StuckWith You

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Pairings – RikuxSora, AxelxRoxas and many more (well, not really many…)…

Warnings – AU, Yaoi/shounen-ai, bad grammar, randomness, OOCness and… HANDCUFFS! 8D

Disclaimer – I do not own Kingdom Hearts, which probably is kind of obvious.


"Flashbacks or thoughts."


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The Finale: Distance

Sora was sitting by his desk, looking emptily in the distance. It seemed like the others hadn't still noticed that he had arrived, but he was glad he had time to be alone. Soon enough they would circle him and ask questions about what happened between him and Riku. And he was not ready to answer, because the answer did not even satisfy himself.

He pressed his palms against his eyes. He thought that he would be glad now that he didn't have to stand Riku anymore. He didn't know why he wanted to badly to turn back the time and still be handcuffed to Riku.

"Hey, Sora!" Roxas said cheerfully, as he seated himself next to his best friend. But when he saw the expression on Sora's face, he froze completely, "S-Sora? Is something wrong? Y-you… look horrible."

Sora blinked his hollow eyes and formed a smile on his lips, which was so fake that it made Roxas shudder, "Oh, good morning Roxas. I'm alright, just… a little bit… tired!"

But Roxas didn't buy it. He grabbed Sora's shoulders and forced the other one look at him, "Sora, what's wrong?"

Sora sniffed loudly and his bottom lip started to tremble. He toyed his jumper's zipper nervously, while trying to hold his feelings inside, "D-don't worry about it Roxas. I'll be okay. I just didn't sleep well and had a terrible nightmare, that's all."

Roxas sighed, not believing a word Sora was telling him. He leaned forward and hugged his friend, trying to calm him down even a little. Sora started to sniff more and rubbed his eyes on Roxas' shoulder, while returning the hug. He felt almost immediately more relaxed and slightly happier.

"If it was Riku who did something to you, I swear…" Roxas said quietly so that only he and Sora heard, "…I swear I'll kill him."

Sora tightened his grip around his friend and shook his head, "N-no… it's… it's not about Riku." He said, but regretted that he had opened his mouth. He wasn't a good liar, in fact, he was a horrible liar, so now Roxas what was wrong.

"That… that rotten…"

Sora pulled away from Roxas, a sad pout on his lips, "Roxas, please…"

"Fine…" Roxas gritted his teeth. Though, he wouldn't let Riku get away with nothing either, "Okay… I won't kill him."

Sora sighed in relief and returned back to his sulking.

Roxas frowned, but didn't say anything. He had never before Sora like that… and it was rather scary. His usually cheerful and energetic friend was now darker than the midwinter night. The usual shine of his eyes was now far gone and his skin was paler than usually. His whole appearance reflected his desperateness and sadness.

The blonde sighed and shook his head. Maybe Sora would get better during the school day…

…But he didn't.

- - - - - - -

After the weekend, which seemed so long, the Monday eventually came. It was just as boring as always and just because of that, Riku found himself skipping his classes again. He was sitting in an empty classroom with Vincent Valentine and his new boyfriend, Cloud Strife. They all were silent and just glanced at the floor.

"Hey, Riku." Vincent said suddenly, while running his hand through blonde hair of Cloud's, whose head was positioned in his lap, "I heard that you got stuck with that Sora kid the whole weekend. How did it go?"

Riku shrugged and leaned his back on his chair, flicking a strand of silver hair behind his ear casually, "It was okay I guess. Kinda boring, but hey—I'm still alive." He stated, earning a small chuckle from Cloud, "But I wonder whoever put those handcuffs on us."

Vincent smiled behind his collar, which covered almost his mouth, "Well, I put those handcuffs on Sora."


"I thought that it might be his best interest if I locked him up somewhere, so he would not be able to make a complete fool out of himself. That kid's brains are not made for drinking…" Vincent explained, sighing every now and then, "But when I was about to lock him on the staircase, Hayner came and dragged him somewhere. I tried to find him, but I did not see him again that night."

Riku rolled his eyes and let out a long snort, "Man, so it was you who made me go through that hell, Vincent."

