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Ranma cradled Akane's dehydrated body close to his chest as he made his way over to the dragons tap to restore her body. As he waded into the water he began to feel odd, it was like his whole body was tingling and on fire at the same time. Ignoring the discomfort he waded in a few feet further an lowered Akane's body to where she was just barely submerged. He smiled as her body began to regenerate back to normal, his smile was not to last however. As her body grew he noticed that the pain and discomfort was beginning to take it's toll on him. Falling down onto his knee's he began to tremble, his eyes lost their focus and seconds later his vision went dark as he began to thrash wildly in the water.

Ryouga noticed that Ranma was having problems but was worried for Akane, she had not yet fully recovered yet and was still unconscious, paying close attention to his surroundings Ryouga made his way to the pool and pulled Akane's unconscious body from the water, leaving Ranma thrashing wildly.

As Ranma thrashed the pain began to be unbearable for him, his body began to omit multicolored lights, jerking his back backwards he released a scream as his body released a massive wave of energy that washed over the mountain bathing the entire valley with light.

As that happened prince Herb sitting on his throne, in his citadel, sat up strait and called for his two attendants. In the Amazon village the council of elders looked to the mountain with worry having felt a massive release of magic. On Phoenix mountain the defeated Lord Saffron who had been reverted back into an egg began to grow and finish his ascension.

Kiima noticed that the young warrior was indisposed and unable to fight back, intent on avenging her lord she began to stalk forward slowly so as to not alert any of the others that might go to his aid. She entered the water and unsheathed her sword, as she began to bring it forward attempting to end the young mans life she was stopped by a loud shout.

"Kiima, stand down."

Kiima paused in mid swing, turning her head she asked in an astonished voice, "My lord? How?"

Saffron stood wearily, he felt drained but at the same time he knew that he had completed his ascension. Taking a few steps toward the pool he said, "I don't know how it has happened but I have finished ascending and am now at full power. Although I do feel rather weary at the moment."

Kiima brought the sword back and was about to complete the motion when she was interrupted once again.

"Kiima I said stand down."

Taken aback by her lords orders she asked, "Why my lord? This mortal defied you and nearly killed you. Why should he know your mercy?"

Saffron shook his head slowly and replied, "That is true however, if it had not been for this mortal I would not of ascended fully this time either." in a softer voice he said, "Kiima, sheath your sword and bring the mortal to me."

Reluctantly obaying her lord she lifted the young mans unconscious form to her shoulder and carried him out of the water. Dropping him in front of Saffron she said, "As you wish my lord."

Shaking his head at the actions of his trusted subject Saffron took a moment to take a good look at the young man before him. He was slightly shocked at the boy's apearance, where there used to be a young Japanese boy with blue eyes now lay a young gajin with Blue eye's, but it was the same boy as before he could feel it. Reaching out with his senses he confirmed his suspicions. The boy was practically singing with magic. Turning to Kiima he barked out, "Bring him to a healer, he is not to be harmed."

Still mystified by her lords actions Kiima asked, "What of the others?"

Saffron gazed at the rest of the group and said, "See to their health, After the Amazon is well enough bring her to her village and fetch her elders. Send an emissary to Prince Herb as well, tell him I request his presence. "

"Yes my lord, anything else?"

"No, that will be all."

---------- A few days later ----------

It had been a few day's and Ranma was still in his mysterious coma. The rest of the NWC, currently consisting of Ryouga, Akane, Mousse, Shampoo, Genma, and Cologne were waiting patiently in a large council room in the depths of Phoenix mountain. They were all deep in thought, mostly over the condition of one Ranma Saotome. Akane was worried because she was afraid that Ranma was going to leave her with out giving her the opportunity to express her gratitude. Ryouga and Mousse were only slightly concerned, realizing that should Ranma not awake then they would be free to pursue their loves without Ranma's interference but at the same time they were both feeling a since of loss at the possibility of losing their chief rival and driving force in pursuit of their respective arts. Shampoo was worried because if Ranma died then she would have to return to the village with out him and possibly married to Mousse as a booby prize. Cologne was worried because of the implications that Ranma's condition could mean for the tribe. Genma was afraid of the truth coming out but he was unable to act due to the heavy guards of the phoenix keeping him from escaping.

