Chapter 2

I'm honestly surprised you're still reading this…

After the 3 day car ride to Pennsylvania, it was a relief to finally reach their destination.

"Uncle Jesse!" Jesse heard.

Looking towards the backyard, he saw his great-niece, Rachel, running towards him. Rachel had brown wavyish hair, hazel eyes, and wore glasses. She was in her bare feet with her toenails painted coral pink and her fingernails painted jade green. She was wearing an obnoxious green shirt with the saying 'I am a llama trapped in a human's body' on it, blue jeans and a gold necklace with matching earrings.

"Hi Uncle Jesse!" Rachel said.

"Hi sweetie!" Jesse said, hugging Rachel.

"You're the first ones here, except for my friend. Come on in!" Rachel anticipated.

She lead them into the house. After a bunch of hugs and 'how've ya beens', they were interrupted by a thud.

"Oops, I forgot Jonfriend." Rachel said. She opened the door and saw Jonfriend. He accidently ran into the house again.

"Babala Ee!" Rachel said.

"Babala Blah!" Jonfriend replied. They held a conversation in Rachelese for a few minutes.

Jon had long, curly brown hair that stuck out everywhere, he was sporting a black tshirt with the llama song lyrics on it, black pants with chain things, and black and white sneakers.

"Uncle Jesse, this is Jonfriend." Rachel introduced.

"Well, how'd ya do?" Uncle Jesse asked.

"My mommy found me in an ostrich nest!" Jon said for some odd reason.

"That's…nice…" Uncle Jesse replied.

Suddenly, a black van came driving up the road.

"I'm gonna run head first into that van and see what happens!" Jon exclaimed.

"Isn't that a bit dangerous?" Luke Duke asked.

"He does it all the time, he's immune to pain." Rachel said.

Jon starts running very quickly into the van. The driver just kept going. It was Rachel and Jon's other friend Ashley.

"She's coming later, she had to run a few errands." Rachel said.

"How old is she?" Bo asked.

"14, like me." Rachel replied.

"And she's driving????" Bo exclaimed.

"Yep, does it all the time. Once she ran into the neighbor's doggie. It was funny." Rachel said.

"Yaaay, that was fun!!" Jon yelled.

"Jon, come with me, I'm gonna go brush my teeth with my feet!!" Rachel said.

"Okay!" Jon exclaimed, and the stole away into the house.

Will the Duke's keep their sanity? Or will they fall victim to Rachel and Jon's craziness? Stay tuned to find out!!

A/N: If you're still reading this, God Bless You. This story's messed up and it just keeps getting worse, but it's freakin funny, no?

And yes, I can really brush my teeth with my feet.