- Making Things Right.

"I want to come back… I want to exist… I WANT TO EXIST!" Angelica wide opened her eyes and sat on her bed in a snap. Then, she looked around her, and shook her head in disbelief; it was night time, and she was at her bedroom.

"Wait… does this mean that…?" Angelica, stunned, touched the wall behind her bed, and started pushing. "I can't pass through the wall… then… I exist…I EXIST AGAIN!" The girl exclaimed in happiness, and grabbed her doll, hugging her.

"I exist again, Cynthia!" Angelica said, excited, and then hugged her pillow. "And I'm in my bedroom, and here's my pillow! Hello, pillow!" Angelica then turned on the lamp next to her, jumped down the bed and started touching everything at her bedroom. "Hello, lamp! Hello, rug! Hello, closet! Hello, Dummi Bears' videos! Hello, Cynthia Deluxe Manor with Jacuzzi and Beauty Parlor! Hello, Reptar's cereal bar I brought here the other day and forgot to eat you!" At that moment, Fluffy pushed the bedroom's door, that wasn't totally closed on first place, and looked at her human, who then noticed the feline.

"Fluffy!" Angelica dashed to hug her cat, smiling widely; the cat was obviously surprised, but purred in happiness at the girl's display of affection. "I'm back, Fluffy, and I'm never leaving again… and you can sleep with me if you want as long as you don't scratch the bed, okay?"

"Angelica, are you okay?" Drew wide opened the door and turned on the light, followed by Charlotte, both of them in their pajamas.

"We heard some noise; is everything fine, sweetie?" Charlotte added in a slightly worried tone. Angelica placed Fluffy at the floor, and then gave her parents a tight hug (more precisely, their legs).

"Mommy, Daddy, I'm fine, and I'm very glad for seeing you." Angelica told them, and, immediately, got a more serious look. "I heard you two a while ago and… I'm sorry for not being a good girl, but please, don't think you are a bad mommy and a bad daddy. You two are very good, and I love you."

The adults realized that their little chat wasn't as secret as they thought, and kneeled to talk to Angelica face to face.

"We love you too, Angelica, and we'll always do, no matter what. It's just that, sometimes we grown ups make mistakes when raising our kids, and you and the other children are those who pay for those mistakes." Drew told his daughter while hugging her.

"I… I understand, Daddy, and I'll try to be a better girl from now on. I don't want you two to be sad because of me, and I don't want anyone to get hurt either." Angelica replied, making both adults to smile slightly at her.

"Mommy, I'll understand if you two ground me when I do wrong, and I know you said I wasn't going anywhere but the school until telling me the grounding is over… but, can we go tomorrow to Chuckie's house so I can apologize?" Angelica asked her mother in a begging tone. Charlotte's smile grew, and then she kissed the girl's forehead.

"Of course, sweetie; I'll call his parents, and I'll take you there after school." Charlotte told her. Angelica smiled widely, and, after getting another hug from her parents, Drew carried her back to her bed so she could rest.

Angelica slept the rest of the night without any problems, a little smile on her face the whole time.



"Yes, Angelica?" The girl turned to see Angelica, who started looking for her the moment Charlotte dropped her daughter at the kindergarten.

"I want to apologize for taking that candy from your things; I know that's bad, and that you love candies even more than me, so," Angelica handled Dulce a bag filled up with assorted candy, "I want to give you this. It's something I had been hiding under my bed for a while, in case I wake up at night with sugar's cravings; it's my way to say 'I'm sorry'."

"Thanks a lot, Angelica! Okay, I forgive you and again, thanks." Dulce replied in happiness while grabbing the bag, opening it and eating some candy immediately.

"Enjoy it, but don't eat too much, or you'll end like a hippo." Angelica chuckled, and then headed to the table where Harold and Susie were sitting.

"That was very generous from you, Angelica." Susie said, impressed at Angelica's gesture.

"Well, I have to apologize with many people, Susie, and decided to start with her." Angelica shrugged, and then got a more serious look. "Susie, I'm sorry for not hearing you when you tell me I'm doing wrong; I know you only try to help, and I want to say you are my best friend, and I appreciate you a lot… even if at times you also make me angry."

"Thanks, Angelica… and I also consider you a very good friend of mine." Susie smiled widely at the blonde, who smiled back and then looked at Harold.

