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The lights from the television flickered against the walls of the shadowy room. The couple intertwined on the couch was simply a formless shape, lost in the darkened recesses of the room. T.K. Takaishi reclined against one arm of the couch, watching the action on the television through detached eyes. The set was muted, making the endeavor pointless in any case.

The scene playing out before him showed a high-speed car chase, complete with blaring sirens, exploding cars, and squealing tires. Of course, with the volume nonexistent, he was unable to enjoy any of the action taking place. The figure at his side released a soft sigh and cuddled more closely into the heat of his body, dislodging the blanket that had been placed about her slender form.

T.K. frowned and glanced down at the sleeping form of his best friend, Kari Kamiya. The flickering lights of the television reflected in her auburn hair, making it look soft and touchable. Her soft features, cast into shadow by the moving pictures on the screen, made her appear innocent, like an angel had fallen from heaven and into his arms. He blew out a frustrated breath and readjusted his arm around her waist, causing her to emit a soft mumble of discontent. With his other hand, he reached around her and gently readjusted the blanket to cover her, tucking it beneath her chin.

Unable to resist, he trailed a single finger across her cheek, savoring the softness of her skin. He turned back to the movie, but it was futile, his interest in the show had been minimal from the beginning. His concentration broken, he glanced at the clock. It was getting late. Soon, he would have to wake Kari from her slumber and escort her home. He smiled, but it was a sad sort of smile, once that hid more emotion than it revealed.

Only their longstanding friendship enabled him to invite Kari to his home when his mother wasn't present. No one would bother to even consider what they might be doing. If he said they were going to watch a movie, they would. It was as simple, and as complicated, as that. He still wasn't sure exactly when his feelings for Kari had changed. As children, they had been friends, being the closest in age. As teenagers, that friendship had only grown and deepened.

Perhaps it had been the day they had been introduced to Davis. His classmate's intense dislike of him had seemed childish at the time. He and Kari were nothing more than friends, so he had felt undeserving of Davis's jealousy. Still, the rivalry had encouraged him to take a closer look at the friendship that he had always cherished. And from that moment, his relationship with Kari had become something far more than a simple friendship.

It was almost frustrating that Kari couldn't seem to see the same potential in their relationship that he did. Had he waited too long to see what could have been? His hand began an unconscious stroking against her side, gently rubbing her back in a soft, rhythmic motion. His gaze was drawn unwittingly downwards to rest on the female at his side. She trusted him enough to fall asleep at his house, to lay against him, secure in the knowledge that he would never take advantage of her.

His hand clenched and he looked away. He almost wished he wasn't quite so noble. Then, perhaps, he wouldn't be reluctant to reach for what he truly desired. The feel of her skin, the silk of her hair, the sweet scent of her taunted him, only reminding him of what he would never possess. If only he had the courage to lean down and place his lips against hers. Then, perhaps, the disquiet inside of him would cease its grumbling.

"T.K.?" The soft query took him by surprise, drawing his tormented gaze down to a sleepy, crimson one. Startled by the dark emotions roiling under the surface of her best friend's usually easy-going manner, Kari shifted, her eyes widening with concern as she reached up to cup his cheek. "What's wrong?"

T.K. closed his eyes, allowing himself a brief moment of weakness as he leaned into the softness of her palm, savoring the gentle touch of her hands on his skin. "It's nothing." Still, his actions undermined his words, as his eyes remained closed and his face continued to loll in her hands. Kari tucked her knees under her, bringing up her other hand to gently cradle his face in her hands, encouraging him to look at her.

"Please tell me…" T.K. slowly responded to her plea, his eyes opening wearily to peer into the depths of her crimson eyes. His hands traveled up, almost lazily encircling her wrists, trapping her in the position she had willingly placed herself in. Kari's eyes widened and T.K. derived an almost perverse satisfaction as she realized the intimate nature of their embrace. "T.K…. What…?"

Her own soft gasp cut off her questioning as, holding her nervous gaze with his burning one, T.K. turned his head and placed a tender kiss against her inner wrist. Too stunned to pull away, Kari could do nothing but relearn how to breathe as T.K. savored the taste of her skin. God, he knew it was wrong, but now that he had started, he wasn't certain if he could stop before things got too out of hand. He nuzzled her hands, breathing in the scent of her and listening as her breathing accelerated, whether from passion or nerves, he wasn't certain.

He trapped her gaze with his for a long moment, then, though it was possibly the hardest thing he had ever done, he forced his fingers to relax, releasing her wrists and allowing her to pull away from him. He closed his eyes, dreading the moment she took her hands from his body, wanting the feeling of her gentle caring to go on forever.

He froze in absolute astonishment when he felt Kari's breath against his lips. His eyes snapped open at the exact moment she kissed him, then drifted close in ecstasy as he began to return her gentle forays. He couldn't believe that she had taken the initiative and kissed him. He had despaired of her ever returning his feelings and to have her do it now in such a manner was astonishing, to say the least.

Finally, the need for air necessitated their separation and they pulled away, each breathing deeply. It took all of T.K.'s willpower to prevent himself from pulling her back into his arms. Somehow, during their embrace, her arms had wound themselves around his neck and his had crept around her waist to yank her close. The separation of their lips had allowed her a little freedom, but he was already missing the warmth of her body cuddled against his.

He moved to release her and she made a small sound of protest. With a smile of sublime satisfaction, he tugged her back into the circle of his arms, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. His eyes happened to catch the clock on the mantel as he leaned back, coxing her forward onto his chest so that he could hold her as close as possible. Soon, he would have to return her to her home, watch her open the door and let her walk into the light and warmth, leaving him out in the cold for the lonely trek home.

But for now, he simply wanted to savor the time they had and revel in the fact that maybe, just maybe, there could be something more, something better, than friendship.


MM7 says: This is my first piece of fiction in almost two years... So, go easy on me. I realize it's not the most inspired story ever written- but on the bright side, I don't think I spelled anything wrong and my grammer isn't half-bad. Over all, I would give myself (at least) a four out of ten.