------- Earlier at the Musk Citadel -----

Herb walked out of his throne room into the rear garden followed closely by Mint and Lime. Pausing once he reached the center of the garden he herd Mint ask, "Lord Herb, How are you going to get to Phoenix mountain on time? It's at least a days hike?"

Herb smiled and said, "Have you not felt it? Can you not feel the power surging through your veins? The curse upon the valley has been released, our magic's are returning?"

Lime was puzzled and asked, "What curse? You mean no more Herb-chan?"

Mint paled and shot out, "Lord herb, how could you? Your boobies were so cool looking. And you never even let me touch them."

Herb took in a deep breath, turning to his two subjects he commenced in a brief indulgence and attempted to beat the crap out of the two nitwits of course he succeeded but to his dismay they retained their lowered intelligence. Once his stress was released he said, "No I am not free of that curse but soon I shall have a measure of control. No I am talking about the curse that keeps us locked in one form." Seeing the dumbfounded stares he continued, "Long ago we were not limited to humanoid forms, we were free to change our appearance into whatever forms we were descendants of." Still receiving confused looks Herb sighed and said, "Originally the pools of sorrow were created to give wizards a easy way to gain animal forms but shortly after their creation a dark lord sought the power of a dragon and phoenix for his heirs. He went through great lengths and managed to capture one of each and changed them into young women. He then enslaved the two women and sired two heirs, my great great grandfather and Saffron's father. This was about 3400 years ago, the dark lord was able to control his sons for two hundred and fifty years but as he aged he found his control waning. Fifty years later his two sons sought to over throw him and they succeeded but it came at a high cost, while death ate away at the dark lord, he cursed this valley, ensuring that none of us could ever leave for more than a few months without consequence. It wasn't until the next generation was born that the true horror was realized, our ancestors found out that their children were unable to change their forms leaving them in their human forms unable to access their animal forms. It was thought that by taking an animal and cursing it into a human that we would be able to regain our locked off birthrights. As you know this has not worked, but a few day's ago I felt magic flowing through my veins and I knew that the curse has been removed. You might not have felt it yet but in time you should, I believe that I am the first to feel this seeing that my blood is less diluted than yours because of my dragon heritage allowing my family to live for several hundred years." Taking a few steps away from his two subjects he said, "Now that my little history lesson is over I do need to get going." That said Herb took a leap into the air and focused for a second, his form began to blur and expand, in a matter of seconds herbs human form was completely replaced with that of a twenty foot oriental dragon.

------------- Phoenix mountain ------------

Saffron stood in his throne room talking to a rather short Chinese man who appeared to be in his fifties. Taking a deep breath he asked, "Are you positive on his identity?"

The man nodded and said, "Yes the Chinese and Japanese ministries have both confirmed that he is the missing heir."

"Have you notified the British ministry yet?"

"No, not yet Lord Saffron, we thought it best to keep the news quiet until the young man was awake to see if he was aware of his true ancestry."

"Why is that?"

The man frowned slightly and replied, "There are a few details surrounding his disappearance and the death of his parents, we had thought that we should be certain that he simply isn't hiding out from he whom murdered his parents."

Saffron scoffed at that and said, "Surely you don't believe that a mortal whom could best me in battle would be hiding out of fear for his own life."

The man nodded thoughtfully and said, "No I think not but I feel that we must be prudent about this. There have been a number of questionable reports about his brother and the supposed reemergence of the dark lord that makes us at the ministry weary to make this young man a target before he is awake and able to defend himself."

Hearing a knock at the door Saffron turned and called out, "Enter."

Kiima entered gracefully taking a knee she said, "Lord Saffron, Prince Herb of the Musk has arrived and is currently waiting in the main council room with the others."

Nodding Saffron said, "Minister Wong if you would come with me I feel that we are about to get some answers."

Minister Wong nodded and replied, "Of course Lord Saffron."

