(I apologise for taking so long to update. I started writing this when I was sixteen, took three years to post 14 chapters and haven't posted any more since May 09. Anyway; this story is set before the 7th book so it discounts the Deathly Hallows, Horcruxes and all those plot things in order to make this story work. Now for the next chapter.

This world and all its characters belong to JK Rowling. Only the abysmal plot is mine.)

Before Madam Pomfrey could cast a reviving spell, Mrs Granger had retrieved the smelling salt from her handbag and used them to wake Hermione up from her fainting spell.

It was at that time that Ron, Ginny and Harry ran into the hospital wing.

"Where is he? I'll kill him!" Harry shouted angrily, his fists curling at his side.

"Mr Zabini has been expelled and was taken to the Ministry of Magic for a trial, Mr Potter. Now please calm down; Miss Granger is in a fragile state."

Hermione quickly stood up from her bed, surprising Madam Pomfrey with the speed at which she moved. She stood still with her hair a straggly mess around her head and her eyes ablaze with anger and passion.

"You fired him?" she screamed at the headmistress, who looked shocked at Hermione's outburst as did everyone else in the room. "How dare you fire Lucius?"

"Miss Granger. Might I remind you that I am Headmistress at this school and that it is highly inappropriate for you to talk to me in such a manner so will you kindly lower your voice and change your tone." McGonagall said, staring over her glasses in a stern manner.

"No!" Hermione shouted in the same strangled tone. "No I will not pander to your demands. I want him. Where is he?"

Hermione walked forward, intending to strut out of the room, but she was considerably weaker physically than she thought. As she lifted her foot to step and her weight shifted she found herself falling. Everyone gasped and several people moved to catch her but no-one was within six foot of her. It was like slow motion as she fell. But before she connected with the hard floor of the infirmary a large cushion appeared which protected her fall.

Stunned, the witches and wizards looked to see who had acted to quickly to conjure or transfigure such a necessary item. As they looked to the door they saw the statuesque figure of Lucius Malfoy in his finest dress robes.

Hermione saw him and silently stretched out her arms towards him; yearning for his embrace.

Before McGonagall could demand for him to leave Lucius had crossed the floor, his wand still in his hand, and knelt down beside his beloved slave. She immediately wrapped her arms around him and placed her head to his chest as he enveloped her in his arms.

The crowd of Hermione's family and friends looked on in shock.

Harry Potter was the first to brace the silence.

"What the fuck is going on here?" he demanded.

Hermione didn't even move but Lucius turned his head slightly to look at the other witches, wizards and muggles in the room.

"Not that it is any of your business Potter but I think you will find that Hermione had chosen me to be her partner which is why she asked for me first before anyone else in her life as the connection we share is as strong as that of family and friends if not stronger."

In response Hermione only sighed gratefully.

"Bloody hell." Ron said quietly and people nodded.

"But who are you?" Mrs Granger asked stepping forward to get closer to her daughter and this well dressed handsome gentleman who looked altogether too old to be dating her seventeen year old daughter.

"My name is Lucius Malfoy, Mrs Granger." Lucius replied and she looked surprised to see that he knew who she was when really had had only deduced her name from the fact that she was present and someone he didn't recognise therefore making her one of Hermione's muggle parents. He also slightly recognised her from a few years ago when he had been in Flourish and Blotts with his son buying books and had stumbled upon the Weasley family, Potter boy and Hermione. Her parents had been in the store as well.

"He's a death eater!" Harry cried out, outraged. "Filthy scum allowed to teach in this school when he is exactly like Snape. He would rather kill Hermione than date her just like Snape did to Dumbledore. We can't trust him. Hermione; you can't be with him!"

Hermione's head snapped up at that point and she glared at her friend.

"Harry, I can choose who I am in a relationship with. And I think you will find that by being in a relationship with my Master I am actually protected from the Dark Lord despite being a mudblood."

"Master?" a few people echoed.

"Dark Lord?" a few others repeated.

"Miss Granger, are you aware you are referring to You-Know-Who as if you were a follower?" Professor McGonagall asked.

Hermione nodded, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks as that had slipped out unintentionally.

"And what do you mean by Master?" her father asked tentatively.

Lucius and Hermione looked at each other, sharing a glance that expressed more than words ever could, and then they turned in unison to face everyone.