"Nope, you're wrong, Ri-ku," Cloud stated, lifting his head from the other one's lap a little, "Vinny just put the handcuffs on Sora, not Riku."

Vincent rubbed his temples, still gently massaging Cloud's head, "Cloud, please, do not call me 'Vinny' again. It is disturbing."

Riku rolled his eyes once again, before standing up and heading towards the door. He was kind of sick the love, which was lingering in the air. Of course he was happy for Vincent, since he was one of his best friends those days. But seeing those two together reminded him of S—… Sky. Riku scolded himself mentally, as he exited the classroom.

"See ya later, Riku!" Riku heard Cloud yelling from the room he had just left from. But instead of replying, he just sped up and searched for another location where he could spend an hour. There was no way he would go back to the chemistry class… Although Rinoa would always get the message how her son always skipped the classes, there was no way to stop Riku from doing that.

Ever since yesterday, Riku had felt as if he had forgotten something. The only problem was that he didn't know what it was or where he had forgotten it. But it kept annoying him all day and night, no matter how hard he tried not to think about it.

The silver-haired boy looked up at the ceiling. It was already past the lunch and he still hadn't seen Sora all day. He probably was avoiding him… which was no wonder. But then again, it was he who had said that everything was supposed to get back to normal. No more Sora and his stupid jokes, sickeningly innocent smile and eyes or annoying whining. Riku didn't miss those things at all.

…Or that's what he tried to tell himself. He hated to admit that Sora's jokes were actually pretty good and his smile was absolutely too adorable and his eyes were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. And Sora never really whined… only pouted, which made Riku want to pounce on him.

Riku sighed and walked into an empty bathroom. Or at least he thought it was empty.

"Hey Riku." Roxas, who was currently washing his hands said dully and Riku could see anger in his usually calm blue eyes.

"Good day princess," Riku smirked and sat on top of the desk, next to the sink Roxas was using, "Milady seems to be grumpy today. Maybe he has a bad hair day?"

Roxas frowned and Riku could now see anger practically flaming in those crystal blue eyes. The blonde turned to look at the other one, looking as if he was ready to peel his skin, "You truly are heartless, Riku. I don't understand why Sora admires you so much."

"Yeah right," Riku rolled his eyes and leaned his back on a mirror, "Good try blondie. But I don't have any pity for Sora."

Roxas took a daring step forward, towards the silver-haired teen, who glared right back at him. The smaller boy lifted his chin a little, his fingernails digging into the soft skin on his palm, "You would, if you saw him this morning. I don't know how you managed to mess up with his head that much. He was allowed to go home, since he barely could stand."

Riku watched as Roxas left the bathroom, slamming the door shut loudly. Well, Roxas surely was angry. And Sora must have been feeling pretty bad if he was allowed to go home in the middle of the schooldays. But then again, it was none of his business. It was all Sora's fault if he had started to feel something towards Riku, although he had done his best to push him away. Stubborn little boy…

Soon the bell rang, marking the ending of the class, which Riku had skipped. He had P.E. next, so he guessed that he could go there, instead of just sitting there and doing nothing.

- - - - - - -

"Sora, where're you going, dear?" Sora's mother asked from the kitchen, as she saw her son in front of the front door with a large backbag.

Sora slipped his feet into his shoes and picked up his coat, "I'm going to Roxas' place. We need to do one project, so is it okay if I stay overnight?"

"Sure," the brown-haired woman said with a nod and a gentle smile, "Tell Roxas thanks that he took good care of you while I was away… Oh—he was here last weekend, right?"

"Yeah, of course…" Sora mumbled, hoping that his mother wouldn't catch him lying. He didn't want to explain her how he and Riku got handcuffed to each other and had to spent the weekend together… "Well, I'm off now. See you tomorrow, probably."

"Take care and have fun, dear." Was the last thing Sora heard, as he shut the door behind him. He bit his lip and looked up at the sky, which was slowly starting to darken. It was probably going to rain and hard.

With long paces, Sora ran around the house and towards the woods. He pulled his hood up, as few droplets of water hit his nose. His feet hit the wet ground rapidly, as he dashed through the woods, until he finally reached the small beach. He looked around and saw raindrops descending all around him.