--------- Later in the council room ----------

Saffron knowing that the next few minutes were going to be difficult for him cleared his throat and said, "I am sorry that I have detained you here in my mountain but I had thought that it was necessary until this mess could be sorted out. It is with my utmost sincerity that I offer my apologies to Akane Tendo as well as Shampoo. Recent events have lifted a fog from my mind and I find myself thinking clearly with full command of my faculties for the first time in several hundred years. Events have transpired that I find myself regretting and it is my hope that I will be able to redeem myself to you." Seeing the shocked faces looking back at him Saffron elaborated, "A long time ago this valley was cursed, this meant different things for the tribes that lived here. The musk were cut off from their various forms. But my people also suffered. Their magic slowly faded away leaving them with just a few of their abilities. It was our hope that I would be able to deal with this issue once I ascended, because my people are direct descendants of mine and my fathers it was out hope that during one of my cycles of death and rebirth that I would fully ascend and restore my peoples magic through the connection I share with them. This failed to happen, each time I died without being able to take the next step. Each time I died I lost a part of myself and my thoughts began to get, well, muddled. It became worse roughly fifteen hundred years ago when my father died, my cycle began to get shorter and shorted forcing me to be reborn every hundred years."

Taking in a deep breath saffron continued, "I decided that my failed attempts of ascension were causing me to degenerate so I held off ascending until recently. I had thought that this time things would be different as I had been stronger that what I had been for two thousand years. Even though I was able to ascend this time it was not a direct result of my own. See it was the young warrior that I fought, Ranma, that was the trigger for my ascension. When he went into the pool he released a massive amount of pent up magic that caused a backlash flooding the entire valley with raw untapped magic."

Prince Herb and Cologne seemed to remain contemplative as the ramifications of Saffron's statement sank in. the others looked shocked and Akane blurted out, "But Ranma doesn't have any magic, well except for his curse."

Saffron held up his hand to stall off any further comments and said, "That's not entirely true. Recent revelations have led to certain truths to be revealed. Ranma as you know him comes from a long line of wizards."

That statement had an instant affect of the room being flooded with a series of scoffs and snorts. Mousse piped up and said, "Yeah right, like Saotome's father does knows magic. I mean if he did then he probably would of robbed the entire valley and half of china blind by now."

Saffron nodded slightly having had an opportunity to go over several reports from the Japanese ministry of magic. With an amused grin he said, "Well as true as that might be, it is not the case. See the young man you know as Ranma is not a Saotome, nor is he even Japanese." Saffron leaned back and casually observed Genma's behavior before continuing, "Right now though that is besides the fact. We have already uncovered Ranma's true identity and have also came to a conclusion of what happened to release the curse that this valley holds. It is apparent that Ranma's magic was sealed when he was a small child but it was done rather poorly. Imagine if you will a sealed flask of water, the flask is full but over the years begins to expand without releasing the pressure. Combine that with the side effect of Ranma absorbing various magic's that were used against him, this was a direct result of his own magic's being sealed up. Now fast forward until he fights me and enters the pool under the dragon tap. That water is special as it restores one to their true form but does not cure curses. Ranma began to absorb magic at an outstanding rate until his body could no longer maintain the blocks. When his true form was returned the blocks were released flooding the entire valley with raw magic countering the curse of the valley and forced me to ascend."

Genma had remained silent waiting to see how events panned out but now he realized that he was going to be in trouble if he did not act soon. Using his limited intellect he rose to his feet and shouted, "You lie. Ranma is my son, there is no way I would of trained some filthy gajin in my art."

Mr. Wong stood up and glanced at Saffron seeing a small nod he reached into his robe and pulled out a wand, after muttering something under his breath a small beam of light shot out from his wand rendering Genma silent and unable to move. Restoring his want into his robe he turned and bowed to Saffron and said, "My apologies Lord Saffron but I felt it necessary to silence him."

Saffron shrugged and replied, "No worry Minister Wong, my thanks. I am a little rusty in my casting you have done me a favor." He waited until Mr. Wong was seated before he continued, "Ranma's lineage is not in question here and not why I have gathered you all here. For the most part we are gathered here to find out how Mr. Saotome came into possession of Ranma, what we are going to do about it and lastly to make reparations to those that have been wronged by my people." Turning to minister Wong once again Saffron asked, "Minister wong if you would."

