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We've Had Our Story…

- But What Happened Then?

Chapter 32.


And that was how it ended.

Just like that.

We had to say goodbye, we had to, I know that.

But that didn't mean that we were prepared to do it.

Claude cried a lot, and so did the other kids.

Some of them only knew her while she was sick, but what a bond they had.

Even though she technically isn't – wasn't, I mean – my grandmother, she had always felt like one. I mean, we're all one big family. And I loved her just as much.

Maybe not as much as JJ and Sandra, and as Philip and Amelia, Sandra and Mike's kids, but I did love her.

And I'm gonna miss her.

But I'm still glad that she got the peace she's been looking for for six years now. I mean, seriously, she's been sick for six years! It's more than I've done anything in my entire life.

And I'm 13 years old.

We let all our other grandparents console Joey, while our parents, was having a serious conversation. They think I'm stupid – like I didn't know what they were talking about. I'm the eldest of the third generation of friends, and Peter is only 11.

I know the most.

I know they were discussing who of my grandparents would be the next to go. They're not young anymore.

And it's a serious matter, since my grandpa have been having a series of heart attacks in the last couple of years. I know it's harsh to say, but… Grandpa Ross wont be here very long, which will be a disaster since his ´son´ is only 6 years old.

Claude will be devastated when it happens, they have such a bond.

Like… talking about dinosaurs and all.

It's amazing how Alex were just alive to be there for Lindsay's first birthday. She couldn't have missed her son's only child's birthday.

It's scary to think that Lindsay will never really have a memory of her grandma.

But I think it's great that JJ finally convinced Gracie to have that baby he wanted so badly. I think she only agreed because she knew it would make Alex happy.

Well, I think I hear my parents and their friends coming home. I have been watching all the kids with a nanny, while they were discussing the thing they didn't think I knew that they were discussing.

I bet the nanny is tired now. 13 kids is a lot to watch.

Well, I better go out there to say goodbye too all my cousins. Thought they aren't really my cousins, 'cause our parents are cousins. We aren't really anything, and even though we are a family.

Boy, do I love my life.

Love, Sam :)


"Is Lindsay still sleeping?" Gracie asked the nanny.

"Yeah." the girl said, "But I'll go now. Bye!"

She hurried out the door, and Gracie just stood there, looking funny at her.

"They have been driving her crazy." Samantha smiled.

"Oh no! It's Troy and Danny, right?" Emma asked, referring to her 5 year old twin boys.

"Would you believe me if I said it weren't?" Samantha asked her mom.

"No!" Emma said, running into the play room where they probably were.

"But Lindsay was no problem." Samantha told Gracie and JJ.

"Okay," JJ sighed, "I'll go get her and we'll be out of here. We have to go all the way to the city."

He left and when he came back, he and Gracie were out the door.

"Were Philip and Amelia nice?" Sandra asked, her eyes red and puffy after all the crying she'd done that day. But who could blame her – they'd just had a funeral for her mother.

"They were as sweet as they always are." Samantha said.

"Good, I'll get them." Mike said, and after he'd done that, they left too.

"What about Kyle and Lisa?" Andrew asked.

"I tucked Lisa in 3 hours ago, and Kyle is probably trying to control his cousins." Samantha said.

She was used to the third degree after a night like this. She always knew how the kids had been, and she always told their parents.

"I'll help Emma with Troy and Danny, and also get my son." Erica said, "If you pick up Lisa?"

"I'll do." Andrew said, and then they left.

"How was Michelle and Peter?" Ben asked, "Do I have to ask that?"

"Nah, I think they took care of themselves." Samantha said, "Peter helped me tuck in the kids, and Michelle played with Sarah."

"Good." Shelly said, "We'll get them and head home."

"Isn't grandpa and grandma coming?" Samantha asked, looking at her father.

"No, Claude is spending the night." Jack said, "Will you make the guestroom ready for him?"

"Yes." Samantha said, and left the room.

She realized that Claude was spending the night more and more at their place. That it felt like they were 5 kids. Herself, Sarah, Troy, Danny and Claude.

She didn't mind of course, but she found it weird.


"She's really gone." Monica said, looking at a picture of herself and Alex, taking a couple of years back.

"I know." Chandler said and handed her a book, "Here. I thought you might need this."

"Oh my God." Monica said, when she realized what it was, "I'll have to make a red cross!"

"Yeah." Chandler said, "I know how you've written in here every each of our kids and grandkids, and I figured it was right to mark when someone is death?"

"You're right." Monica said, and opened the big book she'd made all those years ago, when they were six friends in a coffee house. Since then, she'd written in it every now and then. When one of them got married and had a kid. But now she'd have to make a death-mark.

She found the Tribbiani-page and looked at it:

Joseph Francis Tribbiani and Alex Garrett Tribbiani

Two kids:

Joey Junior (JJ) and Sandra Tribbiani.


Philip Tribbiani-Hannigan

Amelia Tribbiani-Hannigan

Lindsay Tribbiani.

Monica sighed and made the red mark next to Alex's name.

She thought about how fun it would be to look the whole book through, and took a look at her and Chandler's page first.

