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Chapter 17



Ginny grabbed Seren's arm in warning. She did not know what the stranger wanted of them but maintained her defensive stance as she felt them being surrounded.

"We mean no harm!" She cried out in desperation. "We are trying to locate our friend! She went over the falls!"

"And why should we trust you?" A proud voice rang out.

Ginny opened her mouth to reply, when Seren's hand stopped her open-mouthed. Stepping forward the Wizarding Greek Princess stepped forward.

"Because we are the one and the same."

Ginny could only stare open-mouthed. One and the same? What drugs was the Princess on? Better yet, where could she get some?

"Uhhh…Seren? I don't think that….."


Gulping in a rare showing of fear, Ginny stepped back. As much as she would like to find Hermione and get the hell out of there, she was still ingrained with self-preservation. If Seren wanted to hang herself, well, here was her chance.

The horses on the ledge parted, making a clear path for a beautiful stallion. His silver/grey coat was reflective in the waning light causing a halo of flame to surround him. Snorting, the magnificent piece of horse flesh pawed the ground impatiently. Tossing his mane, Ginny's eyes were drawn to the rider of the intimidating animal.

Amber eyes burned into hers as a slim figure dismounted gracefully. Striding forward with confidence, the strange, yet familiar figure drew closer. Pausing just before the two women, the flame-eyed woman appraised them coolly.

"What is your purpose?"

Seren bowed respectfully, an instinct borne of habit.

"We are travelers in your land who have lost their way and their companion."

The figure in front of them paced, the rays of light that filtered through the trees illuminated her armor flashing a burnished gold, stinging Ginny's eyes.

"You are not of our land. Do not presume that I am stupid enough to believe that."

"It's true!" Ginny burst out.

Raising a brow, the feminine figure stepped closer regarding the redhead coolly.

"From where do you hail?"

The youngest Weasley eyed the shadowed female in front of her wishing she could see her clearly.

"Who wants to know?" Seren asked boldly.

Murmured voices followed her question. "Silence!" The gloved hand of their inquirer was raised in the air. Ginny steeled herself against the anticipated onslaught.

Quiet reigned around them causing the redhead to glance around in confusion and readiness. Her stance was defensive as she kept a wary eye on Seren.

A low chuckle sounded from the armored female in front of them. "I have no intention of harming you as you have yet to show aggression towards her Majesty's guard."

"Come again?" Ginny blurted out confused.

"We are the royal guard of Her Majesty Airyana Delphi, the leader of our people."

"Okay…well I am Ginny Weasley and my companion is Seren Kattakolos."

"Again, what is your purpose here?"

Seren answered the sharply pointed question. "As we have said before, we are travelers in your land and we wish for nothing more than safe passage."

A bark of laughter greeted her statement and the Greek Wizarding Princess found herself bristling at the sardonic tone.

"It's true!" Ginny burst out, her face red with anger.

"True or not, you and your companion are responsible of the release of The Shade. You have much to answer for."

"The Shade? What the blazes is that?" Seren cried in offense.

"Wait. You mean that ink blob that kept chasing us? We didn't release it! It was already here when we arrived!"

The armored woman held up her hand to stop the murmuring of her companions. "Foolish ones! The Shade has been released from the entrapment that chained it to this world. Somehow you allowed it to escape into the other realm!"

"What?! I don't understand! We just lost a companion of ours, our leader, we are being hunted by evil men and that was after we were forced here against our will! We most certainly did not, at least intentionally release this Shade you speak of! Trust me; we have enough problems of our own! Our world is at war and we were sent here through no choice of ours!" Ginny cried out angered at the way they being treated.

"Perhaps. It is not for me to decide your innocence. It is our queen who will stand judgment."

She motioned to two of her riders who swiftly dismounted and approached the two witches with spears. Shocked, the duo could only walk where they were prodded. Their hands were yanked behind their backs and roughly tied. Both women were too tired emotionally and physically to manage the most basic of wandless magic. They were hauled up on horses with a guard each and began to gallop off.

