Written by: DeanLives

Summary: Sam and Dean go to a hotel that being haunted by ghost that goes after women. The ghost has the likings for one of the Winchester's.

Warnings: Mpreg,

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Your Kind Not Welcomed Here

A Bar in Horseshoe Bay

"Dean I am going back to the room."

"Fine, Sammy. Don't wait up."

Watching Dean checks out this blonde at the bar. "I wasn't planning to. Bye."

"Bye" Sam leaves.

Dean walks up to the bar standing next to the blonde. She looks up at him. "Your eyes remind me of the sea."

"Why thank you."

"I am Dean."


"Like that kid's mermaid movie?"

She gives a little laugh. "Yes, I have been told I'm a creature of the sea."

"Why is that?"

"I love the water."

"Do you want to go somewhere else to get know each other better?" Lean in closer to her.

"I would love to but I know the perfect place."

"I am all yours."

"Follow me." They leave.

She takes him to this building. Opens this huge door to reveal a olmypic size pool. He could see the steam coming off of the heated pool. She strips off her clothes and jumps in.

"Are you going to join me? You don't seem to be the shy type."

"I'm not." As he takes off all of his clothes and jumps.

She pushes him up against the side of the pool kissing him on his chest. He kisses her on her caller bone and moves up her neck. She wraps her legs around him. Looking in to each others eyes they kiss on the lips. He feels this shock on his lips.

"I have never had that happen before. I have heard of seeing fireworks but not a shock on the lips."

"Anything can happen." As she kiss him again.

He starts to feel light headed not knowing if it was the heat of the pool or the emotional flooding him. An hour later they were fully dressed.

"I should get back before my brother worries."

"Oh, I need to be getting back to. I had a amazing time."

"I did to." He leaves heading back to the motel to see Sam a sleep. He takes his shoes and socks and jeans off getting in bed falls a sleep.

Sam wakes to see Dean a sleep in his bed. He goes take a shower and gets dressed. He finishes packing his stuff waking Dean up. "When did you get in?"

"After three I think."

"I'm going to get coffee."


Sam leaves. When he gets back Dean had already taken his shower gotten dressed and packed his stuff.

"Hey, I am finished here if you're ready to leave."

"That fine." They take their bags out and put them in the trunk. They leave.

Two months later. Red River New Mexico

Sitting in this diner Dean looks at Sam. "Are you sure we are dealing with a werewolf and not a bear?"

"Yes am sure. They have them happening on the fully moons in the winter. They bears are not out."

"That sound like a werewolf." The waitress brings them two burgers. They eat. "When is the next full moon?"

"Tomorrow night."

"Well we should get a room." They leave getting a motel room. They carry in their bags sitting on their beds. "Will this should be a piece of cake."

"Dean how many cases have gone perfectly?" Raising his eyebrows at him.

"Oh, point taken."

"We should get some sleep."

"Alright." They get undressed and get in bed falls a sleep.

Dean wakes up in the morning feeling a little nauseous. He sits in his bed for a while waiting for it to pass but it doesn't. He takes a shower and gets dress. Sam wakes up. "Hey. Good morning sunshine."

"How long have you been a wake?"

"About an hour or so."

"Am going to take a shower and then we can get some food."

Forces a smile on his face, when he hears the word heard food. "Um… Sure."

Sam walls in the bathroom. Dean goes sits down at the table. Placing his arms on the table he rests his head on them hoping that this wave of nausea would pass. Hearing the bathroom door open he sits up. "Hey, you ready?"

"Yeah let's go." They leave.

Sitting in a booth at the diner the waitress brings Sam a full breakfast and Dean some toast.

"Are you alright?"

"Am fine, why?"

"You're only eating toast."

"Oh, I am just not hungry right now." As he sips his coffee takes a bite of his toast. After eating the toast it helps a little. Sam finishes. "Where do we go after this case?"

"There this hotel in River Springs Colorado. I thought we might go there."

"Do you have any history on the place?"

"Yes, it back at the room. Let's heads head back." They pay and head to the room. Sam pulls some paper out.

"What do you got?" as he sits on the bed.

