Naruto is exiled from the village and a mage finds him, soon they start off their days a Mercs and soon gain a name for themselves. When the third ninja war is at hand, Kohona has only two people to turn to, The Kitsune Mercenaries; but there seems to be a third member to the group, and this one is a female.

The Kitsune Mercenaries

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Chapter one: Meetings

"(sigh) I can't believe this happened." A young man, just barley the age of 19, said as he looked at his reflection in a lake near by his camp and his latest…goof up. Yes, Lei Kazama goofed up another experiment in tweaking the magic matrixes. Not much did change about him, His brown hair was still long and in a ponytail that went down to small of his back, the front and top though were sticking up in ever angle due to a pervious mystic accident, but he liked so he kept it that way. His eyes were the same, one a deep green while the other a dull brown; a side effect of from yet another failed experiment. His two canines were elongated enough to come out of his mouth, even when he didn't smile. His sleeveless black shirt and clothed pants were still on, one time when he was trying to modify a fire spell matrix he ended up on fire and burnt his cloths off. His tan skin didn't have any boils like the last time he tried to make a poison seal, and no added fat to his slim body when he messed up a growth spell that was meant for gardening. No, what was new was he had a set of black furred, white tip fox ears along with his regular ears, and a tail in the same color scheme coming out of his back and pants. "This is what I get for trying to summon the fox boss through a modify summoning matrix." he pouted as he looked over to the book that sent him down this path.

At the young age of 5, Lei found a book deep within his parents' cellar; it was not just a book of spells, it was the tome of the arch mages. He couldn't stop reading it after page one. All the spells, tales of the arch mages, and the lists of all the arch mages; he even sometimes caught himself drooling from excitement. He wanted it, he wanted to become one, he wanted be an arch mage and add his stories and name into the book. When he asked his parents about trying to find a mage to teach him they had smiles on their faces. They told him that at one time, the world had mages along with ninjas who sometimes even worked side by side. But then the Kages grew worried that the mages were getting to strong so they decided to destroy them all. Many were lost and those that survived went into hiding and forgot the ways of magic. But this fueled the young boy more in his dream, so he began to practice in the confines of his room and backyard, at 12 he decided it was time to start his travels and become an Arch Mage; his parents knew he was right and gave him their best.

He smiled at the book, 7 years, it's been hard and trying, but I'm getting closer to my dream he thought to himself, he looked over to his staff. He read in the tome that all the greatest arches, the shorten name of arch mages he started using, had made their own staffs or wands, so he did the same. After nearly three hundred tries he got it right, it was about a head taller than him, had sliver and neon green steel wrapping around it. At the very top there was a large emerald orb hovering in between two curved pieces of steel one curving around half of the orb, while the other was only curved to a quarter of the orb on the opposite side.

When he looked back into the water he smiled instead of frown, "I bet all the girls will go wild!!" he shouted out, drooling at the thought of women throwing themselves to hug him and maybe even more than that. Yes, Lei may respect women, but as man he could avoid the most common and deadliest disease a man could catch, the dreaded perverted virus. But before he was able to go further into his fantasy he heard a dull thud coming from in the forest. "Hello?" he said as he stood up and headed towards where the sound came from. "Is anyone there? Do you need help?" He called out, he looked around till he spotted orange What in the name of Kami, nothing in the forest is orange he thought, he got closer and saw that the orange was a person, a young teen to be exact, the boy seemed be unconscious, as well as being dangerously under fed and covered in filth; his clothes were practically torn to pieces, his yellow hair dual "Oh my."

Naruto groaned as he opened up his eyes, once his eyes focused he saw he was on top of a mat, he turned his head to see a man with fox ears and a tail setting up a fire, when he tried to sit up he quickly fell back down and moaned from the pain it caused. The sound caused Lei to turn to his find, seeing the boy stir, "Oh you're awake I see," he said as he put the last long into place, "you're lucky I was around when I was here or you might have died," he smiled kindly at him, "you have a name?"

"na…naruto" the blonde manage to say through his dry throat, the brunette smiled again and handed him a cup of water recently made ((A/N: he's a mage, so water magic equals made water)). Naruto quickly chugged the water down and let out a sigh; he turned to thank his savoir, but he just went wide eyed when he saw h the man make fire in his hand and threw it into the pile of wood to make a campfire. "How'd you do that?" the container of the Kyuubi asked in a low whisper, his throat still hurting.

