Epilogue Title: Epilogue: Rays of Eternity
Author: Amy Fortuna (peacefulpassion@hotmail.com)
Rating: PG
Category: POV
Disclaimer: Cicero's not mine.
Archive: Anywhere I post it to.
Series: Sequel to Straight Out From Underneath. Last story in series.
Spoilers: For Gladiator.
Summary: The end of the tale. Or maybe just the beginning.
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I opened my eyes, startled to find myself lying underneath a spreading green tree, completely at peace, no pain anywhere in my body. I tenatively moved to sit up. For moments my thought was that I had fallen asleep on your Trujillo farm, and that you would come find me soon enough.

Then memory flooded back, and I recoiled in horror. So I was dead then. And what of you -- were you still forced to walk alive in the cruel world I had left behind?

So this was Elysium. What beauty! Cool green trees and just beyond them a meadow filled with wheat and long bright grass.

I lay under the tree for a while longer, so busy watching the birds flit to and fro and the light twinkle on the leaves that I did not look up until I heard the crunch of gravel. I looked up then and saw -- you!

With a cry of joyful welcome, I leaped to my feet and rushed toward you, holding out my hands. You took them and drew me into your arms, both of us laughing.

And at that moment I knew my happiness lay in only one place, now and forever, in your arms.

I was content.