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Halloween on Atlantis had to be the most neglected holiday thus far in the history of the expedition. While New Years had been observed once and Christmas celebrated one and a half times (and we needn't revisit that particular incident, since McKay had sworn everyone involved to secrecy), Halloween had never been given so much as a seconds thought over the past few years.

Mostly because whenever the time for it rolled around, some disaster had befallen the city. After all, it's not like you can just ask the Genii to stop attacking the base long enough for a costume party.

However, this Halloween was different. There were no hostile aliens beating at the gate, no Wraith hive ships in orbit or on the way, and everything was in ship shape, meaning that every scientist on the base was free for more important pursuits, like making sure the Atlantis still was in working order.

Over the course of the past few days, the gymnasium had been turned into the party spot, with streamers, balloons and a buffet table that would have put the Four Seasons to shame. Now, there were several dozen crew members milling around in costume, sipping punch, making bad jokes and being generally jovial for the first time in what felt like ages.

McKay was busy conversing with Zelenka on the finer points of costume accuracy (McKay insisted that he was the more accurate representation of Albert Einstein, while Zelenka disagreed based on the fact that, even though Rodney's hair had been tinted white, there wasn't nearly enough of it for the resemblance to be clear, whereas his own unruly mop was a very good facsimile of the fluff that belonged to the man they were both striving to imitate) when Sheppard strode up to them.

Rodney looked over the golden rod colored velour shirt with rickrack trim on the sleeves that the Colonel was wearing before he commented, "Not bad. The costume and attitude is Kirk, but the ears simply scream 'Spock'. Besides, isn't Captain a step down from Colonel?"

Sheppard, expecting this kind of remark from the snarky physicist about his choice of costume, allowed it to roll off his back. "Have you seen Teyla and Ronon yet, Rodney?"

"No," McKay replied, tipping his cup back and polishing off the last of the punch that was in it.

Sheppard was smirking, and it didn't escape Rodney's notice, "What?"

"Oh, I just think you're going to get a kick out of what they're coming as," Sheppard answered, eyes alight with barely contained mischief. The Colonel glanced around the room and spotted the unmistakable form of Specialist Ronon Dex coming through the entryway.

The faux Captain Kirk glanced back at McKay and wasn't disappointed to see his jaw had gone slack at the sight of the two Pegasus galaxy natives dressed to the nines.

He recovered quickly though, snapping his jaw shut and turning to glare at Sheppard. "I blame you for this. You're the one who had to show them those damned DVDs."

Sheppard watched Teyla and Ronon as they crossed the room to the refreshment table, taking in their incredibly detailed costumes.

"True, but I'm not the one who called them Conan and Xena."


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