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Pairings – RikuxSora, AxelxRoxas and many more…

Warnings – AU, Yaoi/shounen-ai, bad grammar, randomness, OOCness and… HANDCUFFS! 8D

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Flashbacks or thoughts.


- - - - - - -

The Day The Parties Start

It was a nice and sunny Friday morning. Birds were singing and flying across the sky, diving into the clouds that floated peacefully on the azure sphere. The scent of starting autumn lingered in the air and the leaves of all the trees had already started to leave their typical green color and turning into yellowish.

Sora smiled to himself, as he slowly walked underneath a large oak. Quietly humming, he did a small pirouette, dancing on the fallen leaves that were lying on the cold asphalt. Then suddenly he stopped walking and looked up at the tree. After glancing it a while he dropped a bag he had been carrying on the asphalt and started climbing on it. The large branches made this task easy, so he reached the top in less than a minute.

He watched at the sun that was rising from the horizon. It painted the clouds around it into many shades of red. Sora giggled, as he found himself thinking about how romantic the view really was.


Sora looked down at a blonde boy, who was standing beside his schoolbag. He gave him a large smile, "Good morning Roxas!"

"Sora…" Roxas lifted his eyebrow and folded his arms above his chest, "…Just what the heck do you think you're doing there? Shouldn't you be heading for school?"

The brunette boy laughed and scratched the back of his head, before nodding his head. Easily, he slid himself down from the branch he had been sitting on and started to descent back on the ground. Even if the climbing down didn't go as swiftly as going up, he managed to reach the ground level without breaking any bones. Sora grinned to his friend and picked up his bag, "I just wanted to see the sunrise. Haven't been able to watch it after the school begun again…"

Roxas rolled his blue eyes, "…And you just had to climb up that tree?"


"I see."

They started to walk in silence, towards their school. Roxas yawned widely and stretched his sleepy limbs above his head.

"Hey Roxas." Sora said suddenly, his eyes at the asphalt. The blonde boy looked at his friend, waiting for him to continue, "…I've been wondering… Will we be always together like this? I mean… like friends?"

Roxas lifted his eyebrow, "Why'd you ask something like that?"

"N-no reason!" Sora chuckled and waved his hand in front of his face, immediately trying to change the subject, "I heard that today's Kairi's parties, right? Some kind of masquerade thingy, wasn't it?"

"Oh… yeah. I had already forgotten…" Roxas rubbed his temples, before slipping his hands back into his pockets, "…I don't think that I'll be going there though… Haven't made even a costume, so what's the point?"

Sora giggled and patted Roxas' shoulder, "Don't worry Roxy, I took care of that!" he poked his tongue out and fastened his pace a little, so that Roxas had to jog to catch him up.

"W-what do you mean 'took care of that'?"

"It means- you don't have to worry about your costume, since I already got it covered." Sora smiled at his friend, who gave him a disbelieving look. The brunette laughed and shook his head, "Don't worry, it's not like I'm forcing you to dress up as a princess or something like that…"

Roxas sighed in fake relief, "Phew… I thought you made some kinda showgirl costume for me…"

Sora burst out into laughs, as a mental image of Roxas in a showgirl's costume popped up in his mind. He shook his head furiously and wiped away the tears forming in the corner of his eyes, "You wish!" he poked his friend's arm. Suddenly he noticed that they had already reached the school gate, "Oh well, come to my place after the school and I'll show your costume, okay?"

Roxas rolled his eyes but nodded anyways. Sora gave him one last cheerful smile, before disappearing into a mass of students.

Roxas started to head towards his class, still pondering the meaning Sora's words "…I've been wondering… Will we be always together like this? I mean… like friends?". He heard loud laughing behind his back and turned to look at the source of the voice. There was the school's most popular boy, Riku, with his friends. Roxas frowned at them, before fastening his pace.

