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Chapter 1

The world has changed. Hatred, fear and retribution have taken over where there should be understanding, faith and peace. Throughout history, there has never really been a time of such peace, no matter what our respected elders would have us think.

The young are forced to grow up too fast, while the older generations seem to die too soon. The rest of us are left to persevere in our war torn world, and bear the mantle of almost non-existent hope.

Voldemort and his ruthless followers bear a great responsibility in helping to form the world we now live in, the world where we constantly fight for the most basic of freedoms. The freedom to live. The Dark Lord in his prejudiced glory has doomed us all. His reckless attacks on the muggle community have endangered our world. Some of his followers, in a rare moment of wisdom, defected to our side and joined our cause to help protect our world from the increasing danger of muggles.

The Order of the Phoenix has time and time again, stubbornly refused to consider that muggles were a threat to the wizarding world. Instead they focused all of their considerable efforts and resources on Voldemort and the activities of his Death Eaters. It wasn't until an order member turned up missing almost 2 years ago that they began to realize their folly. To this day, we still have not found out the missing persons name.

The worst offense the Order has committed was to rely on their old ways. Overall, they were not open to ideas and tactics the younger and in some cases more experienced members put forth. This caused dissension in the ranks that slowly over time grew. Unbeknownst to the Order, plans were being made.

A new Order was founded, one that was developed and brought into existence in a swift organized fashion. Many witches and wizards flocked to this newly formed organization, including several notorious Death Eaters.

The Order of the Phoenix had no idea that a second movement had been formed, one that stood for all of wizarding kind. Nor did they know that several prominent members from their Inner Circle were involved in this new organization.

Clueless, The Order of the Phoenix continued on with their goals, not knowing that they had been and still were out planned, out smarted and out matched by a certain trio of friends. A trio to which I am a third of and who are the leaders of a group we simply call "Eredita".



"Well, what do you think?"

Hermione pursed her lips in thought as she scanned the dilapidated apartment building. It would be a perfect place for their new Headquarters, and sizable enough so that all members of Eredita were granted rooms. Of course certain members would be accorded larger rooms based on their needs, wants and status. She glanced out the barred window to the deserted muggle street below.

"I think this'll work Ron." Harry said, his green eyes sliding over the mint green walls. Hermione nodded her agreement absently.

"Is Lavender sure of her father's contact?"

Ron sighed. "Yes, Mione. We've been over this already. The documents are in order and the money ready to be transferred to the seller's offshore account. All they need is our signatures and it's a go."

"Well, let's do it then." Harry stated.

He led the way back down several flights of stairs to the bottom floor where the muggle barrister stood waiting. He smiled brightly upon seeing the trio of friends, his eyes lingering on Hermione.

"Everything alright?"

"Yes. We have done the final walk through and we are ready to sign." Harry said with an easy tone.

"Great! Shall we return to my office?"

"No. That won't be necessary. We'll just sign the papers here if you don't mind."

The barrister's face fell a bit with that statement. "Of course." He drew out the documents from his briefcase and watched as one by one the three young adults signed the previously read contract.

"Thank you Mr. Rollins for all of your help." Harry said holding out his hand.

"My pleasure." Doug Rollins said with a smile as he shook the proffered hand. He casually placed the documents back in his briefcase and handed over the ring of keys.

"If I may be so bold to ask Mr. Green, what do you, Mr. Moore and Ms. Simmons plan to do with this building?"

Harry smiled thinly. "We have several ideas, none of which we have settled on yet."

Mr. Rollins blinked at the vague answer before mentally shrugging. He bid each of them goodbye and did not notice the tenseness of the two men that stood next to the lovely Ms. Simmons as he let his eyes linger on her form lasciviously.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the barrister and firmly took Hermione's arm in his hand in a possessive gesture that was not lost on Mr. Rollins. Ron placed a hand on her shoulder, his blue eyes promising pain to the middle-aged muggle.

Nervous, the older man cleared his throat. "Well I'll be off then. If you need anything please ring my office. We have quite a contact list of contractors, plumbers, electricians, interior designers…."

Harry interrupted forcefully. "Thank you for the offer but that won't be necessary. We'll manage."

With no reason to stay, Doug Rollins walked out of the front door and got into his car. He allowed himself to relax and shivered at the iciness in both young men's eyes. He was glad that the deal had been closed and he would not have to lay eyes on them again. Though it was a shame in Ms. Simmons case. She was a petite thing but a real beauty.

He started his engine and took off down the street with thoughts of a curly haired woman beneath him, sweaty and screaming out in pain and pleasure. He felt himself harden.

