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"…and apparently I that was outrageously hilarious because Rog fell off his chair he was laughing so hard." The three laughed as Mimi finished painting Angel's last fingernail her favorite bright blue. She blew on the nail, put the lid on the bottle, and looked lovingly at the drag queen lying weakly in the hospital bed.

Collins got up from where he had been sitting on the bed and started to leave the room. "I'll leave you two…" He whispered to Mimi on the way out, "She's going…we only have a few hours left." Mimi's eyes welled up and she nodded. She blinked the tears away, not wanting Angel to see them. Collins shut the door behind him as he left.

"Mimi chica, come here." Angel gestured feebly by crooking her finger towards her. Mimi got up from her chair and sat right next to Angel's pillow. Angel adjusted herself in the bed so that she was sitting up straight. She put her hand under Mimi's chin and lifted her head, but not before she had to watch three tears fall from Mimi's eyes. They left dark spots on the thin sheet.

"Mimi, baby, don't cry. You'll get on without me. I might not be here physically, but I'll always be in here." She tapped Mimi's chest. "And here, with memories," Angel said as she tapped her best friend's temple. "Roger will take care of you better than I could, Maureen and Joanne and Mark will always be there for you. And my baby will be there for you, too. I'll make sure that he never lets anything happen to you. You're the younger sister I never had, and I'll love you forever." After her speech, Angel began to cry a little, but by then Mimi was sobbing. Angel rubbed her back and shushed her.

"But Angel, who will I talk to? Maureen and Jo are always either making out or fighting, so I won't be able to talk to them. And for reasons that I don't need to explain I can't talk to Roger and Mark…about girl stuff anyway…and Collins is always working." Mimi was ashamed of herself. Her best friend was lying there, dying of AIDS, and here she was complaining about not having anyone to talk to. She began to talk again just as Angel was about to intercede, so Angel backed down. "You're my best friend, Angel, how am I supposed to be able to go on without you? I've known you almost my entire life. We met when were in what, the seventh grade? I've known you for almost ten years, Ang." Mimi finally figured out that it was a lost cause to argue as she saw the look of protest on Angel's face. "I'll miss you, baby." Was all she said. To that, Angel replied, "I'll miss you, too chica. I'll save a spot for you right next to me in heaven." One tear trickled out of the drag's left eye.

Mimi rose, climbing off the bed. She unlaced her hand from Angel's, as they had somehow intertwined during the conversation. She gently bent down and kissed Angel on the left cheek, then the right one. Her forehead was next, the tip of her nose, her right ear. Mimi dropped one last kiss on Angel's forehead as Angel kissed Mimi's cheeks, which were soaked with tears. "Do you want Collins now?" Mimi asked.

"Yes, please. I love you, Mimi."

"Wait for me, Angel. I love you."

And with that, Mimi gave her one last longing look, and turned handle on the door to invite Collins back in. "She wants you now, Col," Mimi's voice cracked as she sobbed. He made sure that Mimi was composed before he spent his last few minutes with his love.