So that's what Sora meant…

- - - - - - -

Sora walked into the chemistry classroom, where most of the students were already sitting by their desks and chatting lightly with their friends. The brown-haired boy looked around, until he spotted a red-haired girl sitting with a blonde girl, both of them giggling madly at something. Sora lifted his eyebrow at them, as he proceeded through other desks to towards them, "Heya Kairi and Naminé."

The girls looked at Sora, smiling widely and saying in unison, "Good morning So-ra."

"Whatcha laughing at?" Sora asked, as he sat on the desk in front of Kairi, who leaned forward to whisper something in to his ear. A confused look spread to Sora's features, as the girl pulled back, a grin plastered on her lips, "…So, you say that Riku's coming to your parties too?"

"Isn't it awesome?" Kairi pumped her fist into air, trying to keep her voice as low as possible, not to caught any unnecessary attention, "…I was so sure that he wouldn't come, but when I asked him, he said that he would and he would bring all of his friends along!"

Sora sighed and leaned his head to his palms, "…What's so special about Riku?"

Kairi and Naminé exchanged glares, their thoughts visible on their expressions. The redhead girl folded her arms above her chest and snorted, "You don't understand because you're a boy… But if you were girl like us, you would definitely understand why we want Riku to come so badly."

"Sora, is something wrong?" Naminé asked, her voice filled with concern, as she saw a weird look in Sora's usually bright and cheerful eyes. The brunette shook his head and faked a smile on his lips, and Naminé nodded her head, letting Sora avoid her question. She looked at Kairi, hoping that she would have understood their friend a little better, but she seemed to be too deep in her dreams to even notice, as the teacher walked through the door and slammed a pile of books on the teacher's desk.

Their chemistry teacher, Tifa Lockheart, placed her hands on her hips and glanced at her students, "Okay everyone, time to settle down." She clapped her hands, trying to draw everyone's attention towards her.

Kairi snapped out of her fantasyworld and blinked her eyes. She looked at Sora, who had turned around and was now turning his back at her. She frowned thoughtfully, before slapping her forehead and scolding herself quietly. Naminé gave her a quizzical look, but Kairi just waved her hand, signalling her that she would talk about it later.

Sora looked at his chemistry book, trying to act as if he was listening to Tifa, who had started explaining something about nuclear power.

However, his mind was somewhere completely out of the classroom. Longing memories suddenly made their way back into his mind, and he closed his eyes, letting the nostalgic thoughts take over him.

"Who are you?"

"I am……… What about you?"

"Will you… be my friend?" an awkward question, replied with a short laugh.

Silver hair waving with gentle breeze, blowing from the horizon. Stars on the sky blinking and slowly falling down one after another. A simple moment that would be remembered even after years.

"Why are they falling?"

"Because they're tired of this world." A reply with a small smirk, "Just like we do, when we grow old."

"I… I don't want to get tired of this world."

Sora opened his eyes, as he felt someone grab his shoulder. He looked behind his back and saw Kairi giving him a worried glance.

"Is something wrong?" She whispered the question, careful not to speak to loud.

"N-no…" Sora was a poor liar and he knew it. But when Kairi was about to keep on questioning, Naminé placed her hand on her arm that was holding Sora's shoulder and shook her head. The red-haired girl sighed and let go off of her friend.

Sora turned back around and grabbed his pencil. He opened his notebook and started to sketch a face on a blank page. Devilish, yet charming eyes, wide grin and silky hair… Sora bit his bottom lip and quickly snatched his eraser and erased the picture he had been drawing. What was he thinking? Drawing a picture of him all of the sudden?

"Haha, Sora, you've never been really the artistic one, have you?"

"You're so mean… It can't be that bad, can it?"

Sora tugged his hair and banged his head on his desk. What was wrong with him? Why did all these thoughts have to come back right now?

"Are you alright, Sora?" Tifa asked with a frown on her features, her piercing stare landing at Sora, "…Does your head hurt?"

