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Chapter One

It has been four years since the Weddings of Seto and Joey, Roland and Mary, and Mokuba and Serenity are getting ready to graduate from High School. It is a hectic time for both of them, because they not only are graduating they are also sending out letters to different Colleges in hopes of getting chosen to attend any of the Colleges they have applied to. Mokuba knows that Seto would like him to take over running Kaiba Corp, but as he told his brother he wants to attend College and get a degree in Medicine and go to Medical School and become a Pediatrician. Serenity on the other hand wants to become an Attorney and hopefully get accepted to a Law Firm and work with abused women. Even though it kind of hurt Seto that his brother doesn't want to take over Kaiba Corp. he is so proud of his brother and is standing behind him in his aspirations to become a Pediatrician. Joey is just as proud of his sister and her wanting to become an Attorney and to work with abused women. Roland and Mary are just as proud of the both of Mokuba and Serenity and what the two of them didn't know is that Roland and Seto have enough money saved to send both of them to what ever College that they want and they will never have to worry about how to pay for it.

Today is the big day and both Mokuba and Serenity are nervous because they both are Valedictorians and have to give speeches in front of the entire graduating classes and their families. Marie has been saving money just for a time such as this and she has gifts for both of them. She was giving Serenity the lovely necklace and matching earrings that she had seen and spoken of, and for Mokuba she was giving him an entire Medical Library that he had seen and always wanted. As they drove to the school, Seto remembers when Mokuba first was born and how he didn't really know if he liked him or not. Ha ha. As they grew up, Seto grew to love his brother and was always there for him no matter what. As he looked across the Limo at his brother Seto gets a little teary eyed and Roland put his arm around Seto's shoulder as if to say "it's okay, I remember too." Joey looked at his sister and he too remembered times when he either hated or loved her. She was a pain in the butt, but never let anyone try to hurt her, because they would have to deal with him. Everyone in that Limo was remembering something about the two graduating Seniors and they all had tears in their eyes.

As they were sitting there waiting for the commencements to begin, you could feel the love emitting from everyone there. Then the Principal went to the podium and said that they had two valedictorians who would be giving speeches and he called Mokuba's name first. As Mokuba stood there, he looked out into the crowd and spotted his brother and family and he said "today as we are standing here awaiting our diploma's I think back on how my life has changed for the better. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my family and their support that I received. It was my brother who told me that I could be anything I wanted as long as I applied myself and he was right. My family has been my strength through out my life. As were start on our road towards the future we have to remember why we are here. Life is going to knock us down many times but if we just get back up and dust ourselves off and continue there isn't anything that we can't do." When he was finished it was Seto who stood up first and shouted "that's my brother" and everyone clapped and Joey stood besides Seto and they held each other. Then the Principal called Serenity's name and she came to the Podium and gave her speech. "I have been very blessed to have the best brother any girl could want. He has been in my corner supporting me and he never asked for anything in return. Now I also have my mother and a new father and between the three of them they have helped me to see that the sky's the limit as far as me being able to reach my goals. I feel the same as Mokuba what he said about life and what it would do if we allowed it. Today I am so proud of all of us because we chose to go forward and face what ever comes out way. We are the future and our future is bright and I can hardly wait to go out and begin my life." Roland, Mary and Joey all stood and cheered the loudest when she was done with her speech. Then it was time for them to receive their diploma's and as they called each students name and they got their diploma, the people were cheering loudly and there wasn't a dry eye there.

Seto took everyone out to dinner afterwards and they laughed and cried. It was a very happy time and as Roland looked around the table he smiled. Mary touched his arm and he smiled at her. When they got home, Roland asked if he could say something to both Mokuba and Serenity. He pulled two envelopes out of his jacked and said "this is a little something that Seto and I want to give both of you. You both have made us very proud and it is our way of saying thank you." Serenity and Mokuba opened the envelopes and they couldn't believe what was inside. Each of them were given enough money to complete their College and even have enough to go through Graduate School. As Mokuba and Serenity looked at Roland and Seto they both went over and hugged them. "Dad, I love you" Mokuba said to Roland and he turned to Seto and said you are the best damn brother and I love you very much." Serenity smiled and wiped her tears away and said "you are the best thing to happen to this family and I will always love you." Tears were flowing in the room and the love just oozed everywhere.

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