Hmmm. He would have to pay a visit to Madame Miller's, a brothel that housed some of the finest and best whores around.

He sure hoped they had a curly headed brunette available.


Harry watched as the muggle drove out of sight before turning to his friends. As if rehearsed, the trio began laying various wards and charms all over the building. Finally, they were finished with the primary spells.

"Well Mr. Thomas Green, and Ms. Jane Simmons, what shall we do next?" Ron drawled in an exaggerated imitation of a Quidditch announcer.

Hermione batted her eyes at him playfully and spoke in an overly sweet tone of voice. "Why, Mr. Donald Moore, I do believe that we have more to do on our agenda."

Harry grinned at his two friends. "Let's go you two. We have some people waiting for our news before the real work of the night begins."

With that, the three friends apparated to their destination.


Hermione shook off the autumn chill as she, flanked by Harry and Ron entered Weasley Wizarding Wizzes through the back entrance. They approached a closed door hearing voices within. Turning the knob Hermione led the way as Harry and Ron entered the room that immediately silenced at their entrance.

Scanning the room, she saw her partner in the corner next to Severus Snape and inclined her head in a forced greeting.



She felt arms entwine with hers as she was kissed soundly on both cheeks from the twins.

She smiled as they led her to a chair, fussing over her until her coat was off and she was seated. Harry smiled at the twin's antics while Ron rolled his eyes. They both took their designated seats. Harry was at the head of the table with Ron to the right and Hermione to the left of him. He quickly looked at the gathered members of the Inner Circle of Eredita noticing his partner. With a quick respectful nod in greeting, he turned his brilliant green eyes towards the faces at the long table waiting for them all to be seated.

Here sat the core of Eredita. A motley bunch of people, but people who work well with each other, particularly their partners.

"Well?" Ginny demanded after a moment of silence.

Hermione stirred in her seat. Harry patted her shoulder knowing and sharing her dislike for the red head. They waited for Ron to handle it.

"Ginny, do you have something you want to say?" Ron asked in a deceptively mild tone of voice.

She jumped to her feet, shaking off Remus's restraining hand.

"While you sit there all high and mighty, some of us are waiting to hear if your plan was successful!"

A murmur of voices rippled angrily through the gathered members at the youngest Weasley's rudeness.

"Weaselette, sit down. Your disrespect is really uncalled for." Draco said in a bored tone of voice from his seat next to Ron.

"Sod off Malfoy! I was not speaking to you!" She snarled.


Ginny stared at her older brother in shock. She slowly sat down as she saw Ron's glare.

"Do not speak to a member of the Inner Circle, my partner that way. You will either apologize or leave."

Remus sighed and leaned over to speak to Ginny. She sullenly listened to the older man as he whispered softly to her.

"Fine." She snarled. She stood and turned towards the trio at the front of the table. "I apologize for my disrespectful conduct. Malfoy, I apologize for my rude remark."

"Apology accepted." Ron's voice was glacial as he watched his sister resume her seat.

He turned towards Harry who nodded slightly. The-Boy-Who-Lived stood, his presence commanding.

"We were successful. Or rather Thomas Green, Donald Moore and Jane Simmons were successful." He said with a broad smile waving the deed to the building in the air.

"You all have your assignments, now let's start making our new home habitable!"

A cheer rose up from the majority of the gathered members as they scrambled to gather their cloaks before one by one apparating to a pre-determined location. From there they would portkey to the building.

As the room cleared out, only a select few were left behind. Hermione sighed in relief before leaning back in her chair and kicking her feet upon the table.

"Rough day?" Severus asked silkily, hiding his amusement.

The younger woman only grunted, rubbing her neck tiredly. "You have no idea Severus."

His response was to raise a brow.

Ron laughed. "Mione's problem is that she actually had to be pleasant to that muggle."

Draco wasn't the only one who noticed the strange glint in his partner's eyes.

Later. Ron's voice sounded in his head causing the blond to nod in response.

"Ron, shut it." Harry said calmly noticing the curious expressions on the faces around them.

Remus chuckled at the byplay between the close friends.

"I'm going to the flat to grab a dose of headache potion and to change. I'll be there in a bit." Hermione announced getting to her feet.

"You want us to come with you?" Harry asked.

She waved his offer away. "No, I'll be alright. The night air will feel good."

Ron grinned. "Can't wait to try out your new motorcycle, huh?"

The petite witch chuckled. "But of course!"

She winked and strode out the door oblivious to the admiring gazes of the men she left behind.

"Go with her." Harry quietly ordered her partner,

With a nod of agreement, the tall regal form of Lucius Malfoy followed the witch out the door.


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