"No… I'm okay… Sorry Mrs. Lockheart…" Sora mumbled, feeling everyone's stares at the back of his neck. The teacher gave him the last concerned look, before continuing to teach.

The spiky brown-haired boy frowned and mentally kicked himself for being such an idiot. He ran his hand through his hair, breathing somewhat heavier than normally. Fighting against the urge to slam his head on the desk again, he started to scratch down some notes from Tifa's speech, just to drive away the other thoughts.

Before Sora knew, the bell rang and the classroom started to become empty. Quickly he tossed his stuff back to his bag and followed Kairi and Naminé out of the room. The two girls were chatting about some old movie they had seen last weekend, every now and then trying to ask for Sora's opinion of the things. But the brunette just nodded his head, pretending to listen, even though he had no idea what they were asking him.

Suddenly a wave of chills swept over Sora and he stopped walking. He gulped, as he saw a familiar silver-haired teen walking cockily towards his way. Gathering all of his courage, he forced his legs to move again. A step after step didn't sound like a hard task, but when you really concentrate on it, it becomes hard and you feel like stumbling after each pace you take.

As they walked past each other, they formed no kind of eye contact and no words were exchanged. Sora tried to keep his face as emotionless as he could and his hands glued to his sides. He thought of the things he could say right now… Such as 'Hello' or 'How are you, we haven't talked in a long while'. But instead of opening his mouth, he just bowed his head downer, letting the silver-haired boy walk past him, like a complete stranger.

…The only problem was that they weren't complete strangers. After passing the silver-haired boy, Sora stopped walking and turned around and stared after the retreating back.

"Why are you so cold to other people?"

A shrug and laugh, "Because kindness never got me anywhere."

Sora sighed and spun around on his heels. Seems like Kairi and Naminé had already been able to make their way through the crowd of pupils, towards their next class. Hesitantly he, too, started to head towards his next destination, even though his heart wanted to pull him backwards.

- - - - - - -

"One word- Wow."

Sora blushed slightly, as he watched his friend spin around in front of a mirror, wearing a long black coat he had made for him. Roxas smirked at him and pulled up the hood, which was so big that it covered his eyes. The brunette sat down on his bed, next to his own coat, that was lying on his blankets.

"Sora… this' so cool." Roxas stated, as he examined himself through the mirror, "…Where did you get this idea?"

Sora shrugged and threw pair of black gloves to his friends, "I don't know… I just thought that maybe we should dress up in something cool looking… So… this' all that I could come up with… and of course mom helped me with sewing, before she left."

"Oh… where did she go again?"

"To the main islands…" Sora answered, while dressing up his coat, "…She'll be gone for whole weekend. Told me that if I got lonely, I could go to your place…"

Roxas laughed, his eyes never leaving the mirror. It was kind of hard to see underneath the hood, but he didn't care, as long as it looked cool. Eventually, he managed to stop admiring the clothing and turned around to look at Sora, who was wearing same kind of black coat as him. He winked and said, "Looking good…"

Sora was about to reply at Roxas' comment, but the sound of doorbell cut him off.

"Are you expecting someone?" Roxas asked, and Sora shook his head as a reply.

When Sora left his room to open the door, Roxas was left alone with the mirror again. He smirked and looked at his reflection, purring softly, "…Hello there sexy…"

Downstairs, Sora opened the door and saw Kairi standing behind it. Her expression was depressed, but just until she saw the coat Sora was wearing. A glimmer of light came to her lilac-colored eyes, as she invited herself in and grabbed Sora's hand, "Oh my god, that is… I mean… How the heck… Gahh, that's brilliant Sora!!"

"Ehh… thanks Kairi." Sora scratched the back of his head absently, "…So why are you here?"

Kairi started to jump up and down and shoved a package she had been holding into Sora's hands. She poked Sora's forehead, while still admiring the costume, "Look, I have this costume I was about to wear, but when I tried it on today, it didn't fit at all. So I was thinking, since you're smaller and a little bit thinner than me, if it would suit you…" she explained, while starting to open Sora's coat, "…I bet you don't mind if I try your coat?"