"And Harold, you are the best assistant I could ever ask for, and I'm sorry for forcing you to do so many things even if they are dangerous ones. I promise I'll be more careful when asking you do something, and be a better friend too… and I hope you can forgive me for what happened yesterday." Angelica told the fatty kid, who stood up and gave her a tight hug.

"Thanks, Angelica, and don't worry; you know I can't stay angry with you." Harold told her when breaking the hug, but his usual goofy smile got replaced by a slightly sad one. "But I still feel bad for hurting Miss Weemer."

"Then, we have to do something about it. Come with me." Angelica held Harold's hand, and both kids went with Miss Weemer, who was taking some toys out from a chest for the children; she had a little bandage around her head, in a band-like way, because of the hit she received the previous day.

"Miss Weemer, can I say something to you?" Angelica, in a humble tone, got the teacher's attention, "What happened yesterday wasn't Harold's fault; I forced him to climb the bookshelf… and I'm very sorry for you getting hurt."

"I think we all have some fault, Angelica." The teacher said in her usual kind tone, "I have to be more careful so you kids don't do anything that dangerous on first place, and you two must be more careful as well… but I'm very glad you are taking responsibility and apologizing, Angelica. And don't worry about my head; I wasn't using those neurons anyway." Miss Weemer chuckled slightly while rolling her eyes. Angelica and Harold smiled at her, and, after the teacher gave them a ball, they returned with Susie to play.


"Charlotte, Angelica, come in." Kira greeted the blondes as they entered her home. Angelica was holding a large bouquet of plastic flowers, and looking down.

"Mrs. Finster… I want to apologize," Angelica said in a humble tone, "I never wanted Chuckie to get hurt, and what happened yesterday was my whole fault. I'm very, very, very sorry, and I'll never do something that silly again."

"I know Angelica; your mom already told me how bad you feel about that accident." Kira kneeled in front of Angelica, touching her cheek to make her raise her head and look at the woman, "But you know I'm not the one who has to forgive you, but Chuckie. Why don't you give him his flowers?" Angelica nodded, and followed Kira to Chuckie's bedroom, followed by Charlotte.

"Chuckie, you have a visit." Kira told her son, and then moved aside so Angelica could enter the bedroom. Chuckie was at his bed, with his leg in a cast and a pillow under it; Kimi was standing next to him, and frowned when looking at the blond girl, while Chuckie gulped and kept silence.

"Can you please leave us alone for a moment, Mrs. Finster?" Angelica asked the Japanese woman, who nodded in reply, and she and Charlotte left the bedroom.

"I'm not letting you hurt my brother again, Angelica!" Kimi snapped at the blonde while placing herself in front of Chuckie's bed with her arms extended and giving Angelica a stern look. Chuckie didn't say a thing, just looked down to avoid eye contact with the blonde.

"I… I don't want to hurt him, Kimi; really, I've never wanted to do it." Angelica said to the smaller girl, "I like to play pranks on him, and yes, I had been very bad with you and the other babies, but I have never wanted anything bad to happen to any of you. I came here to apologize to him… and to you, too; I know how much you love him, and I'm very sorry for hurting your brother, Kimi."

Kimi noticed Angelica's expression, and her own stern look disappeared; the blonde seemed to be very sad, and then Kimi remembered she also looked that way after Chuckie got hurt. The Japanese guessed that, this time, Angelica was really saying the true, so relaxed a little and moved aside.

"I'm going to be outside, okay?" Kimi told her brother, who silently nodded at her, and then the little girl left the room, giving Angelica a little smile on her way out.

Angelica took a deep breath and moved aside Chuckie, showing him the flowers.

"I brought you these, Finster." Angelica tried to get his attention, but he was still avoiding the eye contact. "Okay… I'm letting them here." Angelica sighed sadly, placing the flowers aside, and then sat at the bed, showing her back to the kid.

"Hey, you have a bell!" Angelica exclaimed when noticing a little bell next to Chuckie's pillow. "It's to call your mommy if you need something, right? I once used one of these when my leg got hurt and my uncles took care of me, remember?" Angelica turned to see Chuckie's face, but he still ignored her. Angelica returned to her previous position, sighing, and then talked to Chuckie while doing her best to not start crying.

"I know you are angry with me, Chuckie… and I know I did something very bad… but yesterday, when I was with you, I didn't say lies to you, at least, not everything I said was a lie. You are the oldest baby around, and because of that, well… I still like playing pranks on you, as I do with the other babies, but I also feel very comfortable talking and playing with you. You obey me better than Harold or Susie, and I can talk to you as a big kid, and I can't do that with my cousins… or nobody else."

