Well If you did not watch Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and it's second season A's, the you would not have understood the other half of the story. I am also well aware that the third season, StrikerS is due soon- so in Nanoha lore, this would be an AU happening. Please consult your local YouTube station for details.

Standard disclaimers apply! And the OC being placed is the property of the lucky author/authoress- details below.

Note: Parings will depend- this fic is placed a few months after the events of A's. Take note that this is an AU of TMM, berry fighting DB's group is not in canon. I'm describing the A's aspect more clearly since i've placed this in a TMM setting, in order to bring other the anime in view as well- all you readers know TMM already.

Prologue: The Two Cities' States

Uminari City, Japan, 5:50 PM.

Three monsters were making havoc in the city streets which were unusually gray by anyone's eyes- the reason, someone- a blond, boy with glasses and wearing a cape was casting that magic, the green circular formation evidence of it. From the formation, chains were issuing, wrapping around the mysterious creatures, binding them.

"Nanoha, Fate, Hayate… I have it covered, please seal those jewel seeds away." The boy spoke without moving his mouth- it was psychic. "Vita will assist you while Signum and the others stand by…"

"They sure are scarier than last time, eh Nanoha?" a cold, yet friendly voice came in the line.

"They sure are Fate…" a cheerful voice came in. "Hayate, how's your end?"

"Uhm… I'm not sure about this… it's totally different from beating the heck out of known enemies…" a somewhat unsure voice then answered.

"It's just a regular monster; me and Eisen can smack it hard anytime…" a bratty voice came in, still female.

"Uhm… that can be Vita, but we might get blown up in the process…" the cheerful voice identified as Nanoha came in with a hint of dread.

"They've started to move!" the boy cuts in. "I can't hold it!"

We now turn to the site of mystery monster No. 1, where a brunette with a single tail on the left side in white schoolgirl-type clothing with pink light wings on her shoes was twirling her staff, pink and white, with a red orb set in a golden frame.

"I'm ready here… Fate, Hayate…" she spoke with a cheerful yet serious voice- identifying herself as Nanoha.

At monster No 2's site, a girl with golden hair tied into two tails wearing a swimsuit-like suit, frilled forward open skirt, armored shoes and a black cape was readying her weapon- a somewhat axe-like weapon- a halberd with a yellow orb framed in.

"I'm ready…" the girl replied, in a cold yet assuring voice- identifying herself as Fate.

At monster No. 3's area, two girls were there- one was a redhead with twin braided tails, wearing an all red getup- skirt, blouse, and bunny-themed hat, carrying what seemed to be a double-headed hammer. The other girl, a short-haired blonde wearing what seemed to be a semi-sailor type of outfit- skirt, blazer hat and innergarments, along with small white wings at various points of the suit, was shaking her hold on her golden cross-ended staff.

"I'm ready… Reinforce?" she spoke in the unsure, shaky tone which identified her as Hayate.

Moments later a hologram emerged infront of her, a gray long-haired chibi girl, wearing the same clothing as Hayate, holding a blue book.

"Yes master…" the hologram replied cheerfully- identifying herself as Reinforce. "Sealing Ready…"

"Sealing Mode, setup…" the staff on Nanoha's hand replied in a robotic female voice.

"Sealing Form, setup…" Fate's weapon responded, this time with a male robotic voice.

"Lyrical Magical…" Nanoha began to chant- honestly; it was a long time since she sealed anything.

"Jewel seeds serials…" Fate followed.

"29 (XXIX), 32 (XXXII) and 45 (XLV)…" Hayate came in.

"SEAL!" all three girls spoke.

"Sealing…" all three staves responded, light ribbons with inscriptions on them issuing from their drawn formations at the tips of their staves- Nanoha and Fate's are similar in design but Hayate's was the different one- it was a triangular-shaped formation with circles at the intersection points and in the middle- four in total, with a cross in the middle.

The move worked, dispelling the existence of the monsters and revealing the cause of them- a small diamond- shaped jewel with a greenish tint- with a red roman numeral etched into it- three jewels known as jewel seeds serials 29, 32 and 45. The jewels then approached the staves and were absorbed into them, enabling receipt of capture.

"Receipt No. 29…" Nanoha's staff replied.

"Receipt No. 32…" Fate's staff receipted.

"No. 45, in…" Reinforce replied, with the construct jumping up and down in joy. "Yay!"

Tokyo City, same country, same time.

People were running for their lives at the sight of one really huge monster- that seemed to be derived from an elephant. Above it, three figures were looking in anticipation- tall, normal and short, all of them having unusually long ears.

"Honestly, using that circus elephant is the best one thought of so far…" the tallest, apparently the oldest of the group replied.

"Heh… you got beaten by the kid Pai…" the middle one chuckled and sort of smirked.

"You yourself are beaten Kish…" the tall one, identified as Pai replied, adjusting his fan a bit.

"I'm simply bored…" the one addressed as Kish spoke, stretching out.

"Eh, that's because you are always thinking of the 'old lady'…" the youngest, and apparently the bratty one replied.

"Tart why you! Don't even talk of my…"

"Why, it's you guys again!" a somewhat shrill voice came, with brought anger reactions in the three, plus an interest in the middle one.

"So there you are my Ichigo…" Kish yelled 'for joy' and then turned sour. "And her friends…"

On the street below them were six girls- from the eyes of a bureau clerk, it seemed that some of them were familiars- but a Tokyo resident would say otherwise- he would say the correct description of the group- Tokyo Mew Mew.

"I'm not your Ichigo!!!" the pink-haired, cat-eared girl replied. "And I'll never be, that's because…"

"We know! We know!" the catgirl's associates and the three floating 'people' replied, before she can put off another long story and so on and so forth.