Hastily he made his way through the beach and towards the rocks. It took him a while to find the passage, which lead to the cave where his and Riku's raft was. He stumbled through the dark corridor, until he fell on his face, right in front of the wooden raft. He groaned and rubbed his nose, while slowly getting up and slipping his backbag off of his back.

"I'll show you Riku," Sora murmured, as he opened his bag and unfolded a new sail for the raft, "That this raft won't sink."

He removed the ragged clothing and replaced it with a new, pure white blanket. He smiled and sat on the raft, before lying down on it, "Now I just gotta wait till the rain goes down."

- - - - - - -

Finally Riku's school day came to an end. He stretched his arms above his head and yawned widely, while walking out through the large doors. Finally he could go home and relax… He looked down on the asphalt and noticed it was wet. It probably had been raining a while ago.

He saw Kairi and Tidus running towards him, though he wondered whether they were just going to pass him by or if they had something to say to him. He shrugged and walked forward, only to be stopped by Tidus, who had reached him before Kairi.

"Riku!" Kairi yelled behind Tidus' back and finally appeared by the blonde's side, "Have you seen Sora?!"

"Yeah, we went to his place," Tidus explained and tried to catch his breath, "But his mom told us that he went to Roxas', but Roxas said that he hadn't seen Sora after he left the school. Now we're all searching for him, but he's nowhere to be found!"

Riku blinked his eyes, wondering how he should react to the news. He knew that Sora probably wouldn't do anything too extreme. Maybe he was sulking in some forest or at the mall, where anyone could easily get lost. So he just shrugged his shoulders apathetically and replied, "Dunno where he is. And why'd you ask me? It's not like I could predict his each movement."

"It's not that, Riku!" Kairi said, suddenly sounding more pissed off than Roxas had during the incident in the bathroom, "Can't you see that he really likes you?! He was so down today! He was like a walking corpse and when we tried to talk to him, he just said that he was okay and all that shit. But we all know that the reason why he's like that, is you!"

Riku winced visibly. He knew that he was the reason for Sora's misery, but now that Kairi said that out loud, it sounded like he was the bad guy.

"C'mon, Riku!" Tidus narrowed his eyes at Riku. Suddenly the silver-haired boy felt as if all the hate of the world would have been poured upon his shoulders and he was the only one to blame. This wasn't supposed to turn out like this. He just wanted to push Sora away, so he wouldn't have to face him again.

"You guys don't understand," Riku sighed eventually and walked past Kairi and Tidus, "You've no idea what's happened, so I ask you to just mind your own business."

Kairi placed her hands on her hips and watched after Riku. But before he got too long away, she said, "What if he loved you? Could you just reject him like that?"

Riku stopped walking immediately. He didn't turn around, but both Kairi and Tidus knew that his expression had turned from frustrated to confused, maybe even shocked. After a short while Riku spoke again, "Love? Wow, isn't that a bit extreme? But if that's so, I guess I'd have to admit that the feeling is mutual."

"W-what?!" Kairi and Tidus gasped in unison. They couldn't believe their ears—Riku's reply was something they hadn't been expecting.

"What is it? Afraid that I might bite your heads off?" Riku smirked at the others expressions, "But don't worry. The only one I like to bite is Sora."

- - - - - - -

When the raining finally stopped, Sora pushed the raft out of the Secret place. The sand was wet and it dirtied his shoes, but he couldn't care less. His eyes were fixed at the horizon, which was now clear. The wind was just perfect—it wasn't blowing too much, yet enough for the raft to move.

Sora threw his backbag on the raft as well as his shoes, before pushing his vessel all the way to the water. When his feet broke the surface, shivers run down his spine. The water was icy cold, but Sora had to still push the raft a little bit forward, so its bottom wouldn't hit the rocks under the water. He waded forward, until the water reached his hips.

He somehow managed to pull himself up on the raft and sat up on it. He watched the beach for a while, before picking up a paddle and starting to row forward slowly.