Ginny, petrified with fear, could only hope that their queen was receptive towards them. She had a sinking feeling that if that was not the case, Seren and her would be in serious trouble.


Harry was furious. The powerful wizard paced the Trio's penthouse suite, the air crackling with his magic. Ron watched his friend grimly. Their plan to follow Remus had been waylaid by the arrival of an owl bearing a note from Severus as well as a visit from Blaise Zabini. They had been bluntly informed of the situation and were instructed under no terms to follow Remus or to try and locate the missing women. Knowing that their plan was half-assed anyways, they reluctantly gave up the idea to follow the enraged werewolf.

Unfortunately, they weren't too content to sit on the sidelines while three of their own were in serious jeopardy. Severus, Draco and Lucius could take care of themselves, but the remaining leaders of Legacy also knew that the three men would have to toe the line and follow orders lest their covers be blown any earlier than necessary.

A knock on the door interrupted the emerald eyed wizard's thoughts.

"Enter." He barked.

He wasn't surprised to see Nikolai entering the room. The Greek wizard was as expected extremely unhappy with the disappearance of his sister and demanded to take part in any rescue mission that they had planned.

Unfortunately, there was no such mission assigned yet as Harry was waiting on hearing from Blaise who was trying to dig up more information on the whereabouts of their missing friends and allies. If anyone could do it, the tall, dark, former Slytherin could. Zabini had a way of blending in with the background even with his astonishingly good looking features.

"Nikolai." Harry greeted shortly. "What can I help you with today?" It had become a routine of sorts the two men had. Everyday Nikolai would demand an update, and everyday there was nothing new that Harry could inform the volatile Greek Wizarding Prince of.

"Harry. Ron." The other wizard greeted. "I am here for our, oh so helpful daily progress report. I don't suppose that you offer anything different?"

Harry bristled at the rude tone of the Greek wizard.

"Look Nikolai, you know as well as I that no new information has been forthcoming as yet. We. Are. Working. On. It."

Ron stood solidly at his best friend's side. He understood Nickolai's concern for Seren. After all, the youngest Weasley was also missing.

Not to mention Hermione.

Nikolai stared appraisingly at the two men before him. He knew that the remaining leaders of Legacy were doing what they could but he felt damn near useless and was very frustrated. He had not contacted his family for a while now, knowing that they would see through his lies regarding his missing sister. The last thing they needed was the Kattakolos clan beating down the doors.

He slumped visibly and ran a tired hand through his hair. He knew he wasn't making this situation any better by acting the way he was.

Harry observed the proud wizard in front of them as he seemed to deflate. He felt a stirring of empathy with the wizard. He all too well knew the anger, frustration and worry that the Greek wizard was going through.

"Look Nikolai, why don't you stay here for a bit. We are expecting a check-in from Blaise soon and hopefully, he will have found out something useful."

Ron nodded his assent, picking up on Nikolai's defeated bribe as well. Hah! Take that Hermione! An emotional range of a teaspoon his arse!

If only Hermione was here to gloat at.

"Thank you for your offer. I….."

The handsome wizard was interrupted by the door being forcefully opened and a breathless Blaise Zabini entered the room. Doubled over, the spy was panting for breath. He was able to gasp out a statement that had the occupants of the room in shock.

"Harry, I know where they are!"


Hermione was feeling rather miserable. Lucius had not spoken to her in a few hours making the long trek rather uncomfortable. Maybe she was mistaken thinking he actually giving a damn after all. She felt an acute embarrassment at how she had taken advantage of her disorientation and her companion back in the cave. Try as she might, she could not shake the nervous feeling she had in the blonde's presence. Hungry and beyond weary, the beautiful brunette felt herself grow angry.

Extremely angry.

"Lucius, I need to rest. Can we please stop for a few minutes?"

Her request to rest went ignored and finally she threw herself to the ground, arms crossed over her chest. She knew she was behaving childishly, but damnit, she was tired!

