(This is another of my fanfics, and it is quite dark. If you don't like non-consentual sex then don't read this fanfic….although, to be honest, she likes it in the end. It's a short fanfic, but I made it that way. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. I actually enjoyed writing it, as Lucius is a little more in character than he has been in my previous fanfics.

The characters aren't mine, they belong to J K Rowling, but the plotline is mine. Sort of.)

Hermione woke up and looked at her clock.

"Damn." she swore. She was late. Why hadn't Lavender or Parvati woken her? Hermione jumped out of bed and put on a fresh pair of clothes: white 32D bra (she'd grown a lot over the summer) white g-string, black skirt, white shirt, grey pullover and black Gryffindor witch robes. She ran out of her dormitory, through the common room, out of the North Tower and all the way down to the Dungeons for her first lesson of the year; Potions. She couldn't believe she was late for the first lesson of the first day of seventh year, following the feast last night in the Great Hall. She shouldn't have stayed up so late studying. At least she'd showered last night so she was lovely, clean and shaven. Her hair had improved a lot over summer also, and was no longer bushy but long, curly and sleek. Hermione ran down the dungeons corridor and quickly entered the potions classroom, slightly flushed and out of breath.

"Sorry I'm late Professor Malfoy." she wheezed, as she leant on the doorframe to catch her breath. She walked inside, ignoring the looks of the other students taking their Potions NEWT.

"Well, isn't this a surprise? Miss Granger, late to her lesson. Tut tut" Lucius smirked sarcastically. Hermione ignored the bait, she wouldn't rise to his comments, "Take your seat quickly Miss Granger, you're disturbing my class" Lucius ordered. He held Hermione's gaze all the way to her desk. Hermione glared at him as she walked to her seat between Ron and Harry. She broke eye contact and started to take her things out for the lesson. Lucius noticed Hermione's change over the summer and was aroused. As she leant over her work he got a good view down her robes into her top. Lucius felt hot blood pumping around his excited body. He cleared his throat. "Miss Granger, please see me after class"

Hermione's jaw dropped. She'd never gotten into trouble before apart from one time in her first year. She was late though, so it was to be expected. She deserved it.

"Yes sir." She replied as she sat down. Ron leant over to her.

"You alright Hermione?" Ron asked in a hushed whisper.

"Yes Ronald, I'm fine." Hermione snapped in an exasperated tone. The boys backed off and she started to work.

At the end of the lesson everyone packed away and left for lunchtime but Hermione stayed behind, packing slowly.

"You wanted me to stay behind sir." she said when she finished. "Look, I'm truly sorry. I didn't mean to be late. My alarm didn't go off, and my room-mates didn't wake me. It wasn't my fault. I'm sorry." Hermione apologised sincerely as she explained herself to her seemingly angry professor.

"Miss Granger, I don't think you realize how serious this matter is." Lucius purred as he walked over to her. He was extremely aroused and for the moment he was trying to disguise it as anger. "It is your first day back and late to my class" he walked around her and touched her waist softly and quickly so she didn't notice, or so that if she did, she could dismiss it. That is exactly what Hermione did when she felt his hand on her waist before he removed it. "I think you owe me more than an apology." Lucius stood behind Hermione so she couldn't see him. He used a spell to shut and lock the door of the potions room.

"I told you it was an accident; I didn't mean to do it. And I know it was bad, and I have taken in how serious the matter is, but it won't ever happen again." Hermione continued as she faced forward because she didn't know if she was meant to turn and face him or not. She didn't notice Lucius magically sealing the door. "I am sorry, but I don't think I owe you more than that. A detention or some points being docked is adequate enough I think."

"Oh Miss granger" Lucius forcefully turned Hermione round to face him "Your opinion no longer matters. I am the teacher here and what I say is what matters and is what is important. I know how bright you are Miss Granger and believe me when I say I could ruin everything for you" Lucius leant down and whispered against her ear as he slid his hand under her robe and stroked her leg

Hermione gasped and clasped her hands to her mouth. "I know you're my professor but that gives you no right to touch me in such a way" She blushed as she pushed Lucius away. "Please stop it now. I'm leaving." She moved away from Lucius and walked to the door only to find it was locked. She tried 'alohomora' but it didn't work.

"I don't think even a student of your powers could break that spell Miss Granger, now you will do as I say or I will do it in as painful a way as you can imagine" When Hermione turned and glared at him with her hands crossed over her chest in a defiant manner Lucius used a spell to bring Hermione to him. She struggled but couldn't escape. It dragged her across the room.

"Stop it." Hermione screeched as she tried to tear free from the spell. This was dark magic and Hermione was slightly filled with awe, but she quickly overcame it as she reached for her wand, which was inside her pocket. She grabbed it triumphantly but before she could curse Lucius.