The gentle, yet cold, breeze caressed his cheeks and ruffled his hair. A small smile appeared on his lips and suddenly he found himself rowing faster and faster. The raft didn't move fast, but fast enough for Sora.

For the first time in his life, he felt free and as if he could do everything he wanted. A whole new world was opening right in front of his eyes. New adventures, new places to explore… Sora didn't know what to expect, but he was already starting to get anxious only to see other lands in horizon.


Sora winced, as he heard someone hollering his name. He looked towards the beach and saw a silver-haired boy standing there, his hair waving with the wind.

"Riku!" Sora yelled and waved his hand in the air. Even though he was already a far away from the shore, he could still see Riku perfectly, "I'm off to see the other lands! I'll prove it to you that I'm not just a stupid and innocent boy, who can't do anything right!"

"You fucking idiot!!" Riku shouted back, "Do you have any idea what you're doing?! If you leave now, there might be no way you can get back!!"

Sora looked down. A single tear rolled down his cheek, but it disappeared down his chin, as he lifted his gaze at Riku again, "So what?! Since when did you start to care what happens to me?! It's not like anyone here would miss me!! I hate being here… all the things just remind me of you!! I just… can't…"

"You're just being delusional!"

"No, you're wrong!" Sora screamed, while stomping his foot on the raft and shaking his head furiously, "You don't know me, Riku!! I'm much more than you may think I am…"

Riku was starting to get annoyed. Sora couldn't really be thinking of sailing away with a raft like that? That was just ridiculous, but somehow, very Sora-ish. Only Sora was stupid enough to do something like this, "Sora, what'll you do if you get lost?!"

"It doesn't matter, Riku," Sora said loud enough for Riku to hear. He wiped his eyes and continued, "It makes no difference if I'm lost here or somewhere else. And… I hope that when and if I come back, you'll like me more! Maybe I can become something or someone else that you'll learn to love and then you don't have to push me away anymore!"

Riku's eyes widened and suddenly he was out of words. It was as if Sora was a completely new person, now that he was slowly sailing towards the distance. But Riku didn't want Sora to be another person. He wanted Sora to be Sora, just like he had always been. And he didn't want Sora to leave, but of course he would never say that out loud. And even if he did say it, Sora wouldn't probably stop, no matter how stupid his plan was.

"Fine, do whatever you want," Riku yelled, while turning around, even though his heart demanded him to stay, "But remember that I warned you. You won't be sailing too far with a raft like that."

Sora pouted and crossed his arms. Now that Riku was starting to walk away, his heart slumped as well as his spirit. He would miss Riku. The old Riku and the Riku he had just learned to know. His eyes became wet again, as he thought about a life without Riku. But he was too far to turn back now… and when he did come back, he hoped that Riku would finally acknowledge him.

"Riku!!" Sora yelled for the one last time, "When I… When I come back, will you be waiting for me?!"

"I doubt that." Riku stated, while slowly retreating from the beach. He hated himself for not being able to say the things he wanted to say. All he wanted to do was to swim to Sora and tell him to never go away. But that would be just stupid, now wouldn't it? "I hope that you're gone long enough for me to forget all about you."

Sora sighed and sat down on the raft. Riku was just like always… Couldn't even say a proper good-bye. But he guessed he could be gone for long enough for both of them forget each other… If that even was possible. Riku was like a deep wound, which became a scar eventually—it would always be there as a reminder of what they had and what not.

Suddenly Sora felt something wet and cold under his palm. He looked down at the surface of the raft and saw a small hole in it. Quickly he covered the small opening with his hand, but soon noticed that that wasn't the only hole. The water entered the raft through, at least, ten holes. Sora started to panic, as he tried to stop the water from entering the raft, all in vain.

"R-Riku!!" Sora screamed and looked back at the beach, and saw Riku's back disappearing into the woods. He gulped, before yelling again, "Riku!! The raft—It's sinking!!"

Riku stopped walking and looked over his shoulder at Sora, "Well, then I guess you just have to swim back home. Like I said, your adventure won't be too long."

