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Aang and Katara had both mastered water bending, but Aang still needed to master earth and fire. Logically, who else but King Bumi of Omashu to teach him. Even though he was over one hundred year olds, he was still an excellent earth bender, as had been proved before. But landing on an island proved to delay the trip, and jeopardize their destination.


After landing, Aang had wandered off exploring and hopefully finding some local wildlife to entertain himself with. He had promised Katara not to wander off, but of course wandering to him was getting lost.

"And I know exactly where I am"thought Aang, climbing a tree and hopefully finding a bird or some animal to play with. He made it to the top, looking over the small forested island. Something shiny and silver stood out, and Aang had to find out what it was. He then went from tree, stopping and making sure he could see the object, what ever it was. He soon was close enough to determine what it was.

"Oh no!"gasped Aang, getting from his tree and running, only running into a large dark wall. Aang was dazed, but just for a second, looking up and trying to run into the opposite direction, but hitting another wall. He was then in a net, unable to get free or successfully air bend. Aang looked around, discovering the walls were actually were large fire nation soldiers with white face plates.

"Hey! Lemme go!"shouted Aang, trying to break free. The soldiers just stood there, most likely smirking. Two soldiers moved back, leaving a space as Prince Zuko stepped in.

"And again we meet Avatar" said Prince Zuko.

"Let me go! My friends will save me!"said Aang.

"As before. Yes, I have thought of that. So I have devised plan"said Zuko smoothly, slowly pulling out a knife. He let it shine in the sunlight, looking at the Avatar who's eyes widened. A soldier then stepped in, holding a bucket. Zuko dipped the knife in, coating it. He then kneeled down next to Aang, quickly grabbing his wrist, pulling back his sleeve and dragging the knife against the skin. Aang gasped, quickly pulling back. The cut stung, blood oozing out and down.

"I will see you in the future"hissed Zuko. He snapped and the soldiers followed, leaving Aang confused, hurt and scared. Aang quickly untied himself, running away to Katara and Sokka. They quickly packed up, and with a 'yip-yip' they were off.


Whiling climbing onto Appa's head, Aang suddenly fell down. Katara was at his side at the blink of an eye, holding his shoulders. Aang was holding his head, the white wrappings showing from Katara's doctoring. A/N: For those confused, wrappings band-aids.)

"Aang, what's wrong?"asked Katara, shaking him a bit.

"I don't know. I just kinda...fell. I must be tired or something, you know; long nights flying or something"mumbled Aang, shaking his head and getting back up like nothing happened.

They flew all night, and Appa had just made it onto another island before falling into a deep bison sleep. Katara was still concerned with Aang; he flown long nights before, yet nothing had happened. Her motherly instincts got the better of her, making her act.

"Hey Aang, can you do me a favor?"asked Katara sugar coating her words. Aang jumped down, smiling.

"I'll try my best."

"Can you just rest and relax for the next few days?"

"Why?"questioned Aang, his smile turning into a confused frown.

"Remember yesterday? Well my instincts say your getting sick. Nothing serious, but I want to be cautious."

"But I can't stay still! Besides, I'm completely heathy"said Aang.

"Please, just do this for me?"asked Katara. Normally, Aang would have melted by the cute face Katara had made, but something inside him didn't.

"No, I don't want to"snapped Aang, running off. He became tired very quickly, leaning against a tree.

"I'll just...rest my eyes..."mumbled Aang, his eyes closing as he fell down and out.

Later, Aang woke up, his head pounding and the his eyes seeing the color blue. He then sat up quickly, only to be pushed.

"Hey, get off Sokka!"spat Aang, finding his friend sitting on his stomach.

"Aang, you lay down now"said Katara harshly. Aang just looked at her, easing back..

"Why are we on Appa?"

"Sokka and I found you asleep against a tree, but you wouldn't wake up"explained Katara.

"So we took you and left."

"Wait...isn't it right to say 'Sokka and me?" asked Sokka, referring to her grammar.

"No, correct grammar is saying the person's name then the pronoun I"said Katara crossly.

"But I thought it was..."started Sokka. Aang soon fell asleep, tired and confused. But his dream was far from normal.


"Prince Zuko, why let the Avatar go when he was in your grasp?"questioned Zuko's Uncle Iroh..

"Remember when we first had him, yet he escaped?"said Prince Zuko, frowning at that memory.

"Yes, and he escaped."

"Well, he won't be much of a fight when we meet up. Do you know what I did to that knife?"

"I was wondering, yes"said Iroh.

"Ah, tea is so relaxing, would you like some Prince Zuko?"

"No, I'm good. Well it comes from an uncommon plant, that has many effects. One, it effects the person's bending, two, it weakens their immune system, and three it screws up their emotions."

Iroh just looked at him, confused.

"They can't bend, get sick, and they're emotional wrecks. And there's also one side effect, but I don't believe it. Supposedly, the Avatar would dream about me or something."


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