"The flowers are pretty." Chuckie finally talked, making her to turn and look at him, who was giving the girl a sad smile.

"Angelica, why you always do mean things to me?"

"Because you're very funny, Chuckie; you always do silly faces when scared, or those weird noises when you scream or I put sand in your pants… and when you get dirty because of one of my pranks, or I shove you, and you look at me, well… you look so funny, and, at the same time, so cute!" Angelica confessed, looking down yet getting a large smile, "Seriously, sometimes when I do bad things to you, you look as cute as a puppy or a kitty… no, you look even cuter than a lot of puppies and kitties!"

"So, you do bad things to me because you think I'm cute?" Chuckie replied in disbelief, yet getting a large smile as well.

"Yes, you are the funniest and cutest baby I had ever known, Finster!" Angelica admitted, touching hands with him. "That's why I got so scared when my prank went wrong, and you got hurt; I never, ever, want anything bad to happen to you, and I would feel horrible if I could never see you again. Without you, I wouldn't be a mean girl… I would be a very sad girl."

"I wouldn't like you being sad, Angelica. Even when you are mean with me, or scary or bossy… well, I still think about you as a friend." Chuckie told her, chuckling a little.

"And your friend doesn't want you to be hurt, or sad either; I know I can't stop messing with you because that's the way I'm used to play, but, from now on, I promise I'll be more careful with my pranks, and I'll try not being so mean with you or the other babies. So… you forgive me?" Angelica offered her hand to Chuckie.

"I forgive you." Chuckie shook Angelica's hand, smiling widely. Then, Angelica leaned, and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

"You… kissed me." Chuckie smile grew even more.

"Just don't get used, okay? It will be our secret... that, and the cuteness thing." Angelica smirked playfully while scratching his chin, making Chuckie to chuckle.

"Sure… can I tell you something at the ear?" Chuckie told her. Angelica leaned again, and Chuckie kissed her cheek.

"I liked it." Chuckie smiled at Angelica, who gave him a fond look, and the kids embraced for a few seconds. Then, he looked at his injured leg, and sighed. "Do you know any good games you can play when having this thing on the leg?"

"I might have an idea."

On the meantime, Didi dropped at the Finsters' place with her kids and the DeVilles' so the babies could visit Chuckie. Didi, carrying Dil, started chatting with Kira and Charlotte about Angelica asking for Chuckie's forgiveness, while Tommy, Phil and Lil were greeted by Kimi.

"Kimi, my mommy said Angelica is here." Tommy said to Kimi in a half-angry, half-scared tone.

"Yes, she is talking with Chuckie now." Kimi told him.

"Oh, no! What if she tries to hurt Chuckie again?" Lil said, scared.

"I say that, if she does, we must break all her toys and let Spike and Dil chew Cynthia so she never does it again." Phil proposed, pretty angry.

"I don't think she want to hurt Chuckie, friends." Kimi commented. "She was very sad, and I think she really wants to apologize to my brother."

"Kids, let's go see Chuckie." Didi got the children's attention, and they walked with her and the other women to Chuckie's room, gasping in surprise when looking what was going on.

"And now, I'm drawing a puppy." Angelica said to a smiling Chuckie while using the redheaded boy's crayons to draw a red dog on his cast, alongside several other drawings she already had made. She then noticed the other people at the room, and smiled at them. "I'm decorating his leg to make it look nicer; it's okay?"

"Yes, Angelica, and it really looks nice." Kira commented as she and the other women smiled at her. Tommy and the other babies looked at Angelica, and, when noticing Chuckie was fine and happy, smiled too and approached the bed.

"You babies want to draw something?" Angelica handled Tommy a crayon; the kid smiled at his cousin, and then started drawing something that looked like a car (at least to him), and then the other babies started doing the same, with the grown ups watching them to be sure they wouldn't hurt Chuckie by accident.

Didi, still carrying Dil, moved next to Chuckie's head, and sat at the bed; Dil noticed the bell, and grabbed it, shaking the bright object to make it ring.

"How nice, Dil!" Didi smiled at her baby, "You know that, when the bell rings, the angels get their wings?"

Angelica moved a few steps back to allow Phil to pass and draw something, and gave a fast look outside through the bedroom's window, smiling at the sight of a little car, driven by a blond girl, moving away from the house, and then talked in a whisper.

"Either that, or a charge for the car's battery, Aunt Didi."



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