"But I—" Sora gasped, but Riku was already gone. Sora picked up the paddle and tried to row towards the shore, but the raft moved slower now that water was invading it. He let out a desperate huff and threw the paddle away, deciding that it was as good as nothing.

Sora bit his lip nervously and looked at the raft. There was nothing he could do, so he sat down and mumbled reassuring words to himself. He hugged his knees, as the cold water started to get through his already wet clothes. He shivered, as he started to realize the situation—he was all alone in the middle of deep water and he couldn't swim.

"What should I do…" Sora cried quietly, while pressing his forehead against his knees, "…I'm… going to die… aren't I?"

Meanwhile Riku, who was walking through the woods, was having a quarrel against his conscience. He hated leaving Sora like that, but then again, it was Sora's own fault once again. Why did he have to be so idiotic and try to sail away from Riku like that? Maybe he had learned his lesson by now and would never try to leave again.

Riku smiled to himself, kind of happy that that stupid raft sank. Luckily that ocean was not filled with sharks or anything. And hopefully Sora could… swim.

Then it hit Riku. When they had been younger, Sora had never learnt how to swim. Riku looked over his shoulder, but the trees blocked his view to the ocean. What if Sora still hadn't learnt how to swim?

Quickly Riku spun around and dashed back to the shore. And when he reached the beach, he saw that Sora's raft was still floating, although only barely, and Sora was still sitting on top of it. Riku groaned and threw his jacket away, before running into the water and heading towards the brown-haired boy the fastest he could.

Sora heard the splashing coming from the direction of the shore and he looked up from his knees. His expression brightened, when he saw Riku swimming towards him, "Riku!!"

"For god's sakes, Sora…" Riku yelled, while swimming to Sora's direction, "…You complete idiot! Why didn't you tell me you still can't swim?!"

Sora blushed, as he realized that Riku was actually coming to save him. At the same time he was so happy that he wanted to burst into tears, yet he knew that Riku probably saved him because it was morally right thing to do. Sora smiled and stood up slowly, trying his best not to collapse the raft, "I thought if I told you, you would just laugh and walk away…"

This time Riku did not reply, only focused on swimming the fastest he could.

"Riku, I—…" But before Sora could finish his sentence, the raft suddenly sank forward and sent Sora into the cold water.

"SORA!" Riku yelled, as he saw the spiky haired boy disappear under the surface. He swam the fastest he could, but he still had more than ten feets to go, which seemed like hundred miles in the sheer cold water. But he tried to ignore the stinging coldness and only focused on rescuing Sora.

Under the water, Sora was doing his best to get up to the surface, but only kept falling back downer and downer. He tried not to panic, but when he started to run out of the oxygen, he started to become hysteric. He kept sinking downer, no matter how much he fought against the gravity. It was as if someone was pulling him towards the bottom, away from the sunlight.

Sora's eyes started to shut slowly. He knew that he couldn't hold his breath much longer. He would die there… his corpse would fall down to the bottom of the sea and decay there. No one would find him… but hopefully his friends would remember him. Roxas would be sad, as well as Kairi and Tidus. But what about Riku? Would he be sad or just happy if he drowned?

Suddenly a hand grabbed Sora's. His blue eyes opened tiredly and he saw Riku, who was pulling him towards the surface. Sora's thoughts were unfocused, but one thing he knew was that Riku's hand was incredibly soft…

Eventually Sora was able to breath again, when his head broke through the surface. He gasped for air, before coughing the water out of his lungs. He clung onto Riku, while trying to regain his normal breathing rhythm.

"Don't you… ever… do that again," Riku mumbled between his gritted teeth, "You're so stupid, Sora."

But Sora didn't know how to thank Riku enough. For a while there, he had thought that he would surely die. But then, Riku came like an angel and saved him… that was all that mattered right there.

Riku started to drag Sora towards the shore, even though all of his muscles started to become numb and every time he inhaled, the air felt sore in his throat. And now that Sora was clinging on him, it took twice as much effort to move forward.