Lei looked at him and blinked a couple of times to register what was just said "Oh, well it's magic." he simply stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"THEN YOU ARE A FOX DEMON!!" he shouted and pointed at Lei, making the one getting pointed at glare at him.

"I'm not a fox demon, nor a half one…I think at least." he said with a questioning look on his face as he finger on his cheek, tilted his head a bit, and looked up at the sky making the blonde ninja sweat drop.

"You think you're not?" the blue eyed asked as his left eye twitched a bit.

"Well you see I was trying to modify a summoning spell matrix-"

"Spell matrix?" Naruto interrupted.

"All magic as a matrix, which is a combination of magic elements put together in certain portions to create a spell, hence the term spell matrix." Lei explained as he entered his lecture mode; with his finger pointed to the sky and his eyes closed.

"oh" I don't get it

"now as I was saying before, I was messing with a summoning spell matrix to summon the kitsune boss Kyuubi, but I failed and…well you see the results." he chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. When he looked at the young teen, he was shaking while looking down at the ground, "Hey…what's wrong?"

"I-it's my fault…" The blonde whispered out, but thanks to the fox ears Lei heard him.


"I'm the container of…the Kyuubi." a poke a little louder as a couple of tears fell from his eyes. However the mage was more confused than ever after that bit of information.

". . .why in the Kami's name are you a container for one of the guardians of the fire element?" Lei said as he put a hand on the kids shoulder. At first Naruto was hesitant to tell him, but then he went and told him about the attack, the fourth sealing it within him; however he didn't stop there, he went on how he was hated, all the pain he had to put up with for something he didn't do. With ever passing word the mage grew angrier and angrier at the village the boy came from; he was glad that he had at least some friends and those who cared about him, but he was still pissed at the village. "You should be a hero…not a bloody scapegoat." he said gently as he ruffled the boy's hair, said boy looked up at him in shock at his words, but Lei just smile kindly. "I accept you and see you for who and what you are, you're Naruto, mistreated hero of a baka village. But if I may ask Naruto why I are you here, you are a ninja of your home right?"

The question made the whiskered faced teen twitched suddenly, "I was one till. . .they exile me."


Naruto was sitting in front of the council of his home village, he and his team had failed to retrieve Sasuke from the Sound Five, the effort nearly cost most of the team's lives, especially himself with two Chidori to the chest, he was glad to have the Kyuubi in him or other wise he would have died, which probably what most of Kohona wanted. For some reason the council sent for him about something, when he got their, he saw Tsunade she had a sad look on her face, causing him to worry.

"You have been brought here on your failed attempt at bringing back the last Uchiha, we believe that it was you who caused him to betray the village so you will be punished as such." the head of the council said, Naruto could feel the grins on their faces. He couldn't believe he was being blamed for what the teme did on his own accord, he looked at the one person who he thought as a mother, only to see her not look at him in the eyes. He KNEW she had the power to end this here and now, he wasn't dumb, he study hard to know what kind of power the hokage has when it came to situations such as these. "You are here by stripped of your ninja statues and exile from the village, leave now or you will be executed." the head councilmen stated.

Again he looked at Tsunade for help, "Sorry Naruto. . . They over ruled me?" she lied, he knew she was lying; he felt sick to his stomach, he wanted to beat them all to a pulp, but that wouldn't help him now. He calmly removed his ninja headband and placed it on the table, causing all the councilmen to grin again. However, they immediately grew frightened when the Kyuubi container shattered it with his bare fist with no help from chakra, even the hokage grew a bit frightened at the sight. Naruto then turned and left the room, and then the village, once he was out he heard a familiar air voice in his head.

'I'm sorry Kit.' the nine tailed fox said, the blonde could feel the sadness in its voice.

'It was not you're fault fur ball,' he told it, once he had a connection to the fox, he learned why it attacked his home; cause of Orochimaru killed off its kits and mate, sending it into a rage induced rampage, 'it's those baka temes fault.'

'But if I….'

'Don't go down that road, we been over this before, and I already forgave you.'

'…thank you kit.' The Kyuubi said in a low whisper.

Flashback End

"That was about two weeks ago…" the former said as he looked down at his cup again.