"Hermione has chosen, consentually and without coercion, to be my slave and I am her Master. I am in total control of her very being. It is a relationship that fills us completely." Lucius said, choosing his words carefully. His hand held Hermione's and she felt him give her a little supportive squeeze.

"I love him." She added on the end.

The room were dumbfounded.

Tonks looked between herself and Remus before walking up to the couple. She stuck her hand out for Lucius to shake. He looked at her in surprise.

"I know what it is like for people to judge your partner and think that you two shouldn't be together because the relationship is unhealthy or dangerous. I also know what it's like to ignore all those opinions and stay true to you heart and what you want for the two of you. So if a D/s relationship suits you," at that the couple raised their eyebrows at the fact she knew that word, "then it's your choice and I will support you even if no-one else does."

Tears welled up in Hermione's eyes at Tonk's blind acceptance and loyalty. Lucius shook her hand firmly.

"Thank you." They said.

"I don't know if we can approve of this or not." Mrs Granger said looking between the couple and her husband. Mr Granger took her hand. "but if you love our daughter and take care of her then I think in time we will be able to come to an understanding and hopefully welcome you into our family."

"I knew you fancied someone!" Ginny said, a smile on her face. "I just had no idea it was Mr Malfoy. God, it's kind of weird. He's your teacher and he's so much older than you. Then again I would have always put you with an older man. He is handsome too." She grinned and Hermione couldn't help but smile back at her friend.

"Ginny!" Molly exclaimed. Then she blushed. She didn't disagree with her daughter; she was merely surprised at hearing her sixteen year old talk so brazenly about such things. Arthur's ears were tinged slightly red as were Ron's; more from embarrassment than anger. Neither of them said anything.

"Oh 'ermione, I jus' hope 'e makes you happy." Hagrid mumbled, a tear spilling from his eye.

Shacklebolt merely made eye contact with Lucius and nodded once. He saw him as a possible companion to the light and the order of the phoenix rather than an enemy and if love could bring such two people together then it only brought hope into his heart.

A small silence fell as most people made their peace and seemed to approve of the sight before them but it didn't last for very long.

"This is insane!" Harry Potter screamed. "He is Lucius fucking Malfoy. A death eater. A criminal. A teacher dating a student. This is wrong. Immoral. Illegal. Professor McGonagall; do something!"

Everyone looked at Minerva and they were surprised to see her face softened with tears in her eyes.

"This should seem wrong and immoral but seeing you two now, I only see love." She said. "I believe Albus would have approved."

Harry looked dumbfounded by her words. He looked from her to Ron to the couple, his mouth gaping open.

"I would like to be alone with my Master now." Hermione said quietly.

The small crowd seemed surprised but accepted. Remus put his hand on Harry's shoulder when he opened his mouth as if to object and he then closed it, nodding.

Hermione's parents came over first. Mrs Granger hugged her daughter, who was still in Lucius' arms, and kissed her cheek then kissed Lucius' also. Mr Granger kissed his daughter on the head and shook one of Lucius' hands.

Ginny came next and hugged her arms around the two of them in a wild embrace then whispered so no-one would hear her.

"I want details later."

She skipped back to her parents who merely smiled at the couple. Ron and Harry stayed back as they were not quite comfortable enough with the situation. Hagrid also stayed where he was.

Tonks gave them both a hug and a kiss and Lupin clapped Lucius on the shoulder before they exited.

Then with that, the crowd of her loved ones left the room and the large doors of the hospital wing closed behind them as they headed to the Headmistress' office.

Once alone, they shared a loving kiss whilst Madam Pomfrey turned a blind eye. Then she summoned a chair beside the bed Hermione had been in.

"You are welcome to stay Lucius but I would like Miss Granger to get back into bed. She still needs to rest."

"Of course, Poppy." Lucius replied courteously as he gently but strongly lifted Hermione up and lay her gently on the bed, kissing her forehead.

"I love you, slave." He murmured as his lips brushed her skin.

"I love you too." She replied and Lucius felt his heart swell.

Madam Pomfrey handed Hermione several vials to drink and she drank them in the correct order; one to help with her pain, one to continue healing, one to make her sleep and then a dreamless sleep potion to stop the nightmares.

Lucius took the seat beside her bed and took her small hand in his, kissing it, as Hermione's eyes fluttered closed and she started to seep into unconsciousness.

"Sleep, my darling slave, and get well. We have things to accomplish yet."