit it? Surely Okaasama will throw a fit, but it couldn't be helped anymore. It's better if I'd be the one who gets out from his sight rather than the opposite. I was looking at the paper blankly when I heard a soft knock on the door.

"Wolfram, open the door. Heika wants to see you personally." Aniue's voice could be heard from outside.

I choose not to answer him and pretended to be asleep. Call me a coward, I deserved the title. I don't want to see him right now. I'm not ready with my façade. A word from him was all he needed to make me break in front of him. I'm scared to face the truth. I'm scared to hear it from his own lips. I don't want to know how much he despised this relationship since the beginning.

My vision began to blur again as the tears threatened to leak out from the corner of my eyes. How could he change me until I became like this?

"Wolfram, Heika is sick, and he keeps insisting to see you even though he just fainted."

He's sick? But he looked fine when I saw him with Weller-kyo just now. Is he lying to me again? What does he want now? Why does he wants to see me when he already has Weller-kyo beside him?

"Wolf? Yuuri is sick … come to visit him with me?" another voice could be heard from outside.

I sighed. They would never give up until I agree to see him. I cleared my throat before answering them.

"I'm coming in a minute. You guys can go and tell that to Yuuri-heika."

I see my own reflection in the mirror and smiled sadly. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to see you, Yuuri…


I was sweating a lot and having a little hard time breathing, but I felt like the tips of my fingers were as cold as ice blocks from North Pole. I got a fever and Wolfram was probably VERY mad at me since he even talked about breaking the engagement… just what have I done to deserve this…? I thought, even though I still have a headache.

Gwendal had come to see me just now and returned back to the office while dragging Gunter along with him. It seemed like the papers had piled up again. Even though he wanted those papers to be gone from the desk, he said my health is more important.

The one kept frowning is Gisela. I think it was because I kept on saying "Wolfram?" whenever the door opens. She had told me over and over that I should just sleep and that she will wake me up when the blond came.

But I'm just restless, despite the fact that I'm now bedridden because of the fever.

"Wolfram?" For god-knows-how-many-times, I called that name again when I heard the door opens. But there's no answer. The next moment, my little daughter was beside me and asked me whether I'm okay now and etc. I could only smiled at her and set my eyes to another person who just stepped into my sight.

"Wolfram…" I smiled, seeing that he finally came. I tried to reach him but the blond seemed… hesitant. "Wolfram?" I frowned. So, the words he told me were not a dream or illusion after all…

"Greta… can you go and get me some fruits from the kitchen?" Our daughter blinked in confusion at that.

"Sure, Yuuri." She gave me a peck on my cheek before she walked out, followed by Gisela who has sensed that I needed some private time with my fiancé.

I forced myself to sit, leaning my back on the pillow and head bar. "Wofram… are you serious when you said you want to break the engagement?" He didn't say anything and refused to look at me. "Why, Wolfram?" I asked him, fisting my hands on the blanket as I tried hard to be strong.


"I think you know the answer better than me, Heika…" I said tremblingly, "If you are so in love with Weller-kyo, why you didn't tell me sooner?"

I took a step further when he was about to touch my hand again. And I began to cover my ears with my hand when he was about to say anything else.

"Stop! Stop on whatever you want to explain Heika. I don't need to know how much you love him. I've read it all through your letter for him. You should have brought it with you in the first place, Yuuri, so that I don't have to know how much you love him … " I yelled at him and closed my eyes, "Please … just keep it for yourself … I had enough of that … stop torturing me Yuuri … what do you want from me now? I've already let you go; I've already break the engagement. What else do you want from me?" I asked him in a pleading tone . I was already at my breaking point.

"Wolfram… Please stop crying …." He said suddenly while he touched my cheek. Am I... crying again? Just when I vowed myself not to cry anymore…. I didn't move away from his touch this time. I'm too tired to act strong in front of him anymore.


Yuuri didn't really understand what the blond is talking about. Yet the only thing in his mind now is how to make him stop crying… The Maou pulled him into his arms, hugging the blond mazoku tightly and patted his head.