Now Lei was officially pissed off, he's been angry before, but not never has anyone or anything pissed him off; but the village the poor boy was from was the first to do it. "Those idiots…those pathetic idiots." he whispered low enough so only he heard and not the boy.

". . .heh. . .looks like I'll never reach my dream of being hokage." Naruto spoke sadly as he chuckled in the same manner.

". . .well you're half right." the moderate mage stated as he smiled at his idea he just came up with, this way we'll accomplish both our dreams and goals he thought while the blonde look at him strangely.

"What do you mean…uh…I never got your name." Naruto said as he pull out of his stumper.

Lei blanked several times before laughing out loud, "how rude, I forgot to introduce myself." he rubbed the back of his neck as he put on a face splitting grin that rivaled Naruto's. "My name is Lei Kazama, and I'm a mage." he stated to the former ninja.

"A mage?"

"Yep." the older of the two said, then he went onto the story about what mages were, what happened to them, his dream to want to become a arch mage, and his goal to restore the magic user population back to the way it was before.

"COOL!! So can I become a mage!" the blue eyed wonder shouted out as he pointed to himself. The mixed eye magic user was glad the younger teen was much happier now, even though he was loud enough to let the whole forest know where they were.

"Sorry Naruto, but you can't since you're a ninja. You were taught to make chakra, which is the mix of spiritual energy and physical energy in your body. For a ninja that's good, but a mage needs the spiritual energy to make mana." Lei said as he went into his lecture mode again.

"Mana?" the ex-leaf nin asked simply as he listened closer to his new friend.

"Mana is what you get when you condense your spirit energy, and how you measure it is by condensing it into your palm, what ever the size is of the ball is the number of the mana points, or MP for short, your body can produce."


"Yes it is, but unlike chakra, it can be used in it's raw form to make some pretty good damage, of course in order to do magic you need the 'filters'."

"Ano…what are filters?"

"It's just a term I use, the first is an item, like a glove, staff, wand, even a simple stick; you focus the MP into the item. Then you need the to say, or think of the proper spell lexis in order to bring out the proper spell elements to make the matrix." when he finished his explanation he say that his 'student' as smoke coming out of his ears from the overload of information. "heh heh, sorry about the ramble." he apologized as he sweat dropped.

"uh…yeah it's okay," the short one said as he finally got his brain to work again, "but back to the point, what did you mean by I was half right?" he asked, puzzled at the cryptic words.

"Simple, you may not be able to become a Hokage, but you still can become a kage."

"NANI?!! HOW CAN I DO THAT?!!" the loud mouth shouted at the top of his lung.

"We become mercenaries and collect the money, then we'll use the money to fund a new ninja village."


"Well duh, how else will our new village have the strongest force imaginable thanks to its ninjas and mages right?" Lei stated as he stood up and enter a pose that made Naruto think of two bushy brows. "Besides, what kind of older brother would I be if I left my bro to fend for himself." He said as he smiled at the shocked whiskered face.

'B…br…brother?" Naruto stuttered out, only to see the mage nod. Without a second thought, he glomped Lei to the ground "NII-SAN!!" he screamed out while crying tears of joys as his new older brother laughed and ruffles his hair. Kyuubi was giggling but she didn't let her container hear her.

The next morning went well, except when Naruto bite his new brother's tail was ramen, which earned a very loud scream that woke him up. After a quick breakfast, much to the dismay to the young ninja since it wasn't ramen, they packed up the camp and left to start their new lives as mercs. After a few hours of silence, it was the blonde to break it "Oh, Kyuubi wanted to say you seem like a nice guy." Lei turned to him with his eyes wide, thinking he was hearing something.

"Kyuubi said that, as in you can talk to her?" the mage asked, this time Naruto had a puzzled look on his face.

"yeah I can tal-" he stopped once he replied what his brother said, "what did you say? Kyuubi's a what?"

"…you didn't know she was a female?" Lei asked dumbfounded, while Naruto heard Kyuubi giggling like a girl.

"OH MY KAMI!!!!" the blonde container shouted so loud that caused a large flock of birds to fly off the surrounding trees, which was followed by the sound of mage falling to the ground laughing.

Oh man, this is going to be more fun than I first thought it would be, Lei thought as he continued to laugh at the sight of his brother crying in pure agony at the new piece of information. Yes, he was going to have a real blast with his new young brother and his 'girlfriend' Oh I got to use that one on him in the future.

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