This is my first attempt, so please be kind.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. ABC and NBC own them, so don't sue.

RATING: M for language and maybe violence.

This is going to be a mismatch of Santa Barbara and GH. It is also going to be a little AU because I do not like the way GH has been going.

BACKSTORY: After Alexis finished her degrees; she went to Santa Barbara to avoid Helena. Moving in with a distant cousin, she became Julia Wainwright. She and Mason had the three children (I'm making Chester her biological son), and when Stefan called she went to Port Charles. Mason took the kids to Florida, and they became the Lewis family. Helena found them and killed the oldest boy Peter. Chester (Zander) then went to PC to be with his mother. Samantha was in school at the time. Alexis, sick of Helena's torture and furious at her son's death, conspired with Luke and finished her off for good. The whole Sonny and Alexis affair happened. Kristina was born, and Alexis killed Luis Alcazar. Mason came from Florida as Dr. Cameron Lewis, at his son's behest, to help Alexis with that whole mess. Who better to counsel DID then Mason. Alexis has regained custody of Kristina, and Sonny has finally figured out that the girl is his. The story starts with the arrival of Samantha at Harborview Towers looking for her mother. Here we go...

Samantha smiled at her reflection in the elevator doors. This was going to be fabulous. They could finally acknowledge each other as family now that Helena was dead, and Kristina has been returned home. She had finished her semester exams early and had hoped to surprise her mother, but instead found an agitated Chester pacing in their mother's apartment. After an impromptu family meeting, when their father showed up with Kristina, they had decided that Samantha would be the one to retrieve the missing member of their family and then they would start the celebrations. She smiled again when the doors opened and she spotted the shocked look on the bodyguards face. Thinking to herself, "This was going to be fun and extremely satisfying."

"Excuse me sir, I was told that Alexis Davis was here. Can you please get her for me?"

Max was still staring stupidly and the girl, but nodded his head, knocked and went to announce her. The argument inside was louder once the door was open, and neither one of the combatants noticed the interruption. Max wasn't about to interrupt either. The Boss was in a nasty mood and he rather liked the land of the living.

Sonny was beyond furious. Alexis had come per his request to discuss the custody of Kristina, and it had started out civil. But when she had refused to let him visit his first born, the civil "discussion" had turned into a bitter shouting match.

"Sonny, I'm not saying forever. It's just two weeks. Cameron said, and I happen to agree with him, that she needs to have a little stability at home with me before we spring your weekend visitation on her."

At this, the glass of scotch he was holding met the wall and shattered, and he stalked over to the bar to get another glass and pour another drink. "Do you," in a low, deadly calm voice, "know what it is like to lose a child? Be kept from a child. Your own flesh and blood with held from you. Have you any idea what that feels like?" When she didn't answer he turned to look at her and noticed the extra visitors in his penthouse. "Is there a problem Max?" The man in question paled and shook his head. Sonny snapped at him, "Then what is it?"

Max stepped aside, and motioned for Samantha to move forward. "Visitor for Ms. Davis." Sonny was stunned. The girl looked just like the woman he had been arguing with. He stared at her and immediately saw the small things that made her different. Her hair was a little darker, and she left it curly. Her nose wasn't Alexis', but her eyes, mouth and the shape of her face was all the same. She met his stare with a glare of her own. Then she turned her gaze to Alexis and smiled at her. Sonny staggered back and gripped the bar. She looked even more like Alexis when she smiled. "Who are you, and what business do you have with her?"

Samantha ignored him and focused on her mother, who by this point had paled, and was trembling. She was more than a little upset at what this egomaniacal mobster had said to her mother. He had no idea what she had been through. Helena had caused Peter's death, and then her being forced to leave them for their safety. Then almost loosing Kristina to the Quartermaines. Does she know "what it feels like"... asshole. Thank god Uncle Stefan called Daddy to bail her out. Her mom looked about ready to faint at her arrival, so she needed to lighten things up a bit. "Honey, I'm home."

Alexis thought she was hallucinating. After Sonny had said those things to her, it opened a well of pain and memories she had tried to forget. Yes, she knew what it felt like, after loosing Peter she thought she would die herself. To keep it from happening again she distanced herself from her family, and felt the loss everyday. Not to mention the whole Kristina situation. So when Samantha had stepped inside, she thought it was a product of her imagination. Alexis barely heard Sonny's questions, but heard the sarcastic, "Honey, I'm home," and let loose the sobs she was barely holding on to. "Samantha," was all she could get out between heaving breaths. Opening her arms, Samantha rushed into them, and they clung to each other.

Sonny's shock wore off quickly, and anger and frustration set back in just as fast. Where did that girl get off ignoring his questions? Did she know who he was? Why was Alexis crying? He hated being out of the loop. It made for bad business. He was about ready to repeat his questions in a louder voice and demand answers when they started talking.

"Samantha when did you get in? Have you seen Kristina? Have you seen your brother and your father? How was school? Why are you here..." Alexis' questions came out faster and faster until she started to hyperventilate.

"Momma, breathe okay. One question at a time, please chill. For your information: Earlier this afternoon; Yes, she is beautiful; Yes, Daddy and Chester are at your apartment waiting for us; School was great, I finished early; Helena is gone. It is time for us to be a family again. You and Daddy always get back together, and besides he called me to surprise you. So, surprise Momma here I am." Samantha gave her mother another hard hug.

"What do you mean your father called you!?! I'm going to strangle that man. We do not always get back together Samantha."

"Yes you do. You two have been on again off again since 1989. How many times have you married each other three, four?"

"That is not the point."

"Then what is the point?"

"The point is, well, uh, never mind. I missed you Sammy. Your father and siblings are waiting for us. We better get going then. Who knows what scheme your father has cooked up by now. Sonny we will finish this discussion at a later date. It seems I have a surprise waiting for me."

"Yes we, well you have been here too long already. Chester was about to storm the ramparts looking for you. Daddy thought it would be better if I came to retrieve you."

"Well thank god for small favors. Don't call your brother Chester. He hates that name. I'm going to have a small talk with your father, explain to him that I am not his canine companion, and makes sure he never pulls this kind of stunt again." Alexis wrapped her arm around Samantha's waist and headed for the door. But before they could reach it, Sonny had started shouting again.

"What the hell is going on here!?! We're not finished here Alexis! Don't you walk out that door!"

"Yes we are finished. You are doing nothing but being selfish and throwing childish temper tantrums. I am going to go be with my family. We will be all together for the first time in a very long while. My children are waiting. We'll talk later." With that statement she gave him the finger, and she and Samantha walked out the door. As it closed behind them, they heard the glass shatter on it behind them.

"What were you thinking, when you slept with him Momma?"

"Sweetie, it was a lapse in judgment, and I was lonely. That is still not an excuse. I thought he was a better man than this, but maybe it was all an act. Who knows, anyway what are we doing this evening?"