"I'm so sorry, Riku…" Sora said to Riku, hoping that he wasn't disturbing the other one's swimming too much, "…I don't know what I was thinking… the whole raft thing… it's completely doomed. I should've turned back when you told me to, but I… I thought that, maybe if I went somewhere else, the things could change and when I came back, we could be together. But I guess I was wrong…"

Riku breathed in and out heavily and even Sora started to notice his weariness.

"R-Riku… A-are you okay?" Sora asked, but got no answer. He bit his lip and closed his eyes, feeling utterly helpless, "I'm sorry I made you swim all that way… You must be exhausted… so… if you think you can't make it you can—…"

"No… Sora," Riku stated firmly, although he was completely out of breath, "I'll… never… again… let you… go…"

A reddish color spread on Sora's cheeks and he was glad that Riku couldn't see it. He smiled and said, "…I'm glad. Riku… You're so sweet when you want to be. And maybe that's why I like you, even if you're such a jerk."

And all Riku could do was chuckle tiredly.

Eventually they reached the beach and by that time, Riku was completely out of strength. He fell on his back on the sand and closed his eyes. His breathing was unsteady and his muscles were sore all over. Sora sat next to other one, knowing that Riku must feel just as cold as he did. Their clothes were thoroughly wet and the only dry piece of clothing was Riku's jacket, which he had left on the shore.

"Riku…" Sora sighed happily, while brushing few wet locks of silver hair behind Riku's ear, "…I can't thank you enough for saving my life. I never thought that you'd go that far just to rescue me…"

Riku snorted and opened his eyes slowly. He was starting to regain his strength, even though his breath still hitched a little. But then, all of the sudden, he smiled. Sora's eyes widened, as he saw the genuine smile sweep over Riku's features and remain there for more than few seconds. Riku was smiling for him.

"You are so fucking stupid," Riku said, the smile never leaving. Then he did something unexpected, as he pulled Sora against his chest and hugged him tightly, "I promised I'd save you if the raft was to sink."

Sora nuzzled his nose against Riku's chest, hoping that the other one wouldn't notice his blush. He didn't understand why Riku was saying all those nice things now, but he didn't really mind. He just relaxed and hoped that Riku wouldn't push him away this time, "Riku… Really, thanks."

"Shut up, Sora," Riku laughed and ruffled Sora's wet, yet spiky hair, "I hate to admit it, but you're really adorable when you're lying on top of me and blushing."

Sora looked up and saw that Riku was staring at him. This only made his blush deeper and he quickly buried his head in Riku's chest.

"But you know what'd look even more adorable?"

"What?" Sora asked, but didn't dare to look into Riku's eyes. He let out a surprised gasp, as their positions switched suddenly and now Riku was almost lying on top of him. Sora blinked his eyes and was unable to say anything clever, "Uh, Ri—… I, well… Uhn, this'…"

"This' much much more adorable position," Riku grinned and played with a strand of Sora's hair, "To see you blushing and all that underneath me… Ah, Sora, Sora, I think you're driving me crazy."

Sora smiled awkwardly, wondering if the silver-haired boy was really being serious. Maybe he was just joking, like always… Soon he would pull away and laugh at him, because he was able to embarrass him once again. Or maybe he was dreaming? Or maybe he did really drown and was now dead? Sora didn't know, but whatever was happening, he didn't want it to stop.

"What're you doing…" Sora asked, completely astonished by now, "…We're…"

But Riku just shushed him and placed his finger on top of Sora's lips, "This' the time when you're supposed to shut up and let me have my way with you."

And if Sora had thought of protesting, it would have been too late, because Riku's lips had already invaded his'.

- - - - - - -

Few days later…

"Riku. Sora." Said the grumpy principal, while glaring at the two students, "Ya both probably understand that this can't go on."

Riku and Sora exchanged glances. Sora gave a 'let's-just-give-up' look to his boyfriend, while Riku shot a 'no-way-in-hell' glare back at him. The silver-haired boy then turned to look at the principal, "Mr. Highwind, I understand that you're mad at us, but you just don't understand…"

"Understand?" The principal Highwind rubbed his hairy chin, "Hell yeah I don't understand why you hafta keep yerself handcuffed to yer boyfriend. Afraid that he might run away or somethin', Riku?"