"Expelliarmus!" Lucius exclaimed. The spell knocked the wand from Hermione's hand. Hermione gasped. She was defenceless. Lucius grabbed Hermione. She struggled but he was physically stronger than her. He held her down to a desk as he bound her to it with a spell. Then he removed her robes and took her pullover and shirt off so that she was left in only her skirt, g-string and bra. Lucius leered at her as he took off her bra exposing her large, not even fully-grown, breasts.

"Stop this now!!" she screamed as her clothes were torn from her body and her large breasts were fondled by none other than Lucius Malfoy; her teacher, a famed death eater (who claimed he'd changed sides after Snape murdered Dumbledore, but Hermione doubted that was true) and the father of her enemy.

"No use struggling" Lucius whispered softly as he completely undressed Hermione to expose her shaven vulva "No hair…how strange? Must be a muggle thing." Lucius commented aloud as he sneered at Hermione. "Now shut up and stop trying to escape." Lucius commanded as he slapped Hermione around the face hard because she kept trying to get free from the bonds. "I shall do to you as I wish." He released the bonds, picked Hermione up and bent her over the desk on her stomach, binding her once again. He looked at her naked body as he undressed himself, and found himself to be extremely aroused. He licked his lips as he walked behind Hermione and penetrated her deeply in one single thrust.

Hermione screamed with pain as he entered her, broke her hymen and stole her virginity all at once. Tears fell swiftly down her face.

"Yes, yes." grunted Lucius continually as he pumped harder and harder in and out of Hermione, making Hermione gasp and groan with pain. Yet despite herself, she could feel a small amount of pleasure as Lucius pounded in and out of her. After a couple of minutes a moan escaped her lips, but she swiftly tried to turn it into a gasp of pain.

Lucius stopped fucking Hermione when he heard her badly disguised moan. "Miss Granger, you appear to be enjoying this." He smiled to himself.

"I'm not." she growled back at him.

Lucius pulled out, unbound her and turned her around again to face him. He bound her once more. "I beg to differ," Lucius walked over to a desk draw and pulled out some Veritaserum in a small crystal bottle. He walked back to Hermione and forced it down her throat. "Now then, are you enjoying it"?

Hermione gritted her teeth as she tried to stop herself from replying...but...she just...couldn't.

"It was painful at first but yes I am enjoying it." Hermione found the truth spilling from her mouth in an unstoppable flow. 'Oh god, don't ask me anything else' she begged silently.

"Now, would you like me to continue?" Lucius asked as he leered at Hermione.

"Yes!" Hermione suddenly exclaimed before gasping with embarrassment.

Lucius grinned sardonically.

"It will be my pleasure…ands yours as well it appears."

He grabbed Hermione's womanly hips and thrustd himself deep inside her. Hermione rolled her head back and screamed with pain. Lucius pulled out and thrusted in again, a little softer this time. He continued to thrust in and out of Hermione and her screams quickly died away. Soon after her soft, full lips were forming an 'O' shape and she was moaning loudly.

After a while the pleasure built up too much, and escalated for both Hermione and Lucius. She found herself approaching a climax, with no idea why she felt so great.

"Oh Merlin." She gasped all of a sudden. Her body shook and shuddered as she orgasmed for the first time ever. Her binds held her to the desk, but if she'd had been free to move she probably would have gripped Lucius's naked back.

Lucius felt Hermione clamp around him as she climaxed, and in turn it sent him over the edge. He gripped her breasts roughly as he ejaculated inside her. He moaned loudly. When he finished he pulled out, his penis slightly limp.

"Lovely." He sneered as he kissed Hermione's cheek. He stood back up and undid the binds. He expected Hermione to leap up at him and claw his eyes out, but he was surprised when she didn't move at all. She stayed lying down on the desk, panting slightly with a post-coital flush, erect nipples and Lucius's cum oozing out of her battered pussy.

"Yes, it was." She finally spoke. Lucius raises an eyebrow. He's only given her a small dose of Veritaserum so it shouldn't still be working. Then his eyes brightened. She was telling the truth at her own accord.

"Glad you think so. Now, get dressed. You're free to go." Lucius replied calmly as he cleaned himself off and pulled his clothes back on. Hermione slowly sat up. She copied Lucius. She cleaned herself, took a contraceptive potion that Lucius handed her, and then she got dressed. She grabbed her bag and walked to the door which was unlocked. She opened it and turned back to face her potions professor who was sat at his desk watching her with a very pleased look on his face.

"Oh, and by the way Professor," Hermione said "if you'd like me to…I can be late tomorrow as well." And with that Hermione winked and exited, leaving an astounded, yet interested, Lucius Malfoy behind her.