Sits down at the table. "Will there a hotel was built in 1905. In 1925 they found a young pregnant woman body in room 214. They believe she was killed by her lover but they could never prove it. Ever since people have see a woman walking the halls and stairs. She also takes a liking to any pregnant woman that stays there."

"How does she take a liking to them?"

"Some women have sheets pulled up over them. They have felt someone touching their stomachs when no one around. But Dean it likes she knows their expecting. Because it even happens to women that are not showing yet. They staff jokes about the ladies if you feel hand on your stomach than you're pregnant. She hasn't been wrong so far."

"Wow a hotel that gives out free pregnancy test. What info do you have on your lover?"

"He die in 1955 at the same hotel. He haunts it too. He likes to throw things at the ladies. Some ladies feel like someone grabs their hair. Some find scratches on them. Ever pregnant women find scratches on the stomachs. The lady ghost is protecting the women from him. The hotel is being remodeled so we will have it to ourselves pulse a few workers. A friend of dad's owns it now."

"Alright we should get ready to do."

Sam looks at his watch to see they had been talking for several hours. "Where does the time go?"

"Then tomorrow we will head to River Springs. I hate ghost that go after unborn children. How sick was that guy." Shakes his head.

They load their gun with their silver bullets. They head to the forest. They got out pop open the trunk taking out the guns.

"Sammy go right. Be careful."

"You to."

Dean looks down at a foot print that wasn't human or bear. He could tell something was watching him. Hear movement behind him in the brushes drawing his gun to see this werewolf charging at him. Fires the gun twice. Only hitting it once in the shoulder when the gun jams. He starts to running towards Sam.

Sam hears the guns shots. "Dean!" Running towards where Dean was.

Dean keeps running as werewolf gave chase. Finale after a few minutes he runs in to Sam.


Dean bends over with his hands on his knees. Trying to catch his breath. Points with his thumb pointing behind him. Sam looks behind him to see the werewolf appears out of the trees.

Aims fires three shots hitting him twice the werewolf falls to the ground. Walking over the body to make sure it was dead.

Dean walks to a tree putting one hand on it and the other hand on his stomach. Bends over and vomits.

Sam hears vomiting looking back at Dean to see him bent over behind a tree. "Dean!"

As he walks towards him Dean slowly stands up wiping his mouth with back of his hand comes out from behind the tree. "Dean?"

"Ah" Swallowing.

"Are you alright?"

"Ah. Is it… Is it dead?" Trying not to be sick again.

"Yes it dead. Are you sure you fine?" Tries to put his hand on his shoulder just to have it brushed off by Dean hand.

"Am fine let's get out of here."

They walk to the impala. The get in Dean starts the car up. Sam turns to him.

"You might be coming do with something."

Dean doesn't look at him he just pulls out. "Maybe."

Drives back to the room. They get in the room Dean gets undressed and gets in bed. Sam does the same sitting in bed he looks at Dean back.

"Dean are you sure" To be cut off.

"Sammy I'm fine. Just tired. Go to sleep. Goodnight."

"Night." He lays down and falls a sleep.

Sam wakes up it 8:30 am Dean still sleeping. He goes take a shower and gets dressed. He goes wakes Dean up. "Time to get up. How are you?"

Wipes his eyes. "Fine." Grabbing some clothes goes in the bathroom. Takes a shower get dressed and brushes his teeth. Walks out puts his stuff up in his bag and packs everything else. Sam packed while his was his the shower. They pack the car.

Standing at the car. "Dean, do you what me to drive?"

"Am fine." Sighing as he says it.

"So you're not nauseous or anything?"

"No I am fine. Maybe it was a 24 hour bug or something. Get in the car it should take about eight hours."

They get in the car starting they drive off. They had been on the road for a few hours.



"Can we stop for a little while? I need to use the bathroom."

"Sure there a gas station up head." He pulls in. "Is there anything you want?"

"I'll take a coffee."

"I will get it while you in the bathroom."

They walk in. Sam heads to the restrooms. Dean picks up two cokes and a large coffee. He pays and goes back to the car and waits. As he waits he drinks his coke. Few minutes later Sam comes out and get in. He pulls out.

"So who are we meeting?"

"The care taker and owner Shannon Thomson. She brought the place about a year ago has been remodeling it ever since. It planned to open in February."

"So two months from now."

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