Riku looked at Sora and smirked at him. But the brunette just rolled his eyes and rubbed his temples. He had tried to tell Riku that it was a bad idea to put the handcuffs back on… but, like expected, Riku didn't listen, only just chained them together. Again. And he explained this by saying: 'You might try to sail away again'. Sora really hate-loved his boyfriend.

"In fact, yes, I am afraid that he might run away," Riku nodded his head and grinned widely, "You've no idea what he tried last time… But that's a long story. Guess you would be more interested in what happened after I caught him, when he tried to escape?"

Something, which Riku thought was a blush, spread on the principal's face. Or maybe it just turned red because of the anger.

Sora covered his ears, as he saw that Highwind had finally had enough of Riku's smartass attitude.

"Riku, I don't fuckin' care where or why ya fuck yer boyfriend. What I care is that you can't focus durin' the classes 'cause yer too busy 'playin'' with Sora," Highwind hollered, the cigarette which was a while ago hanging between his lips, fell on his desk, "Detention. I hate to give Sora detention too, but guess it can't be helped, since you two seem to be so damn attached to each other."

But upon hearing that, Riku's grin grew only wider and Sora knew that he already had new devilish plan in his mind. The silver-haired boy bowed down humbly, "Oh, thank you Mr. Highwind. I'm sure that a little bit of detention won't hurt Sora much… Maybe he can't walk for a while, but that's okay, because—"

"Just…" Highwind groaned and pointed the door, "…Leave. I don't wanna hear any more."

Riku turned to leave, a smug expression covering his face. Sora sighed deeply, as he followed the other one out of the principal's office. He still didn't understand how Riku was able to cause so much trouble… It had been only two days, since they got together and handcuffed again, but they had visited the principal at least five times already.

When they were a safe distance away from the principal's office, Sora sighed and said, "I can't believe you did it again…"

"Oh." Riku stated lazily, "Did what?"

"You groped me in the middle of the class!" Sora cried and stopped walking, "As if it wasn't humiliating enough that you kiss me openly during the breaks and all…"

Riku looked at his pouting boyfriend. He rolled his eyes, before shoving Sora against the closest wall and stealing a kiss or two from his spiky-haired lover, "How could I not molest you every time I can? Your big round eyes and that pout just taunt me to rip your clothes off and do naughty things."

Sora tried his hard not to pout again, but couldn't help his bottom lip from moving forward. Riku chuckled and leaned forward for the last time, his lips gently brushing against Sora's. Riku pressed his body against the other one's, pinning him between him and the wall. But when he tried to deepen the kiss, Sora pushed him away and frowned.

"And now you're doing it again."

Riku rolled his eyes, seemingly frustrated, "Aw, c'mon Sora, don't be like that."

"We need to get back to the class," Sora tried not to laugh at his boyfriend, as he started to guide him back towards their class, "And I don't want any more hickeys on my neck. Roxas and Kairi will surely notice if I get any more of them…"

Riku laughed at Sora, while sneakily grabbing Sora's hand, which was linked already linked to him by the handcuffs. Sora looked up at the silver-haired boy, as their fingers entwined and their hands clasped together.

Sora sighed happily and leaned his head against Riku's forearm, as they headed towards their class in silence.

The brown-haired boy looked up at the other one. Even if the past was lost and Riku would never be the same again, he had learned to love him. And if Riku was to change again, Sora was positive that no matter whatever happened, he would just learn to love Riku all over and over again. Deep inside, Riku was still Riku. Maybe the past was meant to be left forgotten and look forward, towards a brighter future.

"Riku…" Sora smiled at the boy, who, in his eyes, was the most handsome boy in the whole universe, "…I love you."

This was the best ending Sora could ask for.

The End.

- - - - - - -

Ending notes

Whoo. It's the end. This story is kind of short, but I liked typing it. Even though it didn't come out quite as I planned, I hope that you all enjoyed reading it. At first I thought of leaving the story at the point where Sora says "When I… When I come back, will you be waiting for me?!", but then I decided that that would be just plain evil. Well, at least it's a happy ending… xx

Anyhow, all reviews are always welcome.

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