In the meantime, on a building rooftop, someone in a bureau clerk field uniform was looking at the events, Terran cellphone on his one hand and binoculars on the other, looking at the scene- and this particular clerk is also a Tokyo resident- since at his feet were his groceries. And so the fight broke out before his eyes, and after a while, the sides were defined- the girls versus the boys and their 'pet'- or chimera as it was called in this part of the world. One thing was undefined though- he was feeling something strange in the air, and he was already used to these attacks- so it was definitely stranger.

"Let's see… aliens fight back to protect chimera… check…" he began to outline the checkpoints of the battle, for the umpteenth time in his residence. "Girls pounding them and getting pounded back; check… and I'm sure those two are checking up on this fight as well…"

In a café basement somewhere in the city, two gentlemen, one with short blond hair and another, a brunet with a small tail, both stopped for a moment.

"And then the finishers… check…" the clerk again thought as the first of many signature moves began to play out- the 'dog-eared' oldest of the group had already unleashed hers- a ribbon of violet light, stunning the creature.

We turn back to the battle, where the green-haired girl began her move.

"Ribbon… Lettuce Rush!" the move called, sending water pulses towards the monster, also stopping the monster's own water attack as well.

But that was receipted by the tall enemy's fan attack- the one with thunder and lightning, harming all the girls. Then, a ball of light approaches the enemy trio, missing them but hitting the chimera and dispelling the shock.

"What the!" the three males looked around for the source.

"Mew Ichigo, now!" the 'dog-eared' oldest then spoke, sensing the opportunity.

And so Ichigo and the rabbit girl's combined finisher took the enemy off guard and destroyed the chimera, leaving only the original animal it was created from, and a jellyfish blob- the known cause of it. The three, in sudden surprise and frustration, left the area. The clerk in the meantime was holding out his staff and it was pointed to where the aliens and chimera once were- he was the one who fired the shot. He stood his weapon down, reverting it into its civil form- an ace of spades card. Pocketing said card, he was about to pick up his grocery bag when suddenly his phone beeped- with the message "Lost Logia Detected…", making him worry.

"Oh dear…" he thought as he used his binoculars once again.

Then he spots a similar being as the three earlier, with long hair and holding one thing that he recognized- well one kind of thing and there were many of it- too many.

"Oh my… that's enough seeds to bring on ten Alhazred incidents…" he then thought as he began to call, and the long-eared woman vanished from sight. "Uhm… Time-Space Administration Bureau… It's Ace… I think I have found that pipeline source that you guys were asking for- in Tokyo…"

Little did these two cities, Tokyo and Uminari know that a set of relics will connect them, into a much more dangerous conflict, with stakes a little higher and with loss meaning two times riskier. And little did the Tokyo Mew Mew leader named Ichigo or the one with the different magical seal named Hayate know that they will walk the path of the magical cross.

Next Chapter Preview:


"Eh, a pipeline?!!"

"Yup… and since you are the one without any mission, I'm assigning you…"

"But admiral Lindy…"

"Even your knights are working on their own, why can't you?"

"Can I least get someone to help?"


"Eh, what did you mean that someone shot that light?"

"That's what it is, but at that too far a range… and the energy values…"

"I don't know Ryou, but that light seems familiar, would you kindly zoom on the direction of the source, max please…"

"Okay, I don't know that you are thinking Kei, but… here goes…"

"Just as I thought… someone was watching us- and aided us as well."


Needed: One trainee combat mage to help in a mission with one of the bureau's top mages- Hayate Yagami, Mistress of the Night Sky, currently in Tokyo trying to retrieve a hoard of Lost Logia. (and aiding the mew mews while at it)

Please submit your application form in the 'The New Generation' forum casting call thread or just mail the form directly to our author office with the ff details:

- Name:

- Gender:

- Age: Preferably 11-14 years or same ages as the younger mews, since i'm placing Hayate in the same age as Berry or Ichigo.

- Personality: very important- so no Mew hostilites can occur- maybe. also determines his / her relationship with the senior mage. Also include the style of clothing in civilian mode.

- Magic Type: Choose between Mid-type or Velka-Type. This also sets your weapon / device, as Mid-types use staffs and Velka-types commonly use melee weapons such as swords, spears or a mallet if you wanted- only the Reinforce Staff is a Velka staff - already reserved for the chara i'm adding from another series. Also state the color of the formation- though the colors blue, pink, yellow, green and orange are excluded in Mid-type while the colors red, violet, gray, white and green are excluded in Velka-type.

- Barrier Jacket: Describe your fighting clothes (known as a 'barrier jacket') in detail.

- Weapon / Device name: State the name of your device. If you choose Mid, name it in English, if Velka, name it in German- be sure that the German can be translated into an english word with meaning, and that the name means something, like 'Reinforce' use babelfish for trans services.

- Device Type: Staff if you chose Mid, or a weapon like a sword if Velka. By default, the weapon will have a energy cartridge system with six bullets per clip. List here any of the device's forms- though the maximum number of forms is about 3. describe it in detail in its normal form and its compact or hiding form.

- Skills: List all of the skills that you will be using with your device on hand- in normal or compact mode, no natural skills. and only one ultimate skill and three shielding skills (self directed like 'round shield', self area like 'protection ' and wide area like 'wide area protection' please)

-Why do you want to be chosen to accompany Ms. Yagami in her mission:

Application Period is 14 days.


Adm. Lety Rouan
TSAB Directress

Adm. Lindy Hallaoun
TSAB Director of Operations, Terra Space

Lt. Cmdr. Nanoha Takamachi
Senior Instrcutor, TSAB Traning Center-Uminari Chapter, Uminari City, Japan

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