Sora blinked, and before he knew, Kairi had disappeared to a bathroom with his coat. The brunette glanced the package in his hands, before shrugging. He untied a small rope that was tied around it and let a long silky dress open.

He stared at it. He stared at it a long time, before realizing what it exactly was.

Calmly he walked in front of the bathroom's door and knocked on it. A faint reply was heard from Kairi, who was currently trying on Sora's coat.

"Kairi…" Sora sighed, trying to keep his voice steady and calm, "…You… really don't think that I'd dress up in… this?"

The door slammed open, revealing Kairi in the black coat. Sora hated to admit it, but the coat did suit Kairi better than him…

"What do you mean, Sora? What's wrong with Geishas?" Kairi asked innocently, as she shoved Sora into the bathroom and closed the door behind him, "…Tell me when you're ready!"

Sora frowned sadly. There goes his coat… he slumped his shoulders, but started to pull up his shirt anyways. He threw it on top of a small stool along side his pants and socks. He picked up the silky dress, wondering what to do next. He inhaled a deep breath, cursing lightly under his breath, while hesitantly dressing up in the Geisha's costume.

Kairi leaned her back on the bathroom's door and examined her fingernails, as Roxas skipped down the stairs. He lifted his eyebrow as he saw Kairi standing there, wearing same kind of black coat as him, "Did Sora do that kinda coat for you too?"

"Oh… no no no." Kairi snickered and pointed the door behind her back, "…We decided to swap clothes."

"Excuse me, but it was you who decided that, and I didn't yet agree to it!" Sora yelled from the bathroom. Kairi just laughed at this and gave Roxas as innocent look as she could muster.

Eventually, Sora exited the bathroom, even though it took a good while that Kairi was able to convince him that neither she nor Roxas would laugh at him. And when they saw Sora, both of them were far away from laughing.

"S-Sora…" Roxas gasped, his eyes wide and pointing his finger at his best friend, "…T-that's…"

Kairi was speechless too. Her mouth was left open as she watched Sora walk through the bathroom's door, rather clumsily with the weird shoes. She tried to find her voice again, and when she did, only thing she could do was to squeal.

Sora blushed brightly to his friends' reactions. The light-pink silky dress beautifully followed Sora's slight curves and a deep-red ribbon was tied around his stomach. The long sleeves covered beautifully his slender arms and on his other hand was a plain white fan. His legs seemed to fit perfectly the wooden shoes that made walking harder, but made him look even more graceful.

"Sora, are you sure you're not a woman?" Kairi managed to ask after a while, as she walked to Sora and examined the dress, "…Wow… this… this costume is like made for you… Don't you agree, Roxas?"

Roxas could only nod as a reply.

"But… Don't I need a mask or something?" Sora asked, as Kairi walked around him like a cat ready to attack its prey.

"Uhh, yeah! I almost forgot!" Kairi said, walking towards the front door, "Be right back!"

Sora sighed, as he turned to look at Roxas, who was still standing there, staring at him as if he would have been a walking dead. The brown-haired boy rolled his eyes and placed his hands on his hips, "C'mon Roxas, it can't be that horrible, can it?"

"No Sora…" Roxas snapped out of his trance, shaking his head rapidly, "…You've to me all wrong. That dress… it really suits you. I hate to say it, but you look really adorable."

Sora felt heat rising to his cheeks again, and he quickly covered his face with his fan. Roxas laughed heartily at his friend, before walking to him and ruffling his hair, "I bet many boys will fall head over heels in love with you, once they see you…" he joked, and gained a playful punch on his chest. Roxas chuckled and poked Sora's nose, "…Too bad I don't punch girls."

"Roxaaas!" Sora whined with a pout, but formed a smile, when he heard Kairi's laughing behind his back.

