Look Over Here

Suzuna sighed. She didn't know why she was so depressed. Only that she felt worse every time she saw Sena. Ever since he had shown every one that he was Eyeshield he was always busy. If it wasn't with the team practices then it was because of the news people always trying to get an interview. Sometimes she just wanted to suddenly scream out 'Hey Sena! Look over here!' but that wouldn't do anything for either of them except cause some embarrassing rumors and possibly drive them further apart.

Which was the last thing that Suzuna wanted, but really, was it to much to ask for just a little attention from her 'so-called' best friend?

Yeah he was an American football super star but did that mean that he couldn't spare just a moment to look her way?

Apparently so.

Suzuna sighed again. They were practicing again except that this time Sena didn't have to hide behind his eye-shield as he ran the drills and practice plays like he always had to until two weeks ago. That was the only reason that she could see how focused he was.

It was kind of odd actually. She never realized before just how much he enjoyed American football until she could see his face during practice.

He had beads of sweat running down his face, his eyes were hard and concentrating, and his legs almost looked to be shaking. But he was smiling.

Not that big dopy grin that he usually had when he smiled but this sort of half hidden smile. Like he didn't even realize that he was smiling. He was happy to be playing the game. And it kind of made him look…cool. Like when he would occasionally say those things that just amazed you, because you would never expect it to come from him.

Suzuna smiled and leaned her elbow on her knee so she could rest her chin in her palm. Yeah, he did look pretty cool that way. If only he would look over here…

As if reading her mind, the concentration in Sena's eyes slipped just a bit and he glanced in her direction. Suzuna almost frowned when his small smile began to grow. Until it stopped half-way in a crooked half smile and he winked in her direction, as if sharing a privet joke.

Suzuna flushed as his concentration returned and he began doing the drills with extra furor. It had only been a second. Probably even less. But he had looked over at her. And it was probably the coolest he had ever looked.

It was a look that made her want to whisper to his mind, 'hey, look over here'.

Kaliea: Woot! My first 30-k drabble! I'm excited cause it all just sort of fell into place. I'm actually thinking of making them all sort of related. Like a story of shorts or something. Anyway, tell me what you think!