Ah yes, the last chapter for 'A Dagger's Cut RW rewritten. Thank you for reading and reviewing, it makes me feel like a good writer. Well, this chapter is about Zuko and his fear of mimes. Don't ask why, but he is. OOCness and humor. Hopefully people are happy that this was finished before the weekend. Don't forget to look at other good stories! Thanks!

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The next day, Aang began to learn earth bending, with Katara watching and occasionally sparring. Sokka was mostly in the kitchen. While staying in Omashu, all saw a therapist (A/N: Because they can.)

The therapist opened the door to an unhappy Prince of the Fire Nation.

"Hello" he said cheerily.

"I don't need anymore help, I'm better"Zuko mumbled.

"Ah, but your inner child is still scared. Now go sit down"said the therapist. Two thoughts raced through Zuko's ming: what was an inner child and did he have one? Zuko sat on one of the couches, only to have his legs pushed up by the therapist.

"Relax, get comfy, I'm here to help"he said. He sat down, getting a pad of paper and pen.

"So, how are doing these days?"

"Well, let's see"said Zuko, counting off on his fingers.

"I'm banished and lost my home and the only way I can get home is if I capture a 12 year old boy. And thanks to him, I rediscovered my fear of mimes. My uncle has an unhealthily obsession with tea, not to mention I'm talking to you"said Zuko, holding up four fingers. The therapist made some notes.

"And how that make you feel?"

"Why should I tell you"spat Zuko.

"Because you'll feel better." Zuko crossed his arms, glaring at the doctor.

"Do you need a friend?"asked the doctor pouting.

"No, can I go yet? I need to go challenge someone to Agni Kai"said Zuko. The therapist then got up, going under his desk and pulling up a...

"Giant, pink bunny- I mean rabbit?"said Zuko.

"Yes, this is Pinky, the fuzzy bunny. You can hold him"said the Therapist, handing the large animal to Zuko. you know, that's actually pretty funny, Zuko and pink bunny. He immediately incinerated it into a pile of black ash.

"Aw, you didn't like him?"said the therapist, patting his head.

"Are you high or something?"asked Zuko, slapping his hand away, pulling his legs up.


"Gay? Cause if so you need to not touch me." The therapist just laughed, going under his desk, pulling out a large white bunny. He gave it Zuko, who chucked it at the therapist's head.

"Still no? Hum, what would you like... 16 year old teenager. A ha!"the doctor again went under his desk. He gave the plush to Zuko, who looked at it; large black, fuzzy Komodo rhino with red eyes.

"Do I want to know where you get these?"asked Zuko, slowly running his hand on it.

"No. So, what started this fear of mimes?" Zuko sighed, seeing there was no way to get out of this.

"A ha, I see, too alike to clowns"said the therapist.

"Clowns scare me too. Too happy and... and just scary"mumbled Zuko, holding the rhino tightly to his cheek, petting it softly. Aw, inner child has been reached

"And do they make you feel?"

"Like killing you"thought Zuko.


"And how does make you feel?" Zuko just looked at him, letting the plush go slightly.

"Lie I need to stop talking. But I do feel better"said Zuko. The door suddenly opened, and in walked Zuko's Uncle Iroh.

"Hello there, do you feel better now Zuko?"said Iroh, taken back by his nephew holding a stuffed animal.

"And you like some tea?"

"UNCLE! YOU-HAVE-A-PROBLEM-WITH-TEA! Get some help!"yelled Zuko, standing up and pulling the rhino out by his tail. Zuko then popped his head back in.

"He's coming with me."

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And FIN. That's the end. All because of a small little cut...but in the end it all worked out :)