Chandler Muriel Bing and Monica Geller-Bing.

Two kids:

Jack and Erica Bing.


Samantha Bing.

Sarah Bing.

Kyle Clark.

Troy and Danny Bing.

Lisa Clark.

She smiled and turned the next page – Ross and Rachel's. She'd had some trouble making it, because their kids were not really born with the same parents, so she'd done it a little different

Ross Geller and Rachel Geller-Green.

Four brought-together kids:

Ben Willick Geller (Ross and Carol Willick's)

Emma Geller-Green

Gracie Green (Rachel and Claude le Calvez's)

Claude Geller-Green


Samantha Bing.

Peter Geller.

Sarah Bing.

Michelle Emma Geller.

Troy and Danny Bing.

Lindsay Tribbiani.

Monica smiled. Those two were definitely the ones with most grandkids, but they also had two kids more than the rest of them. She looked at the free spots beneath Lindsay's name. Hopefully Gracie would give them more, and she was sure Claude would in about 20 years. But maybe they wouldn't be alive to see it.

She turned the last page and smiled.

Mike Hannigan and Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan.

Two kids;

Sophie and Mike Hannigan.


Philip Tribbiani-Hannigan.

Nick Lewis

Amelia Tribbiani-Hannigan.

Tom Lewis.

Monica closed the book and sighed. She'd give this to Samantha before she died, and she could keep up with what would happen until she died – and then one of Sam's grandkids could do it. If she had some. Monica hoped she had.

She placed the book in the bookshelf and went to bed with Chandler.


"Samantha?" Claude whispered, padding into her bedroom.

"What's up Claude?" Samantha asked, surprised that he was still awake.

"Can I sleep here with you?"

"Yeah, crawl into bed, I'll sit here and work on my essay for awhile."

"Thank you." he pouted and went into bed, "I know, Sam." he then said.

"Know what?" Samantha asked, turning around to look at him .

"They told me." he paused, "They told me that I'm not their real kid."

"Oh," Samantha said, "Ross and Rachel?"

"Yes." Claude said.

"And how did that make you feel?"

"I don't know." Claude said, "Because mom said that she really was my grandma, because she was married to my grandpa, Claude, and Ross is her husband now. So I don't know what to think or feel. Things are just changing."

"They don't have to change." Samantha said, sitting next to him on the bed, and tucking the covers around him, "I mean, to me they'll always be your parents. They took and take care of you."

"I guess." Claude said.

"I am right." Samantha kissed his forehead, "They love you more than anything, Claude. You're their star. Their little boy, but they did right in telling you."

"Hmm." Claude said, "You know… I'm really your uncle."

"It's weird right?" Samantha laughed, "But hey! Our family is weird!"

"Yeah," Claude giggled, "Sam… Can I call my mom and dad?"


"I want to let mom know that I do know and feel she is my mom and that I love her. The same with dad."

"Sure." Samantha said, handing him her cell phone, "Say hi to them from me."


"What are you doing, Gracie?" JJ said, groggy, "It's late, will you get into bed. You're waking Lindsay."

"No, I have to find something." Gracie said, opening a new drawer.

"What are you looking after?"

"My old diary." Gracie said, "I know I've brought it with me."

"Why?" JJ asked, throwing himself at the couch.

"At my 20th birthday I wrote something." Gracie said, "And I cant remember exactly what it was, but I got to think of it, and now I want to know. Do you understand?"

"I do understand, honey." JJ said, "But I don't understand why it has to be in the middle of the night?"

"Oh, there it is!" Gracie squealed, and opened up the diary.

"What does it say?"

"Hmm, listen. It's not the last part. It's something in the middle," Gracie cleared her throat, "So much has yet to happen in my life – and in my cousins. Good stuff and bad stuff, but I know… I know that somehow, it's all gonna be okay… At least I'll be here to watch it all. Looking back over the last 6-7 years, since Emma decided to move to NYC, I know we've all grown, and we've all learned. Looking back, I know, that those years, really wrote our story. Yeah… They really wrote The Story Of Our Lives"

"The Story Of Our Lives?" JJ asked, "Do you still think that those years were the best?"

"They wrote our story." Gracie just said.

"Yeah, but so much more happened." JJ said.

"Maybe." Gracie teased him and went into their bedroom with the diary.

JJ followed, "Or else you could just say you know…" he threw himself in the bed, "That they wrote The Story Of Our Lives, but what about the next part of our lives?"

"It's what happened then." Gracie simply replied, looking though the old pages.

"So we had already had our story, and the rest of our lives is what happened then?" JJ asked.

"Yeah." Gracie smiled.

She placed the diary on her nightstand and turned off her lamp, "But the first part was definitely best."

"No, it wasn't."

"Yes, it was."

"No!" JJ said.

"Goodnight JJ." Gracie said, padding his stomach, "This was the next part. Now we just need the rest of the story – the rest of our lives."

"So, We've Had Our Story?" JJ asked, "And the rest is just… Not a story?"

"I just said it was!" Gracie said, "Like… Our kids having kids, and us having grandkids. That's the next part, but not the best."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it..." JJ said, "We've already Had Our Story"


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