"Roxas, Roxas, I'm gone just for few minutes and you're already hitting on your best friend…" Kairi scolded Roxas, who groaned and backed away from Sora. The girl gave him a sweet smile, before turning her attention towards Sora. She pulled out from her pocket a white face powder and eyeliner, "Lucky that I live just next door, yeah? Anyways, since you're a Geisha, you need to look like one too…"

Sora stared in horror at the objects in Kairi's hands. Then he looked at Roxas, seeking for help, but the blonde just chuckled, turned around and walked back upstairs.

"H-hey, g-get back here Roxas!!"

- - - - - - -

Later that night, Sora and Roxas were walking towards Kairi's house. The brown-haired one had to support his weight on Roxas all the time so that he wouldn't trip because of his shoes.

It had taken Sora and Roxas a while to get Sora's spiky hair straight and into a bun of hair. It had taken them nearly one bottle of hair gel to be able to Sora's hairdo and even though it maybe wasn't a masterpiece, Roxas was still proud of his handiwork.

When they arrived to Kairi's yard, they saw that the parties had already started. Loud music could be heard clearly and few teenagers, who were dressed up as vampires, sat on the terrace. Sora moaned in pain, as his ankle twisted to an unnatural position.

"Are you okay?" Roxas asked, as he helped Sora up few stairs that led to the front door.

"Yes…" Sora hissed, trying to step on his hurting ankle. Gritting his teeth and gripping harder on his small fan seemed to help him to control the pain.

As they reached Kairi's house's front door, they didn't even bother to ring the doorbell, but just stepped in. People in many different costumes immediately greeted them. Sora and Roxas stared at them, admiring the beautiful dresses. Roxas smiled at his friend, before grabbing his hand and starting to lead him through the crowd.

Sora blushed as he noticed how many glances he kept gaining from the other teenagers, mostly boys. At this point, he was only happy that Kairi had put a lot of white face powder on his face…

Roxas pulled his hood downer, as a red-haired man walked past him, dressed up as a fireman. The taller boy looked down at the hooded Roxas, who tried to keep as low profile as he could. But as he tried to lead Sora towards the kitchen, the boy in fireman costume stepped in front of his way.

"Why, if it isn't our lil' Roxas." The boy stated, an amused smirk playing on his features, "…And who's this friend of yours?"

Sora sighed in relief, as he wasn't recognized. Roxas glared at the boy in front of him, before shaking his head, "Honestly Axel… couldn't you come up with anything more… erm… creative?"

"Whatever do you mean Roxie-Poxie?" Axel asked, placing his hand over his chest, acting highly offended, "Shouldn't you be happy that tonight, instead of starting fires, I'll be preventing them."

"Uhh, sure…" Roxas rolled his eyes, trying to walk past Axel, who, however, didn't seem to be willing to let him go. The blonde snorted and looked at the red-haired boy, who had a large grin playing on his features, "…We'd like to go through here."

"I'm sorry, Roxie, but this place is off-limits." Axel stated, placing his hand on the shorter one's shoulder and leaning down a little, "…However, I do know a place that we could freely discuss about everything… We could become really good friends…"

Roxas pulled away harshly, causing Sora nearly lose balance. He apologized his friend hastily, while turning around and starting to walk to an opposite direction.

"Is she your girlfriend, by the way?"

Roxas looked over his shoulder first at Axel, then Sora. He lifted his eyebrow, "…No." he answered, slightly blushing as Sora started to giggle. He shot an angry glare to his friend's direction, before continuing to pull Sora towards unknown direction.

They walked into the living room, which was full of dancing people. Roxas was able to find an empty couch in the shadiest corner. He sighed and sat down, Sora following his example.

"This costume's embarrassing…" Sora pouted.

Roxas rolled his eyes and placed his hand around Sora's shoulders, giving him a slight squeeze, "Don't worry princess, you look wonderful."

