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Chapter Eight

Serenity was sitting up feeding her son when the family came to see her. Mary had tears in her eyes as she watched her baby feed her baby. "Hey, sis great job" Joey said as he leaned over and kissed his sister. Mokuba went over and stood by his wife as she told them their sons name. "We want to introduce you all to Thomas James Kaiba" Serenity said. Roland had his arm around his wife when she heard and she cried tears of joy. Their sons name was a combination of Thomas for Serenity's fathers middle name and James was Mokuba and Seto's real fathers first name. Seto looked at them and he also had tears running down his face and Joey had his arm around his love. Roland said with tears in his voice "that is a very strong name." Mary walked over and said "welcome to the family Thomas James" and everyone agreed with her. The room was filled with so much love and this little bundle of joy didn't know how much he was really loved, but as he grew he would. When Thomas James was old enough Serenity went back to work. They had built in babysitters and her mother and Marie were more then willing to take care of their son if and when needed. Mokuba's job was getting better and his abilities to get any child to let him examine them was phenomenal. Their lives were exactly as they had envisioned them and they were a very lucky couple to have everything they ever wanted, from a loving family that were behind them to their own family what would probably increase in the future. So here was two people who came down a very hard and winding road to the place they are now. So now we can say good luck to the new additions of the Wheeler/Kaiba families and bid them a good-buy and good luck……….