Chapter 5: SALVATION!!!

Jack woke up suddenly as a lump of wet cold sleet smacked him in the face, he leapt up and looked around just in front of him he could see the path from the mountains to the Xiaolin Temple. He wandered onto it and saw the Temple had been no more than a mile away!! He leapt up and laughed.

"YES!" he cried "Hot food, warm bed and pants tonight!" he belted down the path with renewed strength fuelled by hope. He dashed into the temple and ran to the monks.

"Hey guys it's me Jack the monkey staff gone nuts I've been a monkey for ages and I need your help to save me…!" they stopped and turned to look at the strange monkey that was bouncing up and down howling.

"Err…okay?" Raimundo demanded "Anyone know why a monkey is yelling at us?"

"You bloody well know it's me!" Jack screamed "I mean how many monkeys go around with red hair!" they looked at him dumbfounded and he groaned.

"Oh screw this!" he said and ran off into the Shen-gong-wu vault.

"Hey wait!" Omi cried.

Jack ran down and began to ransack the vault ripping draws open and tossing the shen-gong-wu to one side, he tore one open to find the Reversing mirror. He picked it up and held it in front of himself.

"Reversing mirror!" he yelled as it shone on him, he felt his fur shrink back into his skin, his tail shrivelled up as his feet return to normal and his snout shrunk back into a normal face.

Jack fell to his knees and hugged himself in relief, laughing weakly.

"I'm human again…oh thank god I'm human again!" he laughed he looked down to see his clothes were nothing but rags that barely covered his modesty.

"Jack Spicer!" Omi yelled "What are you doing in the vault?" and then covered his eyes "And why are you in rags?"

"Look I was trying to tell you but…"

"He's stealing our wu!" Kimiko said and grabbed him by the neck and threw him out of the vault. Jack hit the floor with a thud and he got up and looked at them as they glared at him angrily.

"Just when we thought we're rid of you, you come crawling out of a rock!" Raimundo snarled Jack looked at them shakily and saw the Golden Tiger claws sitting on top of a little bag of wu.

"Look…I…I can explain…" Jack said but saw that they didn't care and didn't want to listen. He sighed and grabbed the Golden tiger Claws out of the bag, he tore open a portal and vanished along with the Reversing Mirror and the bag of wu.

Jack collapsed into the hallway of his house and he got up.

"Mom I'm home!" Jack called "Mom? Dad?" his voice echoed into the empty mansion, he looked around in dismay as one of his Jack-bots came up to him.

"Greetings Master"

"Where's mom and dad?" he asked.

"They left two weeks ago on a holiday tour of Europe" it said, Jack felt a sick lump form in his throat.

"H…How long have I been gone?" he whispered.

"Sir was last seen three weeks, six days and twenty two hours ago" it said.

"And no one came looking for me? No one noticed I was gone?"

"No sir" Jack sat there staring at the floor as tears began to trickle down his grimy face, for the first time since he awoke in the dreadful circus did Jack began to cry. He had taken the physical emotional and mental blows as they came because he hoped that someone had noticed and come looking for him. But no one did, he wasn't really surprised that the monks had treated him like that as they were enemies after all. But his own parents?

He looked up and sighed.

"I guess…I should correct my mistakes then" He whispered as he got up and staggered into his lair.

The Xiaolin Dragons were flying towards Jack's lair ready for another raid.

"Don't you think we should have given Jack a chance to explain himself?" Omi asked "He did sound desperate for our help"

"What makes you think that?" Kimiko asked.

"Oh I don't know maybe it's cos he was covered in cuts and bruises?" Clay cried "He looked like he had a fight with an alligator and lost!"

"Okay then why did he take our wu?"

"Old habits die hard?" Clay suggested with a smile.

"Well we'll have our chance to ask him cos we're here!" Dojo declared.

"Okay Jack Spicer!" Raimundo declared but stopped when he saw Jack was pointing a gun at them.

"S…stay…stay away from me!" he stammered.

"Hey chill partner…don't be doing something you might regret" Clay said slowly and calmly.