Minister wong nodded and once again removed his wand and muttered a few words. This time Genma sat up strait , entered a trance and began to speak.

"Fifteen years ago, a small gajin came to me in a bar while I was on a training trip. I had complained about my wife's lack of ability in producing a heir for me to train. Two weeks later I ran into the man again, this time he was carrying a small child. When he saw me he offered me the child but I refused telling him that there was no way that I would be able to train the boy because he was a gajin. The man asked me if the boy was Japanese if I would take him. I agreed. The man pulled out a twig and muttered a few words, right before my eye's and Ranma transformed into a Japanese looking baby. After that things got a little hazy and my memories aren't clear until I arrived back in Japan."

Saffron and minister Wong frowned, there seemed to be something off calling out Saffron said, "Guards."

Seconds later two strong phoenix warriors entered the room, bowed to Saffron and said, "You called my lord?"

Saffron nodded and said, "Yes." pointing to Genma he continued, "Take this muggle into a cell and keep a guard posted until I say other wise. Also notify the Chinese ministry and tell them that we need someone to come out here and check to see if this man has been bewitched."

"Yes my lord." the two then went and dragged the still immobile form of Genma out of the room.

Saffron waited until the commotion died down before continuing, "Now that that is taken care of, I require Lord Herb and Cologne presence so that we can come to a viable solution to how we are going to pay back young Ranma. If the rest of you would kindly leave Kiima will show you to a meal and your quarters."

----------- Ten minutes later -------

Once everybody had cleared out of the room with the exception of Herb, Cologne, and minister Wong, Saffron spoke up once more and said, "I do not know about your tribes but I know that this Ranma has done mine a great service and I plan to reward him."

Herb chose this moment to interject and asked, "We are talking about the Ranma Saotome, whom I fought on Mt Horai, elder Cologne?"

Cologne nodded and said, "Yes Prince Herb, he is indeed the same one , although apparently he is no Saotome. Lord Saffron would you mind telling us his real name?"

Saffron chuckled and replied, "Does he not go by Ranma Saotome? It seems real enough to him." Seeing that he managed to produce a few sweat drops Saffron chuckled softly, "It's good to be whole once more." He waited until the others had been composed and said, "For the moment I do not think it to be prudent to reveal his origins just yet. However if you intend on gifting him with something that requires his name, I am sure we can work something out."

Not liking being left in the dark Cologne and said, "Lord Saffron, I require council with the rest of the elders of my tribe before we take any action in this matter."

Saffron turned his head to Prince Herb and raised an eyebrow. Prince Herb understood the silent question and replied, "I have had past dealing with Saotome and believe I know what he would want. I have already that in addition to offering him a way to control his curse I also will give him a copy of magical scrolls as well as title and lands among the Musk for he has done us a great favor as well."

Saffron nodded and said, "I believe it would be in the best interest for our people if we were to once again join forces and coexist under one main banner."

Cologne snorted and scowled out, "How do you intend to work this out? None of us has been able to get along for more than a few years at best before we have another conflict."

Herb had a good idea of what Saffron's idea for keeping the treaty together and began to chuckle. Seeing the looks he was receiving Herb cleared his throat and said, "If I am mistaken I apologize. However, I do believe we all have one thing in common, and that is that all three of our tribes have sent their strongest against Saotome and Lost to him." Seeing Cologne nod he continued, "I believe it is Lord Saffron's intent to form a council, making Saotome the 4'th man to mediate on some of our more aggressive negotiations."

Saffron nodded and said, "Yes, there is that but I was thinking of taking it one more step. Seeing that He is to be given title and lands among your people, I have decided to do the same. This gives him the social rank necessary for me to make him a general among my forces."

Herb nodded and said, "I see, by giving him control of our forces, not only do we benefit from his skills in combat but we also ensure that individually we are unable to break up the newfound council because our forces are controlled by an honorable fourth party."