Sora groaned, while trying to hide his face into his hands, but Roxas roughly tore his palms away from his cheeks, "Remember the makeup, Sora…"

"Sorry mom…" the brunette mumbled, while letting his gaze wander around the room.

He had to admit that they weren't the only ones who were wearing beautiful costumes. Cloud Strife, who was a year older than them, was wearing shiny knight's armor and was carrying a long sword behind his back and his hair as messy as always. Next to him was a brown-haired boy, Sora didn't recognize, who had a long Matrix-like coat and black sunglasses. Then there was a brown-haired girl, wearing a beautiful wedding dress and a veil was covering her face. A blue-haired boy had his arm protectively around the girl and his costume was a typical black suit.

Sora also noticed that there were many vampires. Each one of them was cool in their own special way.


Roxas and Sora turned to look at a blonde girl, who was standing in front of them, wearing a nurse's outfit. Roxas' jaw dropped and he gasped loudly, "N-Naminé?"

Naminé nodded, a pink color painting her usually pale cheeks. She bowed her head down, "W-would… would you like to dance with me Roxas?" she asked, trying to rise her voice so that Roxas could hear it over the loud music.

"Sure, why not?" Roxas shrugged and stood up, giving Sora a thoughtful glance, "You'll be okay here by yourself, right?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" The brunette laughed, giving his friend a light shove on his shoulder. Roxas smirked and walked in the middle of the room with Naminé, who was surprisingly good dancer.

Sora leaned his back on the couch, sighing heavily. Someone offered him a can of beer, but he just shook his head and closed his eyes. He didn't like drinking anything that had alcohol in it. It made his throat itchy and his head spin, and before he knew he would pass out.

As Sora let his eyes wander around the room again, he saw something that made his stomach twitch and heart skip a beat.

There was a boy, wearing a samurai costume. He had a light blue shirt, which was tugged into black baggy pants (that looked more like a skirt), and a real looking katana was tied to his waist. He was wearing shoes, similar to his. His silver hair was tied behind the back of his head and there was a black ribbon covering his eyes. Sora wondered how he was able to see through it, and how the heck he was able to walk so casually with those wooden shoes.

Sora's eyes widened, when he realized that the said samurai was walking straight towards him. It was just until the silver-haired boy was standing right in front of him, that Sora realized how awfully familiar he looked.

The song they had just played ended and the next one was slow and peaceful rhythm. Sora gulped and looked up at the boy with the samurai costume. A charming smirk was plastered on those pink lips, as he kneeled down in front of Sora, offering his hand to him, "May I?"

Sora blushed but couldn't stop himself from nodding his head. The samurai boy hadn't probably noticed that he was a boy… and maybe it was better this way. With a smile he took the hand and was gently pulled up to his feet. Slowly the silver-haired boy started to lead him towards the other dancing teenagers, before stopping and pulling Sora close to his chest. The brunette gasped, but let the samurai move his body to the beat, slowly swinging back and forth.

(A/N: The Theory of a Deadman "Last Song.")

"The light that's in your eyes, like everyone wants it to be
Well can't you see that it must be this way
Who knows who's wrong or right, just as long as you're here tonight
Just like my mother, always taking my likings away
When nobody's watching us"

Sora inhaled a deep breath of the reassuring scent, as he was able to relax more. He sneaked his arms around the samurai's shoulder, while pair of strong arms was resting on his waist. It felt so comfortable and warm. Though, the touch of the silver-haired boy made him feel weird. It was as if he would have been in his arms before…

"You're beautiful tonight…" was a faint whisper to Sora's ear, "…And we even make a good couple… You're a Geisha and I'll be your Samurai… Just for tonight…"

Sora shuddered.

For some reason, he didn't want this night to end.

"Why does it feel like this world is just not for us
Why does it feel like this world's all they've got for us
Why does it feel like nobody's watching us…"

- - - - - - -

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