"I've already done that!" Jack said "I survived! That's what I regret. God had spent the last month or so trying to tell me that I was better off dead, but did I listen? Noooo!" Jack was getting more and more hysterical as the gun shook in his hand.

"M…Maybe I should have died at the hand of those sadistic circus people…or…or maybe I was suppose to have freeze to death on Mount Hong" he cried "The one thing I had to hold on to, the one thing that got me though all that with my sanity and humanity attached was the delusions that someone actually gave a flying rat arse that I had gone and would come looking for me! I mean I…thought you guys were my friends but…but…"

"So what are going to do? Shoot us?" Kimiko demanded.

"No…no this gun if for correcting the mistakes I made not yours" he said as he held the gun to his head.

"Jack Spicer please don't!" Omi cried.

"I'm sorry" Jack wept "I'm so so sorry"

"Jack NO!" Omi cried as Jack closed his eyes and pulled the trigger…

A loud bang echoed through the mansion, Jack opened his eyes slowly to see Clay was holding his arm up and the gun away from his head, a smouldering hole in the ceiling remained where the bullet was fired.

"Don't you ever do anything that dumb again!" Omi cried out grabbing Jack by the collar "You scared us! You could've killed yourself"

"That was the intention cue ball" Jack whispered.

"Why?" Omi whimpered.

"Because nobody wants me to live…" he began…


Jack looked shocked as Clay put his hat back after slapping Jack around the head with it.

"No one ever said we wanted ya dead Jack, you might be more of a nuisance than a flea cirus on a shaggy dog but we're the closet things you got to friends" Clay declared.

"It'll be while before you can all of that Monkey Staff mojo out of your system…cough…along with your suicidal thoughts…cough" Raimundo declared while hiding the last bit behind a fit of coughs. "Why don't you come with us for a while?"

"Really?" Jack stuttered as Clay helped him up.

"Ya also look like you could do with a few sqaure meals as well!" he smiled.

"I don't remember us having sqaure food" Omi mumbled, Jack smiled and shook his head as they left the dark room.

Three days later…

Jack walked out the temple and stretched his arms above his head, a good rest, plenty of food and knowing you had decent friends/ enemies got Jack back on track. He still shuddered at the idea of what he Omi wandered behind him holding the Monkey Staff.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Omi asked "Remember last time…"

"Believe me Twinkie 'last time' has been permantly scarred into my head!" Jack exclaimed "No I have to do this" He took out the Golden Tiger Claws and opened up a portal, Omi threw him the Monkey staff and Jack vanished into the portal.

Back at the Circus, the circus leader was annoyed now that his best feature was gone customers had now become a rarity. He had to lay off people and now he was stone broke.

Suddenly he heard a thump and the familiar shrieking, he ran outside armed with his gun, Monkey Boy sat there waving his tail back and forth lazily like a cat.

"There you are you git" he growled pointing his gun up, "Come back for more eh?" Monkey Boy smiled.

"Actually I came back for three things" Jack declared quite clearly "One, my heli-bot, two my tools and three my revenge" he snarled and leapt down.

"Y…you can talk?" the circus man stammered "Monkeys can't talk!"

"I ain't no monkey boy!" Jack grinned "I am Jack Spicer Evil Boy Genius…and you're worse nightmare"

A couple of hours later The RSPCA had gotten an annomous tip off to a man who was capturing and torturing animals. When they got there the cirus animals had been given food and water but in a spare cage was a man in nothing but his pants, splattered in poo of all sorts and had a note saying "animal tortuer" stuck above him

"What the?"

"Please I did it! I torture these animals I neglect them! Please put me in prison and put away the key…just don't let the monkey boy get me again!" the cicus man begged and reeled off his confessions. As they dragged him away the circus man looked up…

Jack sat in a tree smiling at him and waved him bye bye.

"There!" he shrieked "There's the evil monkey boy!" he screamed and dived head first into the police car.

"Oh yeah Jack the monkey 1 – evil loser circus 0!" he cackled and got up to leave "Meh it pays to be the good guy some times!"

Author notes:

After seeing how many people thought it was a totally crap ending last time I re did it!