Her companion travelled on, unaware that the petite witch had asked him anything, much less plopped herself on the ground. He was focused on taking the next step, and then the next. His body was weary and his thoughts were turbulent. As much as he tried to focus on the task at hand, he found himself remembering the feel of Hermione's body against his. The way passion exploded between them incinerating all common sense and reason.

"Lucius Malfoy! You are a great big bloody git!!!!" Hermione called from her spot on the ground watching in satisfaction as her partner stopped and turned back towards her.

"What in Merlin's name are you doing on the ground witch? Are you asking for trouble you daft woman?" The blond man asked forcefully as he started towards the petite woman.

"I am resting you idiot!" Hermione snapped.

Upon reaching the fuming witch, Lucius bent down and hauled her upwards. Shaking her firmly he continued to rail at her.

"Did you happen to forget that we are in a strange world? With a strange black mass that seems to like to follow people around, not to mention Death Eaters who are hunting you? Merlin's Balls witch! Where is your common sense?"

Bristling Hermione stomped on his toe. "Let me go you git! In case you have forgotten, we crossed over to the OTHER side of the river so we should be safe from your Death Eater friends. And the black mist is gone."

Seething, Lucius tightened his grip on the angry woman. "Gone? What do you mean the mist is gone?"

Hermione faltered. "I..I dreamed it."

Seeing the confused look on the petite witch's face, the tall blond released her. He watched as she rubbed her arms from where he gripped her.

"Dreamed it? Explain."

Hermione stood there, her brow furrowed. Her dream. Although most of it had faded from her mind, there were some things she just knew. She fiddled with her necklace.

"I..I don't know how to explain it Lucius. When I was in the water and unconscious, I had the strangest dream. There was a woman and she was warning me about something. She told me that I would find help here in this place to defeat a great evil."

"The Dark Lord?" Lucius asked curious despite his cooling anger.

"No, no. Not Voldemort. Something worse."

Observing the witch in front of him, the handsome wizard watched as she continued to fiddle with her necklace.

Wait. She didn't have a necklace on before. He recalled clearly the graceful lines of her neck as she proudly faced off with the Death Eaters on the cliff. Her neck had been bare.

Did she have it on during their interlude in the cave? He wasn't sure. His mind had been so overtaken by desire that everything else had fell to the wayside.

"Your necklace, where did you get it? I do not recall seeing it before." He asked in a nonchalant tone.

"My necklace? I got it…." Hermione's eyes narrowed in thought as she absently fingered the delicate gold chain. She lifted the pendant up out of her shirt and was surprised when Lucius took a step backwards.

"By the gods!" He whispered in awe. "That is the symbol of the Earth Mother! Where did you get it? There are no longer any in existence and haven't been for almost a millennia."

"I..I don't know. It wasn't there before." She said in confusion. "My dream…" She muttered quietly, unaware that the blond wizard had heard her words.

A faint thunder sound caught their attention. Hermione scanned the sky and saw no signs of a storm approaching in the azure sky.

"Horses!" Lucius hissed. "We must find cover!" Spying boulders several hundred yards away, he grasped Hermione's small hand and sprinted for cover. The reached it not a moment too soon before a company of riders appeared on the horizon.

The two hidden Eredita members watched as the horses thundered past after a few minutes. Catching a flash of red, Hermione was able to make out Ginny's vibrant hair. She squeezed Lucius's arm and pointed. His grey eyes narrowed as he caught on to what she had seen. Both Seren and Ginny were in the middle of the company of riders.

Waiting until the riders were out of sight, the two former partners stood and dusted themselves off. Smiling hugely Hermione spun around.

Lucius watched in amusement. "Dare I ask why you are so happy?"

Beaming, the beautiful brunette answered. "Because, now we have a trail to follow."

And so, once again they were off, sprinting across the field. Even though they were stuck in this place they had direction now.

That had to count for something, right?


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