Dear Potential Reader,

Hello! If you are clicking on Twenty Months for the first time, you are now getting this special preface before we begin.

Over a decade ago, Twenty Months sprang from an obsession with Austen, the 'forced marriage scenario', and a mild irritation at Modern AU's that clung to Regency values and language. My idea was to try to retain the spirit of P&P while staying true to a 21st century setting. So, when I say modern, I mean this story contains the following words: shit, ass, bitch, damn, and all of their fucking cognates. If the idea of Elizabeth and her Fitzwilliam swearing and having premarital sex gives you pause, then we should maybe part ways here. There are no hard feelings on my end, and I wish you luck in all of your fanfiction pursuits.

Should you choose to give this relationship a shot, you should know that this story does not follow the P&P timeline (because, really? you know it and i know it) and key situations are altered, out of order, or totally non existent. Character personalities are exaggerated to ninth degree sometimes. This is not edited even a little bit (I mean, beyond whatever I did while pulling my hair out in front of a Word doc in 2007.) It is what it is.

Fanfiction was a fun hobby where my favorite characters could exist (on acid), and I did this all for giggles when I was barely out of my teens; so while I'm absolutely stoked people are still reading and leaving comments after all this time, the crunchymommy hot takes are probably best served on your wordpress.

Thank you for making it through this rambling message. I truly do hope you have a good time with this story.

Much love,

Your Author