Cologne remained silent in her seat, she was deep in thought over what she was hearing, "If they are serious about this, it could be bad for my people. How are we going to force a marriage on him when he controls the combined forces of the Musk and Phoenix? Not only that but if I can not get my people to go along with this then we could possibly be invaded and we would be overwhelmed by the combined forces." Clearing her throat Cologne said, "Ahem, that's all nice and all but I fail to understand what Ranma has done that requires anything more than a thank you."

Saffron and Herb chuckled, it appeared that three thousand years of Amazon history was not enough to illuminate what had happened to Cologne. Deciding to take the reigns Saffron asked, "You mean to tell me that you have no idea what Ranma has done?"

Cologne snorted and replied, "Do not take me for a fool. I understand what you have explained but I fail to understand how it affects my people."

Herb decided to interject and asked, "Elder Cologne, how many witches or wizards do you have in your village? You don't have to answer that, Lord Saffron and I already know your answer. We also know that while there are some that are capable at making potions and doing summoning that with the exception of those cases your village is full of squibs and it has been like that for the past fifteen hundred years."

Cologne was Shocked, her tribes most disturbing truth and greatest weakness has been known all this time. Shakily she asked, "How did you know?"

Saffron answered for herb and said, "He knows because it has been the same for all of us to some extent. While his people lost their ability to transform three thousand years ago. My people had also lost some of their abilities. But the ability to do magic stuck around but with each passing year less people were able to perform it. Fifteen hundred years ago is when the curse of this valley left me the only capable of doing magic with out outside assistance."

Herb took over and began, "Now however, with my people once again having access to our other forms and Saffron fully ascended it is only a matter of time before our children start to have problems with accidental magic. Not only that but some of out stronger warriors, whom have decent Ki control, might be able to cast magic soon."

Cologne nodded understanding why they were so intent on rewarding her son in law, clearing her throat she clarified, "So basically you are telling me that our younger warriors will gain the ability to perform magic to some degree, depending on their age and skill."

Saffron nodded and said, "Exactly, with the curse removed your peoples magical abilities will return. Some of your young adult warriors might even begin to do magic it just depends."

Cologne nodded once more and said, "I understand, however I still need to contact the rest of the council to see where they stand. I will return in a few days. Oh I also request that you release my great grand daughter and Mousse."


---------------- A week later ---------

Ranma was sitting in the quarters he had been assigned inside of the mountain in thought, he had just awoken two day's ago and had been informed of a few drastic changes taking place in his life.

"What am I supposed to do now? Given the fact that I am not a Saotome I am not required to fulfill any oaths that the panda made. But do I want to leave Akane behind? I didn't know, I mean I did technically kill for her but that was more out of loyalty to her than love. I would of done the same if it had been anyone else out there, well okay maybe not Kuno but almost everyone else. So what do I want to do about her? I know that I just want to be friends with Ukyo and Shampoo is okay if kept at a certain distance(out side of Glomping range). I don't think that I want to marry her just yet. Perhaps in time but right now I think that a relationship is the last thing I want right now."

Leaning his back against the wall he continued, "Why does my life have to be so complicated? Just a few weeks ago my name was Ranma Saotome, now I find out that I don't exist. To make it worse I am not even Japanese any more. It was sure as hell shocking when I looked in the mirror and seen a Gajin staring back at me. It is defiantly going to get some getting used to, at least I still have my biuld. "

"What am I going to do about my name though? Am I Ranma Saotome, someone who technically never existed? Or am I this, James Alexander Potter, someone who disappeared shortly after their birth? As Ranma Saotome, I have some friends, a worthless father, and crazy mother whom is obsessed with manliness and a last name that is a punch line as far as honor is concerned. But as James, my parents were killed. I have no friends and the only person left is a younger brother who I know absolutely nothing about. Does he even want me in his life, I heard that he has enough problems to deal with. Why should I make them any worse by just being there."

Ranma sighed to himself and continued his internal debate, "Still it would be nice to have a brother. Maybe he could tech me some of this magic that I've been told I am now able to do. In return I could teach him some of the art. I think that I'll go and meet him. If he wants me to leave I can always go back to japan."

Having made up his mind Ranma went to inform everybody else of his decision."