"Wolfram… " He whispered, and he could feel the boy in his arms almost flinched. "I… to be honest I am not sure what you're talking about. Honestly." He knew he wrote a letter, but it was for Wolfram. Just how does it make the blond thought that the letter was for Conrad instead? Yuuri thought confusedly.

"Don't play innocent, Yuuri… the letter … I read it already… all of it …" the blonde-haired man said in a small voice. He was trying so hard not to sound like he's whining, but it came out like that. He hated it when he sounds so weak in front of other people.

"But the letter is for you! Why would you accuse me of cheating when you already read the whole thing?" Yuuri is more than confused now, the major headache also didn't help him to think straight as well. Wolfram became quite confused too.

"But the letter said…" He didn't continue as they heard a knock.

"Excuse me, Heika." Conrad came in and Wolfram instantly glared at his brother. It just can't be helped, or maybe it had become kind of a habit of the boy. In the other hand, the brunette kept his usual smile plastered on his calm face. "I'm glad that you're also here, Wolfram. So we can go straight to the point." He said and took out the letter the blond gave to him this morning.

"AH! The letter!" Both Yuuri and Wolfram said in unison.

"First of all, Heika, you didn't write any name on the letter." The room instantly fell into silence. The blond Mazoku frowned, trying to remember the content of the letter. Well, now that he mentioned it, there was no name mentioned there.

"……AH! Yes, I forgot! I was about to ask you how to write Wolfram's name properly when I got dragged back to my world." The Maou blurted out, and quickly clasped his hands on his mouth as a pair of piercing emerald eyes glared at him.

"…Yuuri…" Wolfram said in such a threatening tone that the other boy started to sweat dropped. "HOW THE HELL YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO WRITE YOUR FIANCE'S NAME!! HENACHOKOOO!!" The blond started to strangle the black-haired king, for a moment forgetting that Yuuri was sick.

"Wol-Wolfram. Time ! Time!"

"Wolfram, Heika is sick…" Conrad tried to remind his younger brother, who gave him another glare before letting Yuuri go. The brunette cleared his throat before he continued. "And another one. You mixed up blond and brown."

"Eh…? Really?" Yuuri asked nervously when he felt a piercing glare from his side. He gulped and turned around to face Wolfram, whose face was really red. He closed his eyes, thinking that the blond will start yelling at him again, but he received none of that. When he dared to open his eyes again, he was surprised to see a crying Wolfram in front of him.

"Baka! I- I thought that you never love me … you … are an idiot …" He managed to form a sentence from between his sobs.

The Maou blinked before he started to get panicked and tried to calm the other boy down. In the other hand, Conrad smiled at the couple's antics and decided that he should leave the two alone. Their king is the right person to deal with the stubborn prince after all.

"Wolf, calm down. Ugh, what should I do at this kind of situation again?" Yuuri started blabbering to himself as he didn't know what to do. He looked at his fiancé again, who's trying to subside his sobs, and he decided an embrace would be the best even though he thought it's just from those cheesy dramas he watched on TV.

"You wimp…." The blond mumbled against Yuuri's chest. The Maou simply smiled, since aside from that word, the fact that Wolfram was snuggling closer to him made him happy.

"Well, I'm sorry I'm such a wimp." He said with a small hint of sarcasm. He heard his fiancé let out a small fume but said nothing further. Yuuri rested his cheek on the nest of blond hair and looked through the window. Such a fine weather, he thought, even though there seemed to be a little fog on those blue skies… and the room... eh?

"Y-Yuuri?" The blond was surprised when his Maou slumped against him and eyes unfocused. It was then that he just remembered –again- that the wimp has a fever. "Idiot." He smiled and laid him down. He thought for a moment before deciding that he should treat his beloved idiot.

"Get well soon, Yuuri." Wolfram said before placing a wet towel on Yuuri's forehead. Everything has started with that letter, but since everything ended well, he won't complain. He'll just need to tell Gunter to tutor the Maou to memorize and write the language more properly so there won't be any misunderstanding again.



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