Written by: DeanLives

Summary: Sam and Dean go to a hotel that being haunted by ghost that goes after women. The ghost has the likings for one of the Winchester's.

Warnings: Mpreg,

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Chapter 8

Sam wakes up taking a shower and gets dressed. Walks over to Dean room knocking on the door there no answer. Open the door to find Dean on his back with his legs over the edge of the bed.


Wake up Dean when he yells. "What!" Sam sits on the bed.

"Why are laying like that?"

"Because I can't stand my legs are killing me when I stand." Sit up.

"Why didn't you tell me last night?"

"It didn't hurt until I try to stand up. Sammy help me up."

"You just said it hurts to stand."

"Sam I have to use the bathroom. So help me up."

"Alright but let me take of your shoes off so we can get your jeans off."


Sam pulls off his shoes. Pull Dean up putting his arm around his neck. Slowly makes their way to the bathroom. He hold him has he undoes his jeans and drops them on the floor. Dean holds on to the towel rack as Sam lefts his leg out of his jeans. Picks them up and leaves.

Folds the jeans and puts them on the chair. He pulls the sheets back. Hearing the toilet flush. "Are you done?"


"I'm coming in." Open the door to see Dean washing his hands. He helps him back to bed and get in it.

"Sam I have been stuck in this bed over a week an half."

"Dean shut up. Those bruise on your thighs were really bad. Maybe tomorrow you can get up. Go to sleep."

"Fine." Sam leaves and he fall a sleep.

Dean wakes up the next morning able to stand and walk. He take a shower puts on his jeans and shoes. Grabs a tee shirt puts it on to see his stomach shows completely. Puts on the button down shirt to see it now won't button over his stomach. Pulls off both shirts looking his bag finding his only sweat shirt with a hood putting it on to see it hid his stomach. Goes over to Sam room knock to have Sam answer in a tee shirt and underwear. "Did I wake you?"

"No, I was getting ready to take a shower. So you are feeling better?"

Sit down at the table. "Fine legs a little stiff and sore. Go take your shower."

"Alright." Sam goes in the bathroom.

Dean wait until he hears the water turn on when slides the computer over in front of him. Search up baby developments for each week. Knowing he was about 19 week along he looks at the picture to see he looked bigger. Look through the other pictures to see he looked more like he was 23 weeks. Run his hand over his face. "This can't be. It only has been over four months not almost six months. Why am I so big?" Then something catches his eyes on screen. 'You can look farther a long if you are carrying multiple babies.' Look down at his stomach. "Please be only one."

Then there a knock at the door. He closes the laptop quickly answering the door to see John.

"Hey you're up." He walks in.

"Ah, Sam taking a shower."

"How are you feeling?"

"Am fine. A little stiff."

John sits down in front of the laptop.

"What you doing?"

"I want to see if I could find some more info. I can't believe that it acts up really good one day then their nothing for days."

"Why do you think that happening?"

"I have no clue. Sam and I have been in the room and nothing happened. The only difference is that you and Shannon weren't with us. Maybe it attacks when Shannon in the room because she the only woman."

"Maybe that it."

Dean sits on the bed. John opens up the laptop to see it on a page. Reading the page and looking at the pictures to see that it was development stages of a baby. He looks over at Dean. Dean sees the anger in his eyes.

"Dean why is there search on the development of a baby?"

"I was looking up some info." Look away from John stare.

Get more angry "You look at me boy!" Dean looks. "I can't believe you got a girl pregnant." Stand up.

Dean gets off the bed. "But Dad…" John cuts him off.

"Don't but me. I thought I taught you better. Let me guess it was one of your one night stands. Some cheep girl you met in the bar. Had a few to many drinks and ended back at her place."

Now yelling back at him. "That not the way it happened!"

"I don't care how it happened. Do you even know you are the father?"

"Dad I'm positive that I am the father."

"So how you planning take care of it?"

"I don't know. I haven't gotten that far."

"You haven't gotten that far! News flash son you don't got a job. You know how hard it was for me to raise you and Sam and hunt. But I'm telling you that you will support that child anyway you can."

"I'm already taking care of it. Then you should raise us better. Then this might not happen."

"You don't blame me for your mistakes. I raised you two just fine. Sam hasn't had this problem."

"Yes your perfect son wouldn't get a girl knocked up. Only I would." Sam walks out of the bathroom.

"Yes Sam has more brains then you. You always think with your pants. I so disappointed in you Dean. I thought you knew better."

Very hurt by what was just said. "You go to hell!" Leave the room slamming the door behind.

"Dad I can't believe you just said that. Do you know how hard this is for him? Do you? No! He is taking care of this child."

"Sammy I don't care. He should have been more careful. This is the worst time this could have happened."

"He knows this isn't the best time but he dealing with it." Then there a huge crash coming from Dean room. "What was that?"

"I don't know.

They run over to Dean room. Sam opens the door to see Dean sitting on the bed with his back facing the door. They see the mirror was broken and the clock was in the middle of all glass around it.

"Get out!"

"Dean are you alright?"

"Get Out!"

"Would you act like a man. Stop throwing a hissy fit."

Dean reaches under his pillow pulling out his knife. Throw it at the door frame. Sam sees that Dean eyes are red from crying. John pushes Sam out of the way walking over to Dean grabbing him by the caller of his shirt making him stand up.

"How dare you throw a knife at me or Sam!"

"What are you going to hit me? Bring it on!"

Slam his back against the wall. "It not my fault you did something stupid."

"Dad let him go!" Tries to pull him off Dean.

"Sam let go of me."

"Here your prefect son. He wouldn't dare make a stupid mistake like I did. He knows better. Will I guess we know you got the brains? Mister College Boy!" Now getting dizzy.

"You shout your mouth. You know your mother would be so disappointed in you. Throw your life away."

Seeing how pale Dean getting. "Dad let go of him!"

"No, Sam."

"Please let him go."

"Sam he needs to be taught a lesson."

Shaking John. "Dad he sick. Look at him. He sick!"

John sees for the first time how pale Dean is. "Dean." Letting go of him he just falls forward as he catches him. "Son!"

"Dean what wrong?"

Almost in a whisper. "Dizzy"

"Sam help me get him to the bed."

They get him to the bed. "Dad I got him go get a cold wash cloth." John goes in the bathroom. He leans down to him. "Dean are you alright?"

"So dizzy."

John comes back with the wet cloth putting it on Dean forehead. "Sammy what wrong with him?"

"He says he dizzy."

"Sam why is he sick?"

"You want the truth?"

"Yes the truth!"

"Dean we need to tell him."

Look over at Sam. "No, please."

"Son tell me."

Sam slowly lifts up Dean shirt over his stomach.

"Shit Dean!"

"Gees Dean your bigger than last week."

"What is it?" Sam picks up his hand putting it on Dean stomach to feel a thump under his hand.

Dean look at John. With a chuckle. "I guess I got myself knocked up." Then pass out.

"Dean! Dean!"

"Sam he fine. He just got himself worked up. He needs to rest."


"How far a long?"

"He says four."

"Sam he looks closer to six."

"What! He said four and that was last week."

"Sammy, maybe it going faster because this isn't normal."

Then Dean grabs his stomach.

"Dean what!"



"I'm fine."

"Stop lying Dean."

"Just a shot to the kidneys ok. It hurt. There happy!"

"Are you sure your four months?"


"Son you look closer to six."

"I know."

"Do you think it going faster?"

"That what it must be."

"No it not."


"Before you came in it kicked."

"So you have felt that before."

"I know that Sam but this kick was on both sides of my stomach. If it can do the splits I give it props but I don't think it has that much room."

"What are you saying?"

"Sammy I think he saying there more than one." Dean looks away.


"Will do you feel?"

"I'm fine a little nauseous." John starts laughing.

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