Disclaimers in part 1. Sorry for this update being so short. I haven't forgotten about this story, and I will finish it. But, real life has been stressful, and the lack of response has made updating difficult. I will try to be more prompt in the future.

Alexis turned and watched as her family left the establishment. As soon as the last of her children had walked out, she turned to the Corinthos'. "Ms. Caroline, I will repeat my daughter's warning. Insult me or mine again, and you will learn the true meaning of torture."

Carly's face still red, turned purple, and she sputtered. "Wha…You…Gahh!"

Alexis patted her cheek much like her daughter did earlier, "It's okay Caroline darling, we all know not to expect anything intelligent from you."

Sonny was absolutely speechless. His wife was still sputtering in fury, and her face was an alarming color. Alexis had managed what no one else had, to finally shut up Carly, and if he weren't so angry with her, he would have applauded. Although, he could not let an insult to his wife go, no matter how much she deserved it. As he was gearing up to fix the problem, two arms wrapped around Alexis' waist from both sides, the words died on his lips once again as those arms lifted her three inches off the ground.

Alexis couldn't help the smirk that plastered across her face as she looked at the Corinthos'. She had led them both in her trap, and they were both too arrogant and stupid to realize that she had them right where she wanted them. Her life was finally perfect, and she had shut the irritating harpy Caroline Benson Corinthos up. Something, she was sure, had never been done before in the history of Port Charles. They still had not managed to figure out a retort when she felt two familiar presences come up and lift her off the floor.

"Lexi darling, would you please grace us with your presence. Your children are bickering again, and Luke is screaming for what he calls 'vittles'."

"Yes, Little one, your mediating skills seem to be in dire need."

Luke came bursting through the door in his usual exuberance. "NATASHA!!!! What's the hold up? I'm wasting away here."

"Well Sparky, your niece and her wonderful husband have detained me. I would have been in the car otherwise." A large sarcastic smile accompanied her statement.

"Caroline, you seriously need to like breathe, and Grease Monkey I thought I told you to not come back to my fine establishment. Do I have to have my special Russian friends show you the lay of the land again? Come on you three. Claude will make sure that everything is taken care of here. I want vittles." The two men kept there hold on Alexis and they followed Luke out of the club